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A pet in need of an owner
I'm a kinky girl. I need a owner who will treat me right, in the bedroom and out. I will obey. But I love punishments, so I tend to be bratty. I'm looking for something online. But It also has to be 24/7. I will allow my owner to have her way with me. I love being teased, having toys being used, being tied up, and gagging. Message me if your interested.
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Looking for a sensual dominant woman
I'm a very assertive woman who is seeking someone who is confident and competent sexually. I'm not interested in threesomes with your boyfriend or husband. The possibility of a LTR is there, but I'm looking to have fun initially. I don't want to be your slave, just your lover who turns you on so much that you can't wait to tell me everything that you're going to do to me!
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24yr near boulder co seeking a dom and to explore
As said I'm 24, I was recently a salary chef; career change to office. Looking for someone I can trust, explore with. I am bi and have already been with women. Nothing serious but I try to avoid one night stands.
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Submissive Slave Slut Looking For Her Mistress !!!
i would like to meet a beautiful, sexy Female who will be Gentle , Loving , and Caring with me , and will ultimately become my best friend ,lover, and Mistress and to share good times with !!!
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Riverside one time thing
I just kind of wanna try dominance once
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New Chubby Sub
Hello, I am New to the BDSM world. I am a young 21 year old sub looking to have some fun and be trained. I am very open to try almost anything as long as the sub is clean and safe. My limits are blood, bruises, and degrading. I am a full time student and work but willing to travel if needed. I am African American and on the chubby side and wish to be accepted as that. If you have any questions PM me I also have kik.
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looking for a domme xo
hello hello -  i know this might turn some people away, but i'm very young (18) and very new to the whole bdsm thing. but i've had such a strong pull to being a submissive in the past year or so. i'm so, so, so ready to learn from anyone who is willing to teach me, really. though, i do have a good feel for what i like and wish to be dominated to my heart's content ♡  also,  even though i like to have my fun, i do consider myself mature and understand when to be serious, but also know when to joke around.

don't let my age trick you, i'm anything but innocent xo

((also! just to give a short summary of my appearance: i'm 5'0 with brown hair and brown eyes. i dance so i'd say i have a pretty fit build. pale skin.))

to keep it short and sweet,

i want a domme who is going to make me cry, but then build me up again. i want to be ruined and then pieced back together. someone who can be gentle with me if i'm being a good girl, but punish me when i'm bad. control me, humiliate me. take care of me.

also can i just say...i'm a bitch for degradation

((limits: stuff like piss play, severe impact play, rape, the whole little girl x mommy ordeal))

for now i think i want to keep it online, but if a good dynamic is established and i feel comfortable, i would be totally willing to do IRL  things. thanks so much for reading, and don't forget to shoot me a message!
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Seeking dom female
I am a 22 year old chubby switch female. I am seeking a dom female. I'm looking for strictly online as I have a full time job and full time school. I like to be controlled but do have my limits. I'm searching for someone willing to train and be okay with bringing my husband in on some of the action. I need some who is okay with my body type and boundaries. I like to be a brat at time but in the end I can be a good girl.
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Im an 18 year old girl in Polk county Florida looking for a Mommy Dom. I'm looking for a in person relationship . I identify as a younger little (3-5). I'm looking for someone to guide and care for me. I’m looking for someone who understands that my age and inexperience mean there are some limitations on what I can do right now. I have an idea of what I'm comfortable with, but am willing to listen to offers. Expect to talk to me a lot before we meet. Understand you won't be getting explicit pictures until after we've met if at all. If this interests you at all, send me a message.
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Bicurious for bbw and ssbbw
Looking for someone to be friends with and fool around with a bit.
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Umm, hello - is this thing on ?
We’re all adults here ... I am a mixed raced 28 year old massage therapist - not lookong for anything written in stone. What I AM looking for is a Dom that I can hand over the complete control to when it is needed, as of right now it’s needed all of the time. I naturally aim to serve and I know tourism isn’t attractive but this is my first time ever really touching the lifestyle. Teach me the way. South Jersey, but willing to be where my Sir needs me. Would rather IRL over anything.
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Submissive/Slave looking for Mistress in middle tn
Hi I am a 34/F near Nashville TN looking to be collared by Mistress whom I will worship and obey with mind body and soul. Please no online inquiries looking for in person
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Looking for a mistress who will discipline me
I'm a submissive rope bunny and slave looking for a mistress who will hurt me and discipline me. I'm into rope play, whipping, belting, orgasm control, oral, anal, vibrators and massagers, humiliation, and willing to play with breath control, although I have never tried.
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I’m looking for a Mistress
I’m young and looking for a Sexy Mistress to use me as she sees fit
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Please be my godess
I’m an 18 year old who is looking for a godess to control me. I’m open to everything and I’m very submissive. If you are interested please message me
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South NJ sub looking for Dom Fem.
I'm looking to be Dominated by a local woman or someone who is willing to meet me somewhere. I'm sometimes in charge at work and lately it's been more than usual. I need someone else to be in control and command me. Check out my profile for what I'm into. No men please and no couples.
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Let's play
I'm dominant in the streets, submissive in the sheets. I'm looking for a dominant woman to use me, play with me, torture me, hurt me, dominate me, & enjoy me.

I enjoy intelligent, dominant women that can dominate me, take the reigns from me and then whip me with them for both of our enjoyment.

I enjoy bondage, tit play & torture. I have big gorgeous tits that can take a lot of torture. I love harnessing my tits so they're bulbous and obscenely obtrusive, for your viewing pleasure and so they are easy to grab should you so choose and because it’s humiliating to just be a little tit whore for your liking. They should be out and at attention for you. I enjoy working my nipples with nipple bulbs and extenders so that I get them big and hard for you to enjoy and play with whenever you feel you need a tit or a nipple to enjoy. My nipples are little sluts wanting to whore themselves out to you for your enjoyment, objectification, humiliation, & pleasure. At this moment, I have my nipples pinched with paper clips as I'm at work and didn't have anything else. I felt they should be properly tortured while I write my bio looking for you.

I enjoy pain, pleasure, whips... bend me over your lap, with my bare ass in the air while you spank me over and over, tits dangling, clamped with with cloverleafs and weights, pussy dripping wet. Use me. Put my face in the floor and my ass in the air while you enjoy and work that little whore asshole to where you want it. Make me wag like a little dog for you. I’ll be your pet.

I enjoy humiliation and objectification, being used like a whore.

I enjoy ass play and have a butt plug with a tail that I enjoy wearing around and wagging my ass so I can shake my tail for you. I want be your pet, begging for your touch, slaps, & torture.

I enjoy orgasm denial and punishment when I allow my body to get away from me & cum before I’m allowed.

I don’t necessarily have any limits as it all depends on the human/s & the moment. I’m open to many things though. But not men.

I want to be used and abused and told what to do but I won't take abuse. There is a difference. And only women.

Open to long distance, online play as well as meeting in person should that be something we both want.
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Hello I am here looking for an experienced Dom who will train. Ideally I would be collared to one Dominant and be trained by them to their expectations.
Female - NY. :)
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Looking for a dominate female
Looking to be trained by a dominant female have no experience at all
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Feminine Sub Looking for Mistress (Online/Long Distance)
I am looking for a Mistress to control me via Kik and possibly Skype. Photos and videos are obviously at your request.

I love tasks and punishments. My biggest fetishes are humiliation and pushing my limits (ex. I've always fantasized about a dom making me get my nipples pierced, drawing words on myself with sharpie, etc.) I'm open to most things with the exception of blood, watersports/scat, and sexual relations with an outside party. But I'm very open minded - I actually prefer assplay.

I also have a lot of gear for puppy play. My favorite series is Public Disgrace, if that says anything about me haha.

I'm currently unemployed so I could be at your beck and call. However, if you require any specific gear for me to use I would need assistance as money is tight right now.
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