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Define in your own words Daddy Dom

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SoftLove​(sub female)
6 months ago • 02/13/2020 3:36 pm

Define in your own words Daddy Dom

SoftLove​(sub female) • 02/13/2020 3:36 pm
It's come to my conclusion that although most have a generic similar definition for

When you start to discuss other ones like
Daddy Dom
They don't always mean the same thing for everything and I suppose the same holds true for dominant and Submissive.

Anyway I'm basically curious how you define it and also if you believe there is a daddy part and a Dom part of if it's just a blend that occurs naturally.

Thank you in advance. Just curious after reading about it.
6 months ago • 02/13/2020 4:18 pm
Bunnie • 02/13/2020 4:18 pm
Great question icon_smile.gif

More often than not, I use “visuals” to describe my concepts and ideas, so hopefully this makes sense...

For me, a Daddy Dom is kind of like a house with a fenced backyard. They create a safe boundary by building and maintaining a strong and sturdy fence line. This gives the Little a space to safely be themselves, exploring and “letting loose” as much as they want to within the established boundaries. Anyone could say that that’s simply submission... and I agree.

The difference however, is the house. When the world gets too big or too much or bad weather comes rolling in... the Little knows she can go inside and snuggle up under the warmest, softest, snuggliest blankets in the world... and safely watch until the storm passes.

That is a Daddy in my eyes.
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Literate Lycan​(dom male)
5 months ago • 02/13/2020 6:18 pm
Literate Lycan​(dom male) • 02/13/2020 6:18 pm
As in all things, experience makes the soul wiser. I’ve never really been in a Daddy Dom position until recently in the grand scheme of life and then I learned more. More about me specifically. So my limited understanding and knowledge is that all things tend to blend as I continue to evolve. There are times that I believe an individual might be more nurturing and caring in a paternal way than in a Domly way and then there are times when the Primal Urgency of just being a ravenous Dom comes out and there isn’t much thought about anything else. I believe most of my feelings depended upon how I was interacting with the submissive at the moment, her needs and how she was feeling, and the energy exchange I was experiencing.

So although at all times I believe I have the capability to be a Dominating Daddy, there are times when I believe I want to be completely caring and just a nurturing, protecting mode and others that I want to RULE. But that’s just my thoughts.

Love Bunnie’s comments.
Erick​(sub male)
5 months ago • 02/13/2020 8:33 pm
Erick​(sub male) • 02/13/2020 8:33 pm
My desire is to obey and accommodate Daddy whoever he is. My "fantasy" about him is that he will be real. So I would be happy to belong to any kind of Dad from Gregory Peck to "Gunny" Ermy.

(Well, almost any. I guess if Dad was constantly cruel and brutal and angry and irrational toward me, I might not like it. But I'm such a slut that I'd probably give it a try anyway.)

Trigger Warning: Here's another of my politically-incorrect opinions: I think in a very general way, men are more dominant than women. There. I said it. Though women are certainly capable of being murderously cruel. It is well known that you should never get between a female of any species and her offspring unless you want get ripped to shreds. And some crazy women even murder each other in order to steal babies from the womb. Talk about Baby Fever!

So there is a lot of overlap between "Dominant Dad" behavior and ordinary heterosexual masculinity. Just my luck that I'm not female. It would make finding a Dad so much easier. They'd all be courting ME--offering poetry on bended knee, or shoving their cock in my face--and I'd have LOTS of choices.
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
5 months ago • 02/13/2020 10:21 pm
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond} • 02/13/2020 10:21 pm
To me a Daddy Dom is like any other dominant (Sir, Master, etc) but the approach to his domination is different.

There are still rules, guidelines, and expectations for the submissive like in any D/s relationship. The intent is still the same; to provide a safe haven for the submissive to be herself, to lead her, teach her, expand her boundaries, push her limits, watch her flourish and of course get his own service needs met.

The difference between and Daddy and a Sir or Master is his own demeanor and approach. A Daddy Dom typically communicates with his submissive as he would an adolescent that he cares for. Not in a condescending way, but in a nurturing and playful way. Like any Dom there are times when he is serious and needs his submissive to know and respect that, but generally he approaches his sub with patience and adoration. His submissive usually views him as she would a doting father figure.
Dunimos​(dom male)
5 months ago • 02/13/2020 11:04 pm
Dunimos​(dom male) • 02/13/2020 11:04 pm
It's funny, defining a specific type of anything is still very subjective.

So to describe a daddy Dom is like trying to define a red balloon.... there are lots of variances.
SoftLove​(sub female)
5 months ago • 02/13/2020 11:14 pm
SoftLove​(sub female) • 02/13/2020 11:14 pm
Thank you all for answering.
I was basically curious about the difference in views and kinda the generic idea of what people think it is.
Dunimos​(dom male)
5 months ago • 02/13/2020 11:33 pm
Dunimos​(dom male) • 02/13/2020 11:33 pm
I really think that the true definition will be between you and you your dom. Communication is key... talk it out and decide for yourselves what it means. That's the beauty of this type of relationship... it's the conscious effort to create the relationship how you want it.
5 months ago • 02/15/2020 1:41 am
Lossofalme • 02/15/2020 1:41 am
If you're curious about one "version" of a caregiver Dom, check out the Neighborly Affection series by M.Q. Barber (there are five books in the series, they're all available digitally through Amazon but a lot of libraries have them through overdrive so depending on where you live you may have access through your library)

You might also want to listen to the Loving BSDM podcast (with Kayla and John) or check out their website since they are a 24/7 D/s married couple with a Caregiver/little dynamic.