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New and curious
I am in a relationship with a man and have been really curious about being with another woman. Not looking for a serious relationship just someone to play with and be friends.
Cupcake​(sub female)11/20/2017

looking for a dom ☺️
Hello doms,
i have been on this search for too long on many websites . I’ve come across fakes , liars and of course men who claim they are doms but are just looking for nudes . I have been interested in being a sub for about 3 years now but have not fulfilled any one of my interests . I’m 27 , blue eyes , portuguese and irish . I love to please and would be willing to please the right man .
please feel free to message me

Looking for Mistress Right
eager, caring, humorous sub lesbian with a will and drive to perform and succeed looking for her One. Willing to relocate to USA or Canada, or even Australia. I have been on other sites, and been screwed around or over one too many times. Looking for the REAL Deal, 24 / 7 and live in :)
jojopheonix​(sub female){Under Cons}11/08/2017

I am currently looking for an online relationship with a dominant women. Message if you are interested.
BlacklyLacedXx​(switch female)10/11/2017

New and eager to learn
46 yrs old female anxious to learn her way As a sub.
Rose1971​(sub female)08/10/2017

babygirl / sexual submissive seeks Daddy Dom
Sweet baby girl looking for a new Daddy. We can start online with Kik and voice chat. And, then meet. I'm looking for a relationship. And, I'm willing to relocate for the right guy. Be single.

Interests: cock worship, having my face fucked, high sex drive, dressing up, cartoons, snuggling, bathtime with Daddy, coloring, reading stories, tea parties and anything fun.

Usually I feel around 13 but sometimes I feel more 8 years old. I don't see anything wrong with being a little. Being Daddy's good girl is everything to me.
rachealinjax​(switch female)07/10/2017

Seeking discipline and owner
Basics about me: am a single mom, going back to teaching college and trying to get control of the ensuing chaos. Plus trying to get back to eating healthy. Grew up in a very strict home and have learned to adapt it to adult life as well. But it helps to have someone on the other end of the expectations......

Been in the D/s lifestyle since I was 19, so at this point it's second nature if that makes sense. Since for me a lot of it is mental, I don't mind the online only. Especially as a single least the past ten years has been mainly online.

And that fetish list is just a glimpse, I'm quite hedonistic lol
MysticBum​(sub female)06/28/2017

Sub woman looking for Dom woman
I am 25 and looking for another woman around that age, who is average to small in size, stretch marks dont matter I have them as well. Someone who is descrete and can tell me what they want and what to do.

24 year old Seeking Mistress
I've been looking for a Mistress to call me her own. I am fairly new to BDSM, but very eager to learn! Local or LDR are both fine, and I'm located in Wisconsin.

I'm a bit of a little nerd: video games and anime are a huge part of my life when I'm not workingz and I actually met both my husband and Master through mutual love of these. :3

Anyway... I'm super shy, so I'm not the best at starting conversations. I'm an open book though, so feel free to me with whatever questions and musings you have. <3
Miss Shadow06/06/2017

new to this but...
Before I agree to being anyone's submissive they have to grant me to live out my wildest fantasy. I need to be 100% sure I'll be safe thro
lostgirl23​(sub female)04/02/2017

new to bisexual bdsm
looking for on line bdsm medical fetish. love the controol of slow building pain with pleasure. have submissive for years but want to experience femake dominance
susan 14602/26/2017

Lesbian slave
I'm looking for a 100% ownership I will do as I am told I'm really good at maintaining the house I can cook anything I am asked to do I will do it
Slave26​(sub butch)12/31/2016

Vanilla Feral ocelot
Vanilla Feral ocelot seeking companion to romp role play tease and please. 3 days a week you pick I please. Training of all sorts required. Dicipline with leather praise with fish and fetish