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Looking for Sub or Slave. Strict when it needs to be. Live in join our Family of 3
We are a stablished Household, a family of 3 men, and looking for our 4th and final memeber.
Looking for a Sub or slave that can be versatile.
We are not into Pain, Scat, blood or nasty stuff.
We are mostly into the Headspace of a Sub or Slave. Sexual service, and Master's Dom and Alpha servitude in general. Some Watersports, some nudity, public play (but discrete)
Age is not a problem, no older than 55 will be ideal, and if you age is one thing but your attitude is another one. Meaning your age is not really how old you are. This goes for both young and old, your age is how you behave and act.
Let's talk.
TXDomPolyhouse​(dom male)10/15/2018

WANTED: Straight Male, 24/7 Slave
I am actively searching for a submissive STRAIGHT man who wishes to pursue a LTR Dom/slave dynamic.
I am healthy, athletic and attractive DOM Bi guy searching for a livein slave.
send me a message if interested. be between the ages of 21-40 attractive, healthy, no STD's, HIV negative fit and STRAIGHT.
Rednecks, Ex-Military step to the head of the line.
DOM4STR8​(dom male)10/14/2018

Seeking a younger male slave (18+) for RT
The title says it all, I am looking for a younger (legal!) male slave who wants to be owned and is capable of TPE. I am not looking for a guy that wants to be feminized, just not my thing. I am strict when it is necessary but not unkind. Be in touch.
jeff236​(dom male)10/14/2018

Los Angeles Master Sks Yngr Full Service Male Slave
I am an Older, Dominant, Aggressive, Demanding, No Nonsense Master looking for a younger slave, sex slave to be my Property. Ideally you and I live together, thus affording me more control.

You will have all signs of your manhood removed, meaning ALL BODY HAIR FROM THE NECK DOWN WILL BE REMOVED.

Physically, you are very fit, lean (ripped abs would be nice as well as fleshy, plump, meaty nipples). You are to obey without hesitation, without thought, without question.

You will live virtually naked all the time and wear a black leather slave collar as well as black leather ankle and wrist restraints.

Master FIRMLY believes a slave should ALWAYS be subjected to Humiliation and Degradation.

You will also be subjected to Bondage, S&M (Light S&M for you beginners), TT, C&BT, Tickle Torture, outdoor scenes (though never to the point where you are arrested), Suspension.

I will never knowingly expose you to any STD or HIV.

My ULTIMATE GOAL is to establish a Stable of young, physically fit, smooth slaves to have them crawl to me and Worship their Master.

I expect you to greet me naked, kneeling, legs spread wide, hands clasped behind your back, head bowed, looking at the floor.

The first words out of your mouth will be, "How may I serve you Master"...

I prefer slaves who are self sufficient, employed, and in their mid twenties.

Master seeking TPE sub
In search of a totally submissive boy who is between the ages of 18-26 willing to relocate to the Seattle area. Must be drug and STD free (weed okay) and very clean. Be extremely interested in becoming a totally owned sissy slave. This is a total power exchange (TPE) as 247 live in slave possibility. You will become my property. I am a masculine, erotic, and dominant man who will enjoy taking you under my wing (and having you kneel before me) and teaching, training,traning you to be my toy, servant, and ultimately my slave. I am very experienced in the art of trainingtransing a sub. You will experience total submission, bondage and feminization. Your submissive nature should be a big part of who and what you are and should want to explore and experience it in greater depth. This will include such things as bondage and enforced captivity, real servitude, total power exchange, and submitting to a dominant man. You will truly become my property. I am not looking for a one-time thing. I am looking for a long term indenture. Therefore if you think you are a good candidate to be collared do not hesitate to contact me.
MasterGeoff​(dom male){Owner of s}10/05/2018

Online sub wanted
I want an online submissive with little to no limits who will allow me to control there life and make choices for for more details message me
mymy051​(dom male)10/01/2018

Daddy awaits an obedient boy to learn and teach him more about life’s pleasures’.
Daddy wants to teach and mentor straight, bi curious, boy. I’m bi with experience starting when I was a teenager! I’m seeking a small lean younger cut White, shy and hung cut male to be shown how Daddy will help you grow in time we can play. I've want to use you for my pleasure a boy who knows he needs a Daddy. The moment I slap my boys face with my hand I am giving my boy what we both need. We can work out degrees of intensity he needs. It’s important for me when I slap and humiliate my boy if he is the type that needs to please me . In understanding the feelings we both have to try out our curiosities and personal needs. I am a natural Alpha Dominant Daddy. I love being the understanding Daddy for many reasons mostly because boys need to have a man guide them and direct them in all ways especially when it comes to a boy has that only a BD/SM, D&s Daddy can understand how they feel and how they need to please. I never run out of ways I like a boy to serve me. I am married and we are great friends, she understands my liking boys and how I like being honest and don’t hide who I am with her although I need to keep my life private professionally.

I have a professional Architectural Mill Work Studio/Shop. I'm a Master Craftsman and have had so many experiences working for and along with Architects. I’ve enjoyed learning new things everyday that is changeling to me. Extremely difficult changeling projects that stretch my understanding excite me to keep learning. If you have any interests in any of my skills Id take you on as my apprentice.

Men that care about men’s feelings are very special to me. Just think what that would feel like to you, I do… I want to get to know a young boy of 22 and I can train up to 35 year old male with little to no body hair so let me know what you think. I prefer cut well to extremely endowed boys 7" to 12" thicker is better. I’m a 6’1” a Daddy with some weight that I am getting rid of (temporarily losing weight every day) 65 lbs this year. I am well off and likes to teach all the skills I know and learn from him as well.

I enjoy doing to my boy; BD/SM, milking, CBT, WS, edging, humiliation, bondage, verbal, chores, Face slapping, degradation, etc.. I balance being strict with sadistic play as if it works for us. I'm a Master with fairness about me and I want an honest boy. The rest we will discuss and figure it all out together. I don't like a YES BOY! I want obedience with a boy that can learn to talk about his feelings and how he feels before and after a scene. I offer him aftercare when he’s felt so much in a scene with me. Lets see if we can grow together.

Looking for sub/slave female near the beach or who wants tobe
I am looking for a sub/slave possible live in if you serve me right... must be very open prefer slender/athletic females..anal is a must.. view my profile, send a picture and tell me what you are looking for.

Hi slave
Looking for a live in full time slave
Stevo​(dom male)09/19/2018

Masculine Dom Daddy in Florida seeking a live-in submissive Bottom Boi, slim 18 - 35, clean shaven, HIV neg., DDF
Masculine Dom Daddy in Florida seeking a live-in submissive Bottom Boi, slim 18 - 35, clean shaven, HIV neg., DDF, that seeks/wants/needs a Top Daddy mentor, provider, to control and guide boi in this life as his dedicated sub (no boi sharing) in all aspects of daily living including serving Daddy's sexual pleasure needs, helping around home, maintaining a trusting relationship. Limits will be mutually agreed and respected. Bondage, watersports, cum swallowing, cum control, etc. will progress over time if boi is new to BDSM. You must be relocatable. Provide your stats & current location when contacting me. My stats are available when contacted.
Dom4SubGuy​(dom male)09/15/2018

Tucson Master seeking 24/7 TPE slave
Older Master is accepting applications for a 24/7 live-in gay slave. Master prefers an experienced slave however will consider training an in-experienced slave if Master believes it is trainable. slave must be drug and smoke free (420 ok), physically fit and healthy with no addictions. slave will care for Master's home and property and serve Master in and out of the dungeon at Master's request. slave may work outside Master's home if it so desires and may keep everything it earns. All other times slave will serve it's Master. Master will provide slave with room and board. slave will be responsible for it's own healthcare. Master welcomes inquiries from potential applicants. Master will put slave under contract after probationary period if both Master and slave agree to slaves service.

Oklahoma Ranch Slave
I need an 18-35 year old muscular male to make ends meet at my cattle ranch. You will be rewarded by naked work, an opportunity to be fucked regularly by Master and great food. Free housing and clothing.
Master Hal09/03/2018

Strict Dom seeking sub
Hello, I am a 23 year old male seeking a sub to make sure they behave.
I can be extremely strict if needed, but also loving, caring, and kind.
Feel free to message me if interested


North Central Illinois Dom/Daddy Dom looking for a sub who's trust I am worthy of.
I am a 43yrs old 200lbs white male. Slender, in shape and strong. Looking for a sub who loves to serve for the right man. I believe in earning the right to own you and to have your trust. Please read my profile and reach out if you would like to give me the opportunity to earn the title of Sir/Daddy.
Daddy Dommantic08/10/2018

Blacl master for muscle slave
Experienced dominant looking for a submissive muscular slave. I will own you in every aspect of your life and you will submit to me, fulfilling my every request.
Stats: 28yo 5'8" 130 lbs

Looking in Nampa
What's up fellas I'm looking for a new slave in the Nampa area or one that is willing to relocate here I am a sadist to a certain extent I will require my slave to serve domestically as Well he must be masculine height and weight proportionate between 21-45 if interested leave me a message no cross dressers sissys or trans they are just not my thing into hypnosis bondage CBT TPE ELECTRO TOYS EXHIBITION HUMILLIATION ETC
Hypnophoenix​(dom male)07/11/2018

Looking for long-term sub/slave or little
I am a Dom who has been in the lifestyle for 10 years . I'm firm strict controlling but also compassionate caring and loving . I am very protective of what is mine so there would be no sharing .I'm looking for that one sub who wants the mental aspects as well as the physical aspects of the lifestyle.i will guide and teach and protect and loving and my sub will obey be devoted and loving if you are interested or have questions message me but be real
Irishdomdaddy​(dom male)04/26/2018

Need online dom
I'm a very obedient sub looking for a dom for tpe and more need my limits pushed

Want a a sub white boy twink that loves being tied up and likes having his throat fucked and swallowing cum