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Untrained/ never owned sub seeking ownership and / or local training
I am at a point where many Masters seem to not take me serious at all. Maybe I try too hard or give too much too quickly? I am seeking long term ownership with a Master TPE male DOM, as well as possibly local training on anything that I could learn from. Please, serious inquiries only. I am in California, Solano County area. Thank you very much. I seek local training. For a Master, I seek one that I am able to connect with anywhere, it does not have to be local. very much for your time and for reading this.
Subboyryder​(sub male){I dont hav}10/16/2018

Your pet10/15/2018

Colorado slave seeking Mature Master
Colorado slave seeking mature Master who is interested in a trustworthy slave who is fairly well educated and able to help the Master in areas of administrative, legal and computer tech skills. Master must be willing to train slave so slave can properly serve their Master the way they want to use slave. please contact if interested.
Coloslave336588{Not at thi}10/15/2018

slave looking for serious Master for TPE
Im a sub looking for a Master to train me, and make me your property. Id like to be exposed to this world much more then I have been. I want to be put in my place below you and kept there. Whatever comes next is up to you.

Im mostly into humiliation, degregation, and serious bondage. The more creative you are with these things the more I like it. I also like a lot more, so just ask if your curious.

If your even slightly interested let me know

mid wales slave
Ex teacher looking for a Dom to train and punish me. I want to kneel at your feet and be forced to kiss and suck you Master
peterban​(sub male)10/15/2018

I am a straight married man
That want to.leave.his wife and worship another man as my God.I I am looking for a 24/7 ownership as a live in slave and to be dominated physically mentaly spiritually in ever aspect of my life I not only wang but I need to belong to a master and serve him with my life
bemymistress707​(sub male)10/14/2018

Submissive fag for daddy houston
I’m submissive slut in need for training, looking for a dom daddy to please and get trained

19/M/UK Straight slave looking for extreme master
First of all about me; I’m hairy, fat and a paki I am straight however I find having a gay master is highly embarrassing, I am new to the scene so I am really only looking for a cyber master over kik or skype. I do have some limits which are; no face, nothing permanent or illegal, no bodily fluids or anything public I hope none of that puts you off. Please message me on here sir then we can go from their

Bondage submissive seeking 24/7
well endowed and very kinky bondage submissive looking for more - i want to give up complete control and be kept bound hooded collared and shaved used just for milking purposed and your amusement. Please no sadists - i can handle some pain but im not a pain freak. I am really into sensory depravation, bondage , cum control - orgasm control and denial . use me to make porn. entertain your friends. your personal gimp slave.
Bondage4me​(sub male)10/13/2018

Looking for Caring Dom, Something Meaningful
I’m a happy, healthy, loving, sensual, total bottom/submissive ftm guy. Masculine looking/acting in public (discreet). I don’t have body part fetishess and not into intense pain or being bodily damaged. I’m very new to the this and would like to find a warm-hearted Dom man who will take it slow with me and guide with firmness and compassion. As trust develops, I think he will find he can push my limits farther than either of us thought. I’m single, very hygienic, and hiv-/std- and really looking for those two things in a partner.

Besides being submissive and wanting to please I’m also a regular, intelligent, nice person : ) So I enjoy sharing meaningful conversations with a partner, laughing together, outdoors/ nature, cultural events, laying in bed together reading, see or play sports, wine/beer tasting, romance...learning his interests.

Submissive harlot slave
I’m 170 lbs, 5' 10", 50 YO
Submissive slut bottom very kinky, I like my pussyass used and abused I like any kind of ass play dildos, fists, bottles, dogs, needle play, butt slash whipped, I am a urinal. Would like to get into bondage and sadomasochism. I’m in Kendall and I can’t host but I can drive to your place.
Harlot​(sub male){Slave}10/12/2018

CT male
From Western CT. Looking to be dominated by a muscular, younger male with implements to spank my bottom with. Like to blister naughty bottoms, mine is your playtoy. Let's talk soon.

Look at my profile for contact
seeks 24/7/365 ownership
Slaveseeking247abuse​(sub male)10/12/2018

On my knees to worship your cock
What if you could have the perfect sex servant...who would always do what you wanted when you wanted - no questions asked? What are your deepest and darkest gay sexual desires? Roleplay? Bondage? Public sex? Someone to do what your wife won't do? Let's experiment and explore...

Sub philly guy looking for dom master
In search of a master to teach me the whole scene of beinh a sub bottom

Your new sub.
Willing to be trained as your servant enjoys being bound when not in service. Collar me . Lock me in chasity . Limits are scat and blood older or younger. Hmu
Stubby slave13820{No}10/08/2018

College Student Looking To Be Feminized/Sissified
So for a few years now, I have toyed with the sissy and feminization fetish, and have come to realize I need a dom or master to serve obediently, who would create this life style for me. I would love to serve a dom and slowly lose my masculine identity to that of a sissy slave. I would be more than willing to relocate to my master.

Slave/slut/sub seeking Master/Dom
I love to serve superior men. This is my purpose in life. Would like to be owned , umtil then i will obey orders from superior men and if summoned i will meet in person. I like feet the most and would love to be someone foot slave i also am into verbal humiliaton, blindfolds, bondage , spankings , and obeying any orders that would please my dom master. I am 48 so if you doms feel i am not worthy to serve i also will serve im servitude just to be in your precense. Feel free to message me and tell me what you expect of me i am a good boy!
Kinkster33​(sub male)10/07/2018

Looking for a strict Master
I am 24 Male slave from India. Looking for a strict Master to control me with 24/7 rules.

Seb Male Seeking NYC Alpha Men
Sub male needs Dominating Alpha Men , gay, bi or straight . I love bodybuilders and muscle bears. I love men with beards and bald heads or hair in a bun. We can meet for coffee before we become intimate.
SubFaggot​(sub male){I am your }10/04/2018