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Seeking arrangement
Seeking to serve in a mutual beneficial arrangement. Trained in various areas of etiquette and service. Must be located in Williston, North Dakota or within the area.
Kitten9669​(sub female)10/16/2018

23 Year Old Dom Looking For Sub
I am looking for a sub or a slave. I have experience with both and am not opposed to either. I am looking for someone around my age (18-26) but willing to consider others ages.
ControllingDom​(dom male)10/16/2018

Back in the Game
Hello subs/slaves I am back in the game , looking for a LTR with the right sub/slave !
You must know that over the years I have continued to grow as a Master , so that I may attend to the needs of my sub/slave as they do mine.
I am firm, yet gentle, subtle until it is time not to be. My punishments very dependent upon what was done or not done !
Hawkmoon​(dom male){looking}10/16/2018

experienced white male dominant looking for a white female submissive
I am looking for a white female submissive age 18 to 40 who wishes to be dominated sexually and spanked or more on either a part-time or full-time basis. Married or single does not matter. Perhaps a student from USM or Carey University or a female from the Hattiesburg or surrounding area. If you're wanting something full-time that is a possibility as well. Please check out my profile and get back to me.

Master seeking live in sub for Master and Mistress
We are looking to add to our home a submissive female who loves kids and can submit to both Master and Mistress this is real life live in

31 y/o Dom seeking little to no at all limits
I am looking for a submissive female 4 my pleasure and water sports in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvaniadom​(dom male)10/15/2018

Irish dom seeking..
Irish master seeks real life submissive
Trust respect and honour communication at the top . Not looking to abuse and use. Seeking the real submissive, those with the desire to please and those who know that true submission is a gift and it will not be treated with disrespect. Real person here and expect the same .. No time wasters. No here for lonely hearts. My current location is Ireland Do and will travel no problem . No looking for sessions or play partners looking for real long term . Do not online role play so do not ask. Have had some replies in the past but majority either time wasters or didn't know what they wanted. To save your time and mine know what you want and have enthusiasm, along with communication skills.
Master4subirl​(dom male)10/15/2018


You text me to tell me that you have arrived. I tell you to come up the walkway and ring the doorbell.

My sister answers the door and escorts you to the bedroom. She announces you and I tell you to come in.
My sister closes and locks the door as she exits...
I am sitting in a room filled with candle light.......I tell you to remove all your clothing and come stand before me.

I tell you to kneel and bow your head. I ask do you think you are worthy of serving me pet?

You reply I will try my Mistress.

I place a leather collar around your neck and connect the leash........I want to see how well you follow directions and respond to me.

Any hesitation or lack of asking for clarification by raising your hand will require punishment. Understand Pet!...........yes Mistress.

I grab your leash and bring you to a standing position.

There will be no eye contact until I allow, nod if you understand.
After you nod I snug up on the leash and pull you close.

I grab your semi hard pussy cock and begin to slide my hand up and down the shaft slowly.

Your body is tense and I can tell you are not at ease.

I apply a small amount of oil to the head of your pussy cock and begin to stroke the head between my thumb and index finger while applying pressure on the balls. I spread my legs apart and pull you closer.

I pick up my breast and slide them up and down you cock.

I then let the head dart in and out my mouth. I then begin to lick around the head and underneath the shaft. You let out soft moans.

I put a leg up on the bed and tell you to lay over my leg. I bring your cock back between your thighs.

I spread your ass cheeks apart and drip some oil down the crease.

As I slowly manipulate your cock, balls, and the circumference around your anal orifice.

I ask you questions and get to know you a little better since we are now in the presence of one another.

I tell you that I am going to insert a butt plug to further relax you.

I insert the plug slowly with a twisting side to side motion.

Take deep relaxing breaths pet.

I tell you to turn on your back and then to a sitting position......."you may now make eye contact."

I pull you to me with the leash and lick around your lips and then begin kissing and sucking your tongue while stroking your cock.
I grab the humbler and place it across the front of your thighs and lock your balls in between.

I stand in front of you and grab your leash pulling it between my thighs.

I lean over, holding onto the arms of my wheelchair I pull your face to the crack of my ass.

"Pet spread my cheeks and lick my pussy and ass until I cum" start to lick and suck like a good pet.

I tell you to tongue fuck my pussy. I rub my beautiful ass up and down your face, pulling your leash so I can bury your face against me and telling you to make me cum you dirty little slut.

I turn around after cumming several times. Your face is glistening wet with my juice.

I kiss you sucking my juices off your tongue. I unlock the humbler and tell you to stand and lean over the bed.

You have been a very good pet thus far so I need to see how you react to spankings...

I take my leather wrapped cane and give ten licks.

Your face turns red and that ass tenses up.
Very good.

I like how you absorbed that little bit of pain. ?
I keep you leaning and I remove the butt plug and inset a 6 inch prostate stimulator.

I slowly begin fuck your ass as I jack you off...........after teasing fucking your ass and stroking your cock....I ask you."

Do you want to cum" you say yes please Mistress...............I respond "NO"...................................WOW!

Seeking true Submissive, but 1950's and all natural Females are welcome, IRL, LTR LIVE-IN
I am seeking a full time live in Sub, I will consider ALL natural females at any experience level, I am seeking other qualities as well for the opportunity to become owned and cared for. You will live-in at some point so yes we must have mutual trust, mutual caring and interest, open communication.
Please NO switch, no sissies, no males, TV, TG must be natural born female. Just my preference, if selected and we click you will be well taken care of, loved, protected,cared for, kept safe, kindness, affection, have your own room ( should you elect to use it) , 44" HDTV, internet, wifi, good food I prefer organic, wild seafood, no GMO, NO hormones you get the idea. You will become part of so when I go out dinning, to the beach, out for a couple of drinks, or what ever you will be with me, we will also have alone time. Please understand I do not take a Submissive lightly, she is a very strong woman, as well as being a desired Lady, It is up to me to keep her safe, protect her, respect her and what she offers, this is a very rare being and must be cared for and nourished with love, affection and kindness. Even if punishment is required the after care must be there to enhance her well being and support her knowledge that she is wanted, needed and desired. Thank you all for stopping by If you have an interest or should you desire more info now is the time please feel free to contact me
SeekingU​(dom male)10/15/2018

CD/sissy, Looking for Loving Domme/Mentor <3 ([Age: 22 y/o]; [Height: 5'7]; [Weight: 135 lbs]; [Education: Graduate Student])
Hello there! <3 I'm a lovely little soul exploring my feminine side! I love dressing up, getting kinky, being dominated, and showing off for all of you. Feel free to message me, but I will only friend people who I know and those who have meaningful conversations with me! My goals on this website are: -Learn as much as I can -Find a mentor or Mistress who can help me explore this lifestyle and teach me how to dress/act/look/feel more feminine; I offer my submission, silliness, body, and mind in return! -Make meaningful connections with caring individuals/groups -Explore myself and my sexuality A brief summary of me: -Graduate student -Kinkster since high school with years of experience in a variety of kinks -Lover of playing sports and working out! -Board game enthusiast -Food/COFFEEEEEEE fanatic -If you nibble on my neck correctly I will literally melt... -Physically, I'm 22 years old, 5'6-5'7, 135 lbs, and thin/athletic/toned with natural dark brown hair and brown eyes! The reason I love being a sissy/crossdressing: -I feel incredibly sexy, slutty, submissive, kinky, hot, horny, craved, and warm inside. When I get fully dressed and look at myself, I become a more free me. I get to relax, unwind from the daily grind, and be a good (or bad) little slut. It is like a breath of fresh air! Sadly, I have only been able to fully explore this side once with a Domme friend of mine; however, I hope to change that (and this bio) in the future!
Sub Angel 22​(sub male)10/15/2018

Colorado slave
Colorado slave seeking an older mature Master who is interested in a responsible and trustworthy slave. slave is well educated and able to do many things related to administrative as well as computer related activities. slave looking for a fairly experienced Master who is interested in training and using slave for their personal needs.
Coloslave336588{Not at thi}10/15/2018

ISO FEMALE SUB/SWITCH ONLY to train and add to our family - ONLINE
I hope you are doing well. My Daddy (40 y/o Persian-German) is searching for a bicurious/bisexual FEMALE SUB/SWITCH. A WOMAN with a great personality to consider as a playmate. Someone open to training, learning protocols/etiquette and receiving mentoring from Him. He enjoys role play and desires a GIRL that may have the ability to shift into any role that will allow her to indulge in her sexual fantasies/pleasures resulting in maximizing her potential as a well-rounded submissive and possibly progressing further. The majority of your interactions will be 1:1 with him. I would be more like a sister sub for you to learn from and share experiences with.
Verbal conversation(s) via Skype or phone will need to happen prior to any action. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested. Understand that distance is not an issue for us, we can travel anywhere IF the connection is there. Please be thoughtful in your response to us with more than just a one line response.
Gem5alphasub​(switch female){Owned}10/15/2018

Gentlemen submissive/slave
Gentlemen submissive/slave new to the scene. I am in search of a D willing to teach a newbie. I am in the Philadelphia area.
hoseluvr1960​(sub male){no}10/15/2018

curious male
this is my first time being on the recieving end of the paddle. I am seeking a dominant women in Orrivle / wooster Ohio area
slaveseeker01{none at th}10/14/2018

Submissive Male
I am a 55 year old male who have discovered his submissive nature. I am a switch but looking to learn and submit to a teacher. I hoped to find someone in my community but am not opposed to online teaching via skype or other media venues. I truly want to learn more about this side of me and hoping to find a teacher with patience and dedication to teach. I am also hoping to live this lifestyle 24/7 if the right person presents herself. My limits are in my profile and hope to find a partner. Namaste.
cmonk​(switch male)10/14/2018

Denver looking for some fun
I Just got out of a long relationship and am looking to explore! Dominating couples and subs has always been a passion of mine but I want it to be an organized process with someone I can get to know

Selective Sub Seeking Dom
Im searching for a experienced dom. I refuse to do online role playing and extreme exchange of messages. I need and perfer face to face. I'm willing to relocate. Im willing, eager and devoted to be guided and mentored. I believe a true Dom/sub relationship should be founded on 100% honesty, communication, no lies ever. This is not a game to me, this is my lifestyle and I do take it seriously and respect it. please check out my profile and be opened minded. Hope to hear from you
bustybrooklyn69​(masochist female)10/14/2018

Seeking submissive women
A gentleman get into a women head before he get in between her legs. As a mature gen dom i seek a submissive woman who believes she needs guidance, to be molded into the woman she is meant to be, corrected. Disciplined and .... You fill in the blank with your reply.
masterfull61​(dom male)10/14/2018

Sub seeking transgender mistress or a mistress
Hello I'm wanting to be someone's sluty whore and be treated as one be fully dominated and owned my hole is yours to open my pinis is yours to pls I still have some to learn but very willing and have very good manners always so come get me let me be your cum slut fuck toy
Strifen123​(sub male){i want to }10/14/2018

Young Dom Seeks Sub Anywhere
First off I would like to thank you for actually taking the time to read this.
I'm just going to put this all out there and if I sound like the type of guy you'd be interested then send me a PM. I'm open and honest and I feel like my advertisement should be too.
A little about me: I am 19 years old, slim build, deep voiced man living in the DC area but I am experienced as an online Dom and have had submissives from as far away as Australia and it worked out so really anywhere is fine.
I am a massive gamer and aviation nerd so being my submissive means you will need to put up with that. I also do volunteer work, fist aid training, and I make lovely audios you can have a look at on my profile. A submissive who can show interests in my hobbies is a must, it's a side of intimacy I think gets overlooked in the BDSM community.
My kinks include but are not limited to: Spanking, choking, collars, bondage (light and heavy), breast play, public play, degradation, humiliation, gags, breeding, and roleplay. Always wanted to use a remote controlled vibrator long distance on someone so we could talk about that.
What I look for in a submissive: I need someone who can be loyal, trusting, willing to learn, ages 18-40 (will discuss older), respectful , caring, someone who can be both my best friend, my lover, and my little fuck toy.
Limits: Ageplay, rape, kidnapping, significant abuse (ask me about it), blood (bruises and scratches are fine), needles. Feel free to ask me about any of these.
I am a flexible dominant and so I really like to get to know my submissives so I can be the type of Dominant they need me to be. If you made it this far thank you again, please send me a PM even if you aren't interested and just have a question or want to talk. Have a nice day!
SlothForce1​(dom male)10/14/2018