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Sub/female needs a Mistress
Im looking for my mami. Ive been lost since before i knew what it meant but i know shes out there, and im trying to be patient.
We can stay online or we can get deeper, shes just gotta find me first.

- Ms. JDoe

In need of a mistress
I am look in to meet a dominant mistress above the age of 25.i am a untrained slave, who is in need of a controlling hand .I am a eager and ready to learn young sub. I love being on my knees and servicing my owner, and the cooking the dinner afterwards. I live in SC so it would be great to meet someone in Greenville.

Online Dominant requested
I am a 28 year old submissive looking for my first dom. I am curvy and flawed but I will do everything I can to please you.
EvaLynn​(sub female)05/28/2018

Dominant forceful & aggressive men desired
I want to be tied up or restrained possibly even blindfolded. I have lots of toys so you have plenty of choices   I want you to tease me and torturing me play with me why you doing all this I want you to be aggressive forceful and rough throughout the whole encounter I want you pull my hair when you're fucking me spank my ass choke me a little I want you to fuck me every way you can imagine any way you desire I want all my holes filled stuffed full.. mouth my pussy and my ass.............................
Seriouslyready2learn​(sub female)05/22/2018

College age female sub looking for online mistress
I am a 19 y/o female submissive. 5’5, size 6 with dirty blonde hair, 36 c breasts, a big ass, toned from cheerleading. Looking for a strict online mistress to discipline me from spanking to humiliation to orgasm control
Jillybean1113​(sub female)05/20/2018

24 blonde, blue eyed submissive, looking for female dominant
message me if your looking for attractive young blonde submissive. I know how to make women feel beautiful, in power, and insanely sensual. when you are ready, come and get your sub.

Interested in trying the lifestyle
34/white/female. Limited experience. 5'4, plus size/full figured. Squirter. Do not enjoy anal play of any kind performed on me. Willing and eager to meet someone that understands the balance between a strong hand and gentle caress.
BrightEyes​(sub female)04/29/2018

new to this but...
Before I agree to being anyone's submissive they have to grant me to live out my wildest fantasy. I need to be 100% sure I'll be safe thro
lostgirl23​(sub female)04/28/2018

Bi-Curious Submissive
Submissive and Bi-Curious, however, somewhat shy when it comes to women. Some experience with D/s relationship with men now want to explore my bi side more. Online only. Pictures / videos not done until trust is earned.


New and Looking for Dom to teach me
I am new and eager to find a dom to teach me how to submit..please message if interested!! I am 19 and ready to please :)

A pet searching for a third
I am in a relationship with someone who is also more sub then dom and im completely sub so were looking for a dominant women who can control us both equally. looking for someone local or you know in the NY area so that would be nice. you'll be talking to me, Venya, at first but don't worry he will be in the loop the whole time.

Venya is more of a pet then anything and and we are both inexperienced. he's also younger by age but physically he is considered disabled. Venya can power through the pain usually.

Thank for reading!
Venya Aven
Venya​(sub gender fluid)03/25/2018

Online relationship
I’m looking for an online only relationship to introduce me to the lifestylle

23 F Looking for Nonsexual Online Domme
While I primarily identify as a bottom, I’m ready to find someone to serve again, and my local scene has very few female D-types. The “sister” I had from a former long distance poly triad with a Mommy Domme and I are still in contact, although not regular because of life; I was the only non-biological family member in her small wedding and she is my emergency contact for most things. This is after two and a half years.

I’m looking specifically for a non-sexual D/s relationship. It’s okay if you have no experience or very little in either or both; we can learn together. I would like to get to know you as a person first, develop a friendship, and go from there. I’m open to it not staying strictly D/s too if it goes into a romantic relationship.

Please have your life together, have some life experience, and be poly or open to poly.

I need some tasks.
I initially wanted to find a Dom. I did, and I am not really into just one person and make it so impersonal. So, I thought instead I will do my homework on my own. So, if you would have to train me, use me, play with me, what tasks would you give me. Send me your ideas, and I will use it, and give you feed back on how I did. I did bdsm in the past, I like it rough, I like pain, but also a little bit of sugar on top. The only thing I need to work on, is anal^_^. So send me your ideas.
LaraKate​(sub female){No}02/05/2018

Lesbian Searching for Online Mistress
Hi, I'm Rosalind, or Rosa for short. Rose works just as well. I'm looking for someone who is interested in taking control of me online. I am not okay with meeting in person and may show my face but it depends on the circumstance. Message me if you need more details or are interested.
Rosalind1818​(switch female)01/20/2018

feminine-leaning genderfluid switch seeks dominant/domme
Located in Southern Indiana, this girl seeks her forever home and a collar to call her own!

My name is Lily, and I am definitely submissive and curious about 24/7 (or as close to such as is practical) slavery. I crave both domestic and sexual submission. My submission is obedience-driven, and I draw the most pleasure from proving myself capable and pleasing. I'm pretty much 0% brat. I want to clean to please you, cook with your pleasure in mind, dress as you see fit (be it lingerie and chains or a gown worthy of a princess), live with your desire in mind, and most of all, I want to see your eyes light up when you look at me, cherishing and exalting in the fact that the demure, chained slave girl is yours, wholly devoted to you, and though she has her gaze cast to the ground at your feet, humbly awaiting your next command, you can still make out the smile at the corner of her lips.

Although i have a masculine body, I definitely have a feminine mind and soul; I have a strong sense of compassion and selflessness, a personality that enjoys nurturing and cultivating joy and growth in others, and am happy to follow where a worthy leader goes. I have been in the BDSM community for more than a decade, so I am well versed in the communication and effort and other necessities that a relationship of this type requires; but I am also new enough as a submissive to be easily malleable, and I am eager to undergo training at your hand to become as close to the perfect slave girl as I can be for you.

Feel free to message or bond me, or you can usually find me hanging out in the chat. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Mania to Marcus​(switch gender fluid)01/07/2018

Anyone in Paris Texas?
I really want to find a domme near me pm me go my details
Kensi​(sub gender fluid)12/18/2017

Inexperienced online sub
I'm very new to this and just looking for something casual online. I love being submissive and under your control. I'm willing to send photos but not of my face. I'm very small physically.
Message me if you're interested in something fun online.
Ellie Kierson​(sub female)12/15/2017

New to being bi and bdsm scene
Hoping for a dominant woman to show me the ways- looking for something very casual.