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You Can Call Me Al​(dom male)
7 months ago • 12/02/2019 4:38 pm


You Can Call Me Al​(dom male) • 12/02/2019 4:38 pm
Bizarre subject, I know. My doctor says I need surgery to replace the lenses in my eyes (I still find it incredible they can do that), but deep down I'm a wimp. Has anyone had the surgery, and if so what is it like?
Manda Panda​(sub female){Sir Sparti}
7 months ago • 12/03/2019 8:13 am
My grandma did years ago. I don't remember what she said it was like but I remember teasing her about being a pirate bc she had to wear a patch over her eye. And she stayed with us while she recuperated. Sorry this is of no help. Did you ask the doctor what it's like?
You Can Call Me Al​(dom male)
7 months ago • 12/03/2019 2:30 pm
You Can Call Me Al​(dom male) • 12/03/2019 2:30 pm
I did, and he said it was nothing to worry about, but at the same time he's never had it done to himself. I'd be more reassured if I heard from someone who has been through it.
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
7 months ago • 12/03/2019 5:19 pm
If you type “ cataract surgery testimonials” into Google and then go to the video section, there are many there that may be insightful.
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Manda Panda​(sub female){Sir Sparti}
7 months ago • 12/03/2019 5:29 pm
Boorish Misanthrope wrote:
You would think, eh? Kind of a weird conversation starter though.

That is true but I'm sure there are many people who wouldn't mind talking to you and answering your questions. Worth a try, eh?
SchrodingersDinosaur​(switch female)
7 months ago • 12/03/2019 8:46 pm
My mom had it done almost 10 years ago, very simple, quick, and an easy recovery with minimal pain. One eye done at a time, about a month apart. She has worn glasses since she was little and for the first time could actually see without them. Even to read at first, although the doc was right when he told us that the vision is sharpest immediately following and many do end up needing reading glasses. Although her vision isn't as good as it was, she still can see significantly better than she did prior to surgery, even before she had the cataracts.

Getting up there myself and although I'm not cataracty yet I am actually considering getting the lens replaced too. I've worn glasses or contacts since about four, but the ol eyes are getting worse, so maybe...

Don't ever want to be like 'oh sure, go get elective surgery' because there is always the possibility of poor outcome, but I'd do it if diagnosed with cataracts, personally. - Henna
tangledupinyou​(dom male)
7 months ago • 12/04/2019 12:55 am
tangledupinyou​(dom male) • 12/04/2019 12:55 am
I had a friend who had the procedure done when he had his cataracts removed and it went well. The lens the doc put in the left eye, not so much.
Look for the most highly rated doc you can find, even if you need to travel to do it. My friend told me the pain was minimal and the recovery maybe a little itchy, but not painful. Good luck to ya! Gary