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Submissive seeking a submissive for Dominant
I’m looking for a submissive between the ages of 30-42 for a sweet and firm Dominant. We connected but due to life issue we cannot maintain our relationship. He is lovely with me and takes care of my needs emotionally as well as physically. He is kind but very firm and expects the best from his submissive. He is an older man seeking a younger submissive slender if possible and beauty must be natural. Not a lot of make up usage I mean.
My Dom is looking for someone who he can watch grow under his tutelage. He wants a true submissive dedicated to the lifestyle who is able to carry herself well in public and be able to take cues well. Sub may need to relocate if the relationship continues.
I care for this Dom and seeking to find him a very good submissive. Please contact me if this interested you.
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Looking for females who are into spanking
I'm a switch looking for a severe spanking
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Seeking a sister slave for my incredible Master
I’m a slave happily owned by an incredible Master with strong and diverse desires. I hope to find another slave for him; she will be my equal, existing for nothing but his pleasure and to fulfill any and all of his desires that she can. I will Not be dominant over any other girl - I exist only to fulfill my Master’s desires. Another girl would be my slave sister, my teammate working with me lovingly to give our Master all the pleasure we can!

Master is loving and caring, dominant and strong. He expects a total power exchange, complete submission given willingly in exchange for his love and guidance in shaping you into the best slave for him that you can be; he has an instinct for what brings out the best in a girl, and I’ve found that my best slave self is also my happiest, truest self! Master will take of and use his slaves however he wishes; this would include his slaves being sexual together for his desire and enjoyment! Master will always put his slaves’ well-being above his own; in exchange this allows us to put all of our attention into serving him knowing that we will be well taken care of!

I am looking only for a long-term, full-time, live-in commitment. Master’s job has us traveling throughout the US (so please only those with citizenship consider this!) which means the ability to uproot from life to join your new Master is essential, but will be very rewarding!

Master has diverse tastes in girls including all ethnicities and cultures, but his slaves must all keep their bodies in very good condition to be able to give him pleasure. Master is 31, I’m a few years younger, we are looking for someone no older than I am.

If this sounds like the right relationship for you, I’d love to hear from you! I’ll be happy to exchange questions and answers with any girls genuinely interested in this uniquely loving poly life.

This is only for girls seriously interested in what I am offering; men or trans will be blocked
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Sub/Dom couple looking to add FEMALE Sub
Must be willing to travel. We are in Las Vegas.

We are an attractive professional couple that wants a female (only) sub to join us. We will respect your limits and take good care of you.

Have questions or are interested, please reach out.

Please no messages from MALES or from FEMALES not willing to be with both of us.
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Submissive/Little in training seeking a Submissive/slave to train with in Arkansas.
Hello potential slave. My name is Sherrie. I've been talking with my Master/Dom/Daddy and he's decided that due to my continuing and progressing health issues, we are in need of a slave.
We are relocating within NW Arkansas and would like our slave to be located somewhere around Fayetteville to Springdale and willing to relocate to us into a forever home and be cared for and owned for life.
It isn't totally necessary to be from close by if you're ultimately willing to relocate.
I am fairly new to this lifestyle and realize I have tons more to learn. You can be new to this or experienced but will be further trained by Master along with me to be sure you are trained to his expectations.
We are a white older couple in our middle 60s but choose to have a younger slave. We both have an intense sex drive. My Master/Dom has several decades as a Master/Dom and is an excellent trainer. He is firm and strict but fair.
You must be willing to live naked or in a g-string/thong, blindfolded and/or hooded at his discretion when he is home or per his instructions when he's away, chained or tied up regularly at Master's discretion and well used. You are not required to be bisexual as I am not.
You must have an understanding of this lifestyle, your place in it and within our family and a further understanding that there is more to this relationship and lifestyle than just kinky sex.
Master does have a very predatory nature with a stamina that young men only dream about and wish they had. You will be expected to obey, serve Master per his desires and me when he's away per his instructions for us. You will respect both of us and expected to give back to the relationship just as much as you receive from it.
You will not have the freedom and privileges I have since I am Master's main sub. You will get time off as Master approves it after you've earned it. We will both serve Master but know that I am his main priority just as he is mine. I sleep with Master. You will sleep in the spare room unless Master chooses another temporary arrangement.
You will not work outside the home. Jealousy from you will not be tolerated ever and will be swiftly and strongly dealt with by both of us, so you must be open to punishment. We do not do pets or children.
Master is looking for, but not limited to, mental strength and emotional stability. College is okay as is a military veteran. A picture of you is a must. We are not interested in any online relationship but will talk online through initial introductory meetings. Be willing to talk offline and you must be willing to pass a background check if Master chooses.
If this relationship interests you or is desirable to you, please contact me so we 3 can talk.
Check out my profile at Sherik.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Full house
Looking for Submissive slave type or someone looking to be Indentured to servitude. Would not mind a couple ( married preferred ).
Will need to voice and video call to verify who you are .
On a not so serious note . Life will be way better and you will need to trust that I will lead you to good places. I cant promise you a good life but I will promise you an interesting one as ko g as you are with me and choose to serve and love the family you will be with .
Look forward to hearing form you .
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Master + slave : Seeking Submissive Slave
I am 20 years old and have lived with my Master for almost 2 years. Master is fun and loving, but strict and sadistic. He is 31, so there is an age gap between us. I have grown so much since I was collared, and love serving Master more than anything. Master and I are looking for another sub / slave, so if you desire ownership while having another slave to bond with, don't be afraid to send me a message. This is a new journey for me, but I would love to someday have a few sister slaves to confide in, spend time with, and of course serve Master. This could be a live in situation for the right girl, but that is not required by any means. I'm very happy to hear what you're looking for, and see if you might be a perfect fit in Masters home.
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Put me in permanent
I want someone to send me a chastity cock cage with a lock but no key, I want to be locked up forever knowing that my cock now belongs to someone else who may or may not have even kept the key, someone who lives far and will never contact me again after they send it, please contact me, I'll be waiting
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kinky slave looking for female dom or couple
interested to learn more and hope some day be 24/7 check out my profile feel free to message me.
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Seeking Bi Female Sub or couple for Threesome/Foursome
Established D/s mature couple seeking fun loving 35 yr old+ bi female sub or couple to join us for a threesome/foursome. Preferably either in Chicago or Los Angeles areas. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
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Sweet Sexy Panties
Today I felt sexy. So I wore these panties for you. They're pink and almost blend in with my skin tone. Cute little straps. I bought them at the little local strip mall down the road. I have a tight body so I get to shop in the small section where the pretty undergarments are. I love lingerie. I never used to wear bras and panties because I have smaller breast that don't need support and I'm very clean and keep myself always...I like to say "edible". But recently I've discovered that I am in love with panties and lingerie! I'm still not into bras but, I sure love feeling sexy under my clothes. I love to take pictures of myself and share, it's really the only excitement I get in my day-to-day life (I live in a very boring town with very boring people) so come see!
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Open to anything
Hayo! I am a 19 college student who wants to make some fwb... I am open to both men and women, usually, preferring to bottom with men... I am open to most kinks you can think of... Hmu if ya want :D
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Looking for a sub for daddy (sister for me)
Hello there!!!
If you are interested please continue reading this, if not it's okay to skip ahead

As the title is shown, we, me and daddy, are looking for another sub to be with us
A sub for him and a sister for me.
It will involve sexual and also non-sexual stuff, a combination of those two.

if you're interested and read so far, you can message me and we can talk more about it :)
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Come on
Having a bad time pick me up plz
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Ddlg couple seeking lady friend with benefits
My daddy and I are looking for a woman to become friends with and then if it happens and all are agreeable with it then for me to be able to play with her with daddy watching. He will not touch her...just watch and maybe play with me at the same time!

I would rather get to know you before anything though! We could go out as a group and chat and everything...if anyone is interested please add and message me!
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Just looking for a mentor
I’m new to this whole BDSM thing and I have so many questions, but I don’t have anyone to talk to about this stuff and it’s annoying trying to figure this out all on my own without anyone to talk to. So I’m just looking for someone who has been in this for a while like a long time who has been through it all and isn’t afraid to help a girl out.
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Anyone fancy to chat feeling a little lonely tonight.
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Looking for like-minded
Looking for like-minded people to have causal intellectual conversations with. I’m not really looking for a play partner or a relationship but I go with the flow of the connection, so it isn’t completely off the table.

I genuinely like talking to people and getting to know people. Nothing rushed or fancy.
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Looking for another sub to join Daddy and I
I am looking for a woman ready to please and become a new little for my Daddy Dom. Experience is not necessary for Daddy loves someone willing to be trained to serve him properly. This would be primarily online, for now.

For more details message me PLEASE!
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Can we talk about fisting?
I love having enormous objects in my ass... So fisting is definitely one of my kinks. It seems like even on here that seems almost taboo. Wanna talk about it?
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