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Couple looking for a slave
Looking for a female or male slave in our area or close to us.. we both are primal alpha dominants..we are seeking for a live in at some point but not right away... we are poly-fidelity based and that won't change.... You should read our profile before responding to us.. we are in the Kansas City Missouri area and would like others to be close to that... Pm us/reply to imbox
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Looking for another sub to be my sister
me and my Daddy are looking for a sub to be a live in sister for me....
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Married Dominate couple looking for the one.
What are we looking for?

Where do we begin? We are a Dominant married couple. We would like to talk with submissive/slave females that have an understanding of this lifestyle and understand that it is way more than just about kinky sex. Let's see if there are commonalities that we each share and are looking for. We would very much enjoy finding the missing piece to our puzzle.

For us a family of three adults makes for the perfect combination with many added benefits over a traditional couple along with having aspects of D/s. We are an honest, loving, affectionate, and passionate couple and we seek to find someone that shares these qualities.

With these ideas in mind we are happy to talk to anybody. Ideally finding a female that is looking for a live-in situation and willing to relocate.

You may feel free to respond to either of us. Let us know a little about yourself and your desires in being in a relationship such as this. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Looking for a bdsm Mentor
I’m a switch and I’d like to learn how to both a better submissive and a better dominant. Can someone train me or teach me?
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Looking to
To be dominated by big strong dominant men
I need a balanced woman now I need to be submissive inside the bedroom.

I enjoy f****** myself solo.. I love to have an audience ... 1 I can put on when out of the show.. but there's nothing like watching me take some dick while I have a female riding my face.

I love to f*** I'm very picky .. and I do it myself... but it's been a very long time since I've been put in my place and I've become an uncooperative brat.
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Teach us
Looking for some body to show us ways to play.. guy ir girl. Anybody wount to play....we are a white couple very clean and private. Let us know..
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slave_object seeking permenant object
Does anyone remember the "Lost in Space" episode, where Dr Smith and Will Robinson are turned into living plants. Well. That is what this slave seeks. To be owned and turned into a living breathing object, to be admired and cherished by that special Owner who loves such things. Is this slave serious? YES! Is it possible? Yes. Please contact this slave object if you seriously wish to Own the most unusual slave.
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Looking for a Female sexting partner
Just want some one to sext over snap chat from time to time. Im 19, fit and young and well hung
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I am looking for a fellow dominant goddess to share in the pleasure of my feminized sissy. I have spent years cultivating and perfecting her curtesy, overall demeanor and domestic abilities and she is eager to show them off. You must be in NH/MA to enjoy her and you must also be willing to work cooperatively with me regarding her training.
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Munches in Des Moines, IA
I am interested in being a Domme and I am looking for 2 things. # 1- Munches in Des Moines Iowa and surrounding area.
#2. I am looking for an experienced Dom/Domme in Iowa to mentor me. Online is fine. Thanks.
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Search for Plaything
My Sir has tasked me to find a local male plaything age range from 21-26 bi male to be the top in our dynamic while Sir is away.

I am a 33 year old submissive living in the Pittsburgh, Pa area. Sir is looking for a plaything that will be guided and instructed on how to carry out play time as well as punishment as needed.

If you’re interested please contact me so we can meet up to make sure we have some chemistry.
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Still searching
Still Antarctic for that someone who wants to be dominated, owned and submit to pleasing my husband. It's hard to find such a woman. ... even with offering free room and board. Pay nothing to live here, just be available for him during the evening hours.
I want to make him happy, give him that extra woman to fulfill his needs.
Still searching.......
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Couple looking for one night of fun
First timers looking for a female for her that will do what she wants and only touches herand a male for him who does what he wants must be submissive and like to part not looking for long term must come to Reno NV want asap full fill are dirty fantasy's
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Dom/sub couple looking for a kinky sub
Master and I are looking for a kinky bi lady that would enjoy being pleased by me while Master watches and directs. If interested please message me.
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Sister Slave wanter
I am a white slave owned by a black Master. Together we are seeking a female sister slave for my Master and myself long term/life ownership. You must be humble and kind. Must be willing to server Master always and myself when Master is away under Masters instructions. Your role in our family would be domestic and servitude to the house. You would not have the freedoms that I have as the lead slave. You will be given time off when Master sees fit. We would both share Master but his priority is me and mine is his. I sleep with Master as you would have his spare room. Not to say there will not be times that might change. I will eork out side the home you will not but if you want to work online that is ok. We are polyamorous as you should be. Jealousies will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly for both me and you. you must be open to punishment we are not sadists but a woman should know her place.and if you or i forget Master is quick to remind us.Must enjouy kink.
If you do any of these things you are not for us
young children
not saying you are not great but not what we are looking for.
if you have made it this far thank you.
Master is looking for but not limited to
mental strength
emotional stability
millitary (vet) is a big plus
over 40 i am 43 he is 55
BBW but not over 250 or be proportioned i am 6 ft 255
Picture is a must and be willing to talj off line.
Must be able to pass a backround check
Anywere in the country is fine but if you are chosen you will have to move.
NO ONLINE we want you to be a part of our wourld and family
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I'm 24, front range of Colorado. Have been in 3 somes with 2 women and one man and woman. I love to be submissive in the bed. But have been looking for someone to dominate me but also let me explore the roll myself. Never had but DP is a fantasy along with group sex and especially gang bang. Only in the right scenario. Personally I love cooking, hiking, clubbing, dancing, cartoons, and cars. My main loves include: my dog, my car, the moutains, weed, good beer and whiskey. I love driving my six speed with my double 12s in the back. I do not want anything serious but also am not interested in a one night stand.
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Online long term relationship
someone to obey my master but has experience so he/she would be in control of me and another woman
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Dom seekimg teacher or mentor
Im new to the sence and do not yet not lingo or things as such. I would love to have a person to teach me the ropes of terms, searching, and emgaging with a Sub.
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Hello everybody! My name is Martin, or Aselith. Today with a request that is quite new to me.

I'm looking for some submissive partners of any gender or likings. You can be a shy person exploring their kinky side or even a hardcore masochist, I will be interested in you in both cases.

And because I've had a few submissive partners, I'm sure I'm experienced enough. But there is always room for improvement!

However, don't expect me to start with you right away. First important thing is to get to know each other some more. And if both of us will be comfortable with it, we could even call or send pictures.

If you're interested in having a dominant, I'll be more than glad to hear from you.
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Looking for a partner who seeks to take care of someone
I am an older (63) Dominant GWM who's health and life isn't what it used to be. I can still take care of myself but there are some things I can't do anymore and some thing I need help with. I am 63, GWM, sexually impotent from nerve damage, and limited in activity from bck problems. I am not a social person and have no local friends or family. I live on 10 rural, wooded acres in the south with a vacant second unit, several outbuildings and an equipped auto shop with a lift (if that interests anyone). I need someone naturally submissive but who "thrives" with someone to take care of. I can do most household chores but could use help. I also have immense knowledge of construction and buidling things and would like someone at least capable of doing the hard part of those activities when needed. I am far from rich because being dominant meant taking care of those who trusted me. I have been taken advantage of financially many times so at this stage in life I need someone I can totally trust. I have very few expenses and live on a small fixed income but have ways for a partner to earn some money when needed. I know this is an unusual posting, but it is what it is. I am looking for a GWM male (or bi or asexual), under 40, who is easy going and has a smile to share. You should want a simple life as there are no real frills in my life now. I don't mean to sound as though there isn't any fun because I am open to a lot of things with the right guy but I can't say a $200 pair of jeans or sneakers interest me. I am going to keep my exact identity private until I know you so don't expect an invitation right away. If any of this sounds like a situation that may be of interest, say hello.
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