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wastemanstar7​(sub male)
2 months ago • Tue 12 Mar 2019 12:47:33 PM IST
wastemanstar7​(sub male) • Tue 12 Mar 2019 12:47:33 PM IST

I have been told that sounding desperate (even though I would usually do it on purpose to be in character) is not the way to introduce myself..

I'm a 22 years old tan dark haired browned eyed shorter than average beta slouching male.. I'm basically looking to "have fun" with as many people as possible by letting them use me as their entertainment the way I'm usually being used...

So like, being inferior under people's feet really seems to be my big thing, I even consider myself a feet boy/footrest :l Mix this with the idea of me being left out, not cared about and "ignored", in the sense that people know I'm down there under them but they don't care enough to freak out. Although I also do enjoy it if I'm being dominated by having full attention on me. Hopefully this won't sound creepy but like when I was a little kid in primary school, I would purposely drop my pencil under the table and push it further in the middle so I could crawl under the table, under everyone's feet and legs, and hearing them giggle would give me a rush of adrenaline.

I once went out with my friend and a girl, turns out the girl and him spent the entire night together, almost forgetting about me, which turned me on (yes, cuckolding makes my mind go insane in a very good way icon_surprised.gif It's like I really enjoy the sadness and jealousy). I've been to sleepovers with my friends a few times, at night when everyone slept I would go and lie down at the end of the mattresses, under their feet, and I would occasionally get kicked, or they'd unawarely rub their feet against my face and the idea of being unawarely "mistreated" like that would get me going so much...

What else... yeah there's this girl I liked, we were super close, she developed a crush on me for my funny side, the things we talked about, etc... By the time I had a crush on her back, she had stopped liking me as much and liked this alpha tall handsome guy, and her talking to me about them would make me sad yet super horny. She knew of my kinks and kinda agreed to let me see their flirty conversations because she knew this cuckold side turned me on. I don't know if you see the trend 😂

I do however also like it if multiple people mistreat me by all focusing on me, like say I'm being bullied by a group of people, all forcing their feet on my and laughing while stealing my books or whatever, then I'll get turned on even though I'm not being "ignored". But basically the more extreme the emotions, the more adrenaline I get, I guess I'm some sort of feet (and other things) masochist.

And I mean, although feet is usually what I'm always into, if I'm being sat on, ordered to do other things or anything else it works too. The imagination, originality and intensity usually turn me on. I just prefer if it's not the stereotypical domme/slave relationship where it's like in movies where the domme is just a dominatrix slapping the slave with a swatter and ordering him around, it has to go much deeper, where it's actually based on love rather than just torture. Like will it feel like torture? At times. Will you continue even if I can't take it anymore? Hopefully. But initially, it all comes from a place of love. It's so much more subtle.. but at the same time I don't know if it's exactly what I want, I'm still kind of confused...

I'm into being under guys and girls, being inferior to any gender. I can be quite flexible in terms of what I would do and would allow to be done to me, we can always.. discuss that together I guess...

My limits include scat, watersports, gore and blood as well as illegal stuff.. I'm quite friendly though..
2 months ago • Tue 12 Mar 2019 07:46:31 PM IST
Villanelle​(staff) • Tue 12 Mar 2019 07:46:31 PM IST
Welcome everyone! Just a reminder - please don't post outside contact details in your intro or anywhere on the site as it violates our rules.

Please give me a shout if you have any questions or need some help with anything icon_smile.gif
Originaljewel​(switch female)
2 months ago • Wed 13 Mar 2019 07:13:36 PM IST

New to the Cage

Originaljewel​(switch female) • Wed 13 Mar 2019 07:13:36 PM IST
Hello all. I just joined and trying to find my way around the site. I am a submissive switch. I have a Dom whom I love dearly. He is aware of my occasional need to switch so has given me permission to look for a bi-male sub to join us in play. I am an admitted masochist when it comes to whips, padles, canes etc. however I am not into cutting, choking, burning anything over extreme at this time. Was in the bdsm lifestyle for several years then due to some circumstances I felt were emotionally and mentally unhealthy for me I left. By circumstances unexpected I met my Dom and it brought back. Hope to get to know others here who are like-minded.
Pumper​(sub male){Yes}
2 months ago • Wed 13 Mar 2019 10:14:21 PM IST

Hi all.

Pumper​(sub male){Yes} • Wed 13 Mar 2019 10:14:21 PM IST
I’m not really sure about what I’m doing except I know I’m like for a female domm from the Dublin. Ireland area . Please get in touch and allow me to serve you if you are in need of one.
BreakingYou​(dom female)
2 months ago • Thu 14 Mar 2019 11:21:49 AM IST

Hi everyone

BreakingYou​(dom female) • Thu 14 Mar 2019 11:21:49 AM IST
I joined about a week ago. I kept forgetting to post in here. Better late than never. icon_smile.gif

About me....

I am naturally dominant. I've been this way for as long as I can remember. It's all I know. It's what I like, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I like having control in all aspects of my life. In my professional life, in my personal life, and in my sexual life.

I'm a lesbian. For the record, I do not dislike men. Some of my closest friends are men. Friendship is the farthest it will go though. No offense, guys.

I'm not really into forcing someone into submission. I'm mean, sure, it can be fun in a roleplaying setting, but I much rather have a woman submit to me naturally and on her own. That is the greatest way, in my opinion.

I'm currently single and looking forward to meeting new people. icon_smile.gif
2 months ago • Thu 14 Mar 2019 05:46:13 PM IST
Villanelle​(staff) • Thu 14 Mar 2019 05:46:13 PM IST
Lovely to have you all here! Thank you for the intros. And indeed, better late than never!
movingclouds​(sadist male)
2 months ago • Thu 14 Mar 2019 08:51:15 PM IST
movingclouds​(sadist male) • Thu 14 Mar 2019 08:51:15 PM IST
Hi all, I'm new here... but not to kink. Happily happened upon this site quite randomly. I'm a sadistic-leaning dominant man from Cambridge, MA. Hope to meet some likeminded people and perhaps forge some lasting connections, ideally with folks in my geographic area.
2 months ago • Fri 15 Mar 2019 06:02:09 PM IST
Villanelle​(staff) • Fri 15 Mar 2019 06:02:09 PM IST
Welcome Movingclouds!