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Looking for online Domme. I’m new to this but would love to have online roleplay. I am a full time college student so I don’t have much time.
Pixie1984​(switch female)10/14/2018

Looking for a Mistress
Txt me if your a mistress looking for a sub

Bi-Curious Submissive
Submissive and Bi-Curious, however, somewhat shy when it comes to women. Some experience with D/s relationship with men now want to explore my bi side more. Online only. Pictures / videos not done until trust is earned.

I'm new to this
I really want to experience being a sub with a real dom. Not just a boyfriend that's trying it out.
Exoticxx​(sub female)10/08/2018

Good slave girl in Milwaukee
I am a sub slave that love extremely rough sex anal, vag, oral, toys slapping, stretching, humiliation all that co.e with the territory. I am 3 months pregnant so the only thing I can't do is lay on my stomach. I want someone to "whip me Into shape" lol.

bratty little girl for strict and loving domme
hi, i'm sophie. i am in dc, usa. i am built like the little teapot. i have anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder — these make me very shy, but with those i feel comfortable with i am quite bubbly and outgoing. i am in college, majoring in creative writing. i am a twenty-four year old submissive little — i like to sub, but my main kink is sexual ageplay (mdlg/cgl/etc). i am looking for an online play partner with the potential to expand further as our relationship grows.

my likes: bladder control, forced regression, verbal humiliation/degradation, tasks and homework, tease & denial, being talked down to like a little girl, spanking, anal play, writing reports

my dislikes: edging, figging, posing, insertion, watersports

my limits: identification, family, scat, blood, sharps, fire

feel free to check out my profile and reach out — i'd love to chat!

naughtylilfemme​(sub female)09/16/2018

Obedient Sub
I am new to bdsm and I am looking for a dom to control me in every way possible.
YourSub​(sub female)09/03/2018

New little
My last relationship I had become open to the idea that I’m a little and my last girlfriend was a Dom and I really miss having a domme and I miss going into wittle space and I miss having rules and just I want a mommy Dom

Looking for domme
Hi I’m glitter! I’m looking for the right domme for me! Full time domme!

I am down to earth!

Shy at first but I’ll warm up to ya.

I’m sweet, great personality, I love all kinds of music and movies.

Binge watching Netflix is my fav lol.

I enjoy cars, collecting knives, writing, hiking.

More bout my sub side,

I’m still new to the lifestyle so I’m still learning everything so would like someone to teach me more and be paitent while I learn.

I want someone I can talk with and have a great connection with but also have fun with

I’m needy, likes attention, and cuddles!

Well that’s a little bout me, if you would like to learn more info or take the spot feel free to message me.

Also any girls that just want to be friends is fine to I love making new friends!!

Online or in person!!

I know when to be a `submissive' and when to be a `companion.'


Curious Little One
Hello. I'm new to all of this and I'm looking for someone to introduce me to everything. I've never done anything like this and, being open-minded, I'm willing to try new things.
Elitha​(sub agender)08/08/2018

Looking for mommy /dom
I’m new to the sub world, but I’m looking for a mommy/dominant to train me. I’m willing to be the most willing slave. I want to be controlled and told what to do at all times. I want to please you. Tell me what you want from me and it will be yours.
Kittyxxx​(sub female)08/03/2018

Looking for a sweet Dom Woman to tease her Sub Girl
Hi! o///o )/ Pretty new here
I'm just looking for a dom woman to sext/roleplay-ish with??
I just want to be teased, some dirty talk, and to know that you're down to pleasure just your sub
I can be a brat at times but its just to cover up how shy and embarrassed I am X"D
VanillaBrat UvU​(sub female)07/14/2018

Looking for Mistress Right
eager, caring, humorous sub lesbian with a will and drive to perform and succeed looking for her One. Willing to relocate to USA or Canada, or even Australia. I have been on other sites, and been screwed around or over one too many times. Looking for the REAL Deal, 24 / 7 and live in :)
Lady Pheonix​(dom female){none}06/26/2018

Slave girl
I am looking for a women to make me do as she pleases not just to her to whomever she sees fit, women and men
Sweetjessy​(sub female)06/23/2018

Sub/female needs a Mistress
Im looking for my mami. Ive been lost since before i knew what it meant but i know shes out there, and im trying to be patient.
We can stay online or we can get deeper, shes just gotta find me first.

- Ms. JDoe

In need of a mistress
I am look in to meet a dominant mistress above the age of 25.i am a untrained slave, who is in need of a controlling hand .I am a eager and ready to learn young sub. I love being on my knees and servicing my owner, and the cooking the dinner afterwards. I live in SC so it would be great to meet someone in Greenville.

Online Dominant requested
I am a 28 year old submissive looking for my first dom. I am curvy and flawed but I will do everything I can to please you.
EvaLynn​(sub female)05/28/2018

Dominant forceful & aggressive men desired
I want to be tied up or restrained possibly even blindfolded. I have lots of toys so you have plenty of choices   I want you to tease me and torturing me play with me why you doing all this I want you to be aggressive forceful and rough throughout the whole encounter I want you pull my hair when you're fucking me spank my ass choke me a little I want you to fuck me every way you can imagine any way you desire I want all my holes filled stuffed full.. mouth my pussy and my ass.............................
Seriouslyready2learn​(sub female)05/22/2018

College age female sub looking for online mistress
I am a 19 y/o female submissive. 5’5, size 6 with dirty blonde hair, 36 c breasts, a big ass, toned from cheerleading. Looking for a strict online mistress to discipline me from spanking to humiliation to orgasm control
Jillybean1113​(sub female)05/20/2018

24 blonde, blue eyed submissive, looking for female dominant
message me if your looking for attractive young blonde submissive. I know how to make women feel beautiful, in power, and insanely sensual. when you are ready, come and get your sub.