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Is there a way to avoid desperate noobs?

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witty bratty sub​(sub female)
3 weeks ago • Sun 24 Feb 2019 06:07:14 PM IST
witty bratty sub​(sub female) • Sun 24 Feb 2019 06:07:14 PM IST
i also feel that if they are true subs they wouldnt just want any stranger to dominate them....they are missing the whole point of trust being vital....just my thoought
3 weeks ago • Sun 24 Feb 2019 06:09:13 PM IST
Kiev • Sun 24 Feb 2019 06:09:13 PM IST
If you have premium you can block ALL messages from Non premium.. that should do the trick..
Byrdie​(dom female){rl only}
5 days ago • Sat 16 Mar 2019 05:16:28 AM IST
Byrdie​(dom female){rl only} • Sat 16 Mar 2019 05:16:28 AM IST
I would say that, no, there's no way I've seen to avoid this. Kink and personals sites don't seem to have the sort of filtering that will allow a user to severely limit who may contact them (people within a certain location rage, who specify a certain role - or selection of them, of certain genders, of a certain age range, who have specific interests, who indicate a certain relationship status, etc) for personal messages because there's no good way to automatically filter for a come-on message rather than one from someone who just appreciated something you wrote, or is totes interested in the free doohickey you're wanting to get out of your home, or whatever.

I wrote up a polite blurb with helpful links. If someone is outside of specified location or preferred role, or is somehow otherwise not a match but is trying to hit me up, I send the blurb, block their account, and delete their come-on. It's repetitive copy and paste, but I'm of a demographic where I'm not dealing with as many messages as I used to.

Nobody can say that I didn't reply to their message. However, I also didn't waste time on someone who obviously didn't care about my boundaries, so I consider it a fair exchange.

I would love to see a personals site which will do a mutual filtering:

A 50 year old dominant woman who is only interested in 30 year old bisexual submissive men in her home city will only be able to see personals listings for and be able to contact 30 year old bisexual submissive men in her home city who are interested in 50 year old dominant women ... and vice versa. A personal's site where one's access is restricted by the people who'd already been interested in that person ... and out of those people, that one person will only see the folks that fit that particular person's criteria as well. Instead of being able to spam every dominant woman or submissive man on a site, the accessible field goes down to 100. Or twenty. Or whatever.

But, again, that does seriously limit the potential for a free exchange of conversation between people who aren't interested in actually dating each other, so that website could pretty much only be a personals site that mandates that site moderators be able to contact anyone, no matter what their stated preferences.

Tricky. I'm not saying that The Cage should ever try this; just that I'd be interested to see how such a system worked out.
SensualAva​(dom female)
4 days ago • Sat 16 Mar 2019 06:23:55 PM IST
SensualAva​(dom female) • Sat 16 Mar 2019 06:23:55 PM IST
The eternal struggle for a Dominant woman. I mean men get it a little too. But there's just more thirsty "sub" men out there desperately seeking wank fodder. (I use quotes because some of them are just playing sub hoping for nudes or something). As someone pointed out some sub women behave the same way, plus I've gotten "dom" men who claim I'm just misbehaving or haven't met a "real man" to submit to which is hilarious.

I will typically just say "that's in my profile" if they ask me something, unless it's not. I'm going to bother retyping the same thing I put in my profile to save time.

I try not to tell them off too harshly because honestly that's what some of them are looking for to have a quick wank. I won't participate in that.