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I am a hardcore submissive guy
I need a dom guy who is near colorado springs colorado to use me mold me and do as you want to me from bondage blindfolds spankings toys use anything and fuck me name calling stretch twist my big low hanging balls and more I am very obedient and know my place to know more just ask

I am a straight married man
That want to.leave.his wife and worship another man as my God.I I am looking for a 24/7 ownership as a live in slave and to be dominated physically mentaly spiritually in ever aspect of my life I not only wang but I need to belong to a master and serve him with my life
bemymistress707​(sub male)06/18/2018

24/7 Slave
Hi. I'm 20 slim 5'9 I've never been owned. I'm seeking a master to live with to train me to please him. I'm willing to relocate. I have no limits. My body was ment to be owned.
SUBboy20​(sub male){None}06/17/2018

I'm 39 big built chunky looking for a dominant top please feel free to ask me anything u would like to no sir
Sissybitch69​(sub male){Yes}06/15/2018

Bondage submissive seeking 24/7
well endowed and very kinky bondage submissive looking for more - i want to give up complete control and be kept bound hooded collared and shaved used just for milking purposed and your amusement. Please no sadists - i can handle some pain but im not a pain freak. I am really into sensory depravation, bondage , cum control - orgasm control and denial . use me to make porn. entertain your friends. your personal gimp slave.
Bondage4me​(sub male)06/11/2018

Sissy for training
I am ready to be a complete sissy slave for my master and a sissy slut for my daddy to use or pimp out. I'll be at service whenever my master needs me and will do all his chores for him. No limits when it comes to taking punishments. Partly bi. I've always been keen and determined to be a dominant's slave and take care of all the work for them. I feel submissive or rather truly submissive people like me were born to serve and should only spend there life in servitude and do as expected and ordered by the dom. I would love to fulfill my desire and aim by serving you in any way necessary. Please consider this lowly slave and give a chance to prove himself. I want to be a owned and a willing slave for my Master. I have no limits and I am aspiring to be a house slave and sissy. Looking for all the changes you can make or all the tips you can give me on being an obedient sissy and slave for my master. Bondage and a gag are a must to keep me in place.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 pounds
Body: average

Reply with your interests, age and a phone number.
Thank you.

I am looking to become a real slave.
I am looking to belong to another man as a sex slave.I have no scat.or intense pain.into gang rape cock worship.worship men as god over as a true piece of property non concesul owner ship of my life

New Male Sub
I have recently just joined looking for a long term master either online or in person who will use me well and treat me like the slave I am
JesseDT360​(sub male){Not curren}06/02/2018

slaveboy seeks master to train me asap
single white slaveboy who is 26 years of age "5-10" 170 lbs light brown hair blue eyes mustache 6 1/2 inch cock

Closeted Sub Male wants out of Closet
Hi, submissive closed sub male screaming to get out of the closet. I wish to serve a strong Master who can take control. Open minded and willing to try new things with few limits. My only experience is through reading on internet and trip to massage parlor.
jamtby​(sub male)05/23/2018

Orlando fag
Looking for dom to train me online.
Chubby sex crazed latino here
Usablebutt​(sub male)05/15/2018

Hungry faggot
Old faggot (60) looking for hot young cocky verbal hot-bodied young studs who truly love getting serviced...a guy who knows how to handle a mad hungry old queer...a guy who isn’t afraid to boss his every true faggot cocksucker...I want a straight dude but straight dudes are hard to come by...their seed is worth its weight in gold...literally...and they deserve the very best of everything...looking for just one guy to spoil the fuck out be trained on his dick so that every blowjob is perfection...I’m looking for young and hot...unless you’re a god...I’m not going to be interested much if you’re over 30...and to get an idea of the type of body I’m looking for...check out Mike Hope under Dominant men seeking submissive men...what a fucking body...that’s what I’m looking for...when I was young I always got the pick of the litter wherever I was...I’m not going to settle if you think you would have a good time with a hungry dentured faggot cocksucker who will be obedient to your every whim (actually I don’t eat food off the floor....or out of a dog bowl...or drink your piss...or lick your toilet...fuck that shit...even if you were bitchslapping me around the room...I wouldn’t do it...but the bitchslapping might be hot when the time came to ratchet things up if we became a regular thing...fuck I’m tired of typing...I’m tall lean clean and the most amazing cockservant you could imagine.
Madhungryfaggot​(sub male)04/30/2018

Obedient boi looking for Online Master
UK based 38 yr old sub looking for a Master for control. Main use for online, however if in UK, meets would be excellent. Control me as you wish
Sub4Sir​(sub male)04/25/2018

Submissive Male looking for...
Submissive man looking to serve, be dominated, owned, and sissified.
MCvells​(sub male)04/25/2018

mid wales slave
Ex teacher looking for a Dom to train and punish me. I want to kneel at your feet and be forced to kiss and suck you Master
peterban​(sub male)04/22/2018

Slave for you
Slave looking to be owned and to serve Dom. Male i am here for yiur plezsure

Sub white boy
Submissive white boy looking for a master to be slave for
Rob2578​(sub male)04/09/2018

Little sub faggot
I'm looking for an online or real life master/dominant man to completely use me. My limits go down the hornier I get. If you're interested in having me please message me, also for a real life meet I live in New Hampshire. I'm not the skinniest fag you'll ever meet but I'm not that big.... trying to lose weight anyways.... im up for almost anything and i have a kik (message me if you want it)
ImNewAtThis​(sub male)04/08/2018

Submissive white male slut to use
6ft 225 fat white submissive male slut bottom craving punishment and abuse by aggressive black and white men I have few limits includes no kids under 17 or vomit I am hiv neg and a pain slut opened to long training by force I hope to hear from someone soon

Bi curious
My mistress wants me to service a man with her there.
Commet69​(switch male){Yes collar}03/25/2018