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2 years ago • 05/26/2018 12:26 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 05/26/2018 12:26 pm
Welcome to everyone who has recently joined us here at THE CAGE! Please do post in our personals and join in our forum and chat room discussions. I look forward to seeing you all around the site!
DammitJanet​(sub female){NOT INTERE}
2 years ago • 05/25/2018 11:01 am
DammitJanet​(sub female){NOT INTERE} • 05/25/2018 11:01 am
New here, nice site, easy to use.
I’m an addicted spankee, looking for friendship and enjoyable conversation, I’m not too fussed about meeting a Dom, I need a connection first, happy to chat and I apologise in advance as I don’t want ‘tickled’ with a flogger.
Hit me up (pun intended), I like intelligent conversation.
sisterofthought​(dom female){looking}
2 years ago • 05/25/2018 6:12 am
43, Black female domme in NYC. Collarspace refugee: yes, I’m a real non-pro lifestyle dominant woman seeking a kinky LTR, and was on Collarspace constantly for almost 3 years. Since it has gone to seed and will allegedly be shutting down, I don’t know where I will go to find submissive men who want to date and be serious. I dated a few men there who didn’t work out, but God knows I had a bit of fun, and they taught me some things about myself.
1crazygirl​(sub female){Unowned}
2 years ago • 05/23/2018 11:14 pm
1crazygirl​(sub female){Unowned} • 05/23/2018 11:14 pm
Hhhhhhiiii I am new on here but not new to the BDSM Lifestyle as the say....I been round the block if you cannot tell by my profile which doesn't say a whole lot...I have lots to say though....go ahead be one of the few the brave the bold and message meeeee.....I am not afraid to chat with anyone or say hhhiiii to everybody:)icon_wink.gificon_smile.gif;0!!!!....when I was a child----which was probably yesterday-----gigggle giggggle-----noooo just kidding----but when i was a child my parents said i would say hhhhiiiii to everyone in the grocery store from the cart:)icon_smile.gificon_wink.gificon_smile.gif!!! I have barely grown much in the past 50 years and still tell almost everyone hhhiii...
2 years ago • 05/23/2018 2:40 pm
Dragonslyr • 05/23/2018 2:40 pm
Newbie would like to learn more about d/s real life and online. Have a desire to controll . Looking for advice or comments
MMslave​(sub female){yes i am c}
2 years ago • 05/23/2018 2:04 pm

G'day from an Aussie slave....

MMslave​(sub female){yes i am c} • 05/23/2018 2:04 pm
G'day to other Cage members from DownUnder Aus. I am a slave-in-training to my wise-man Master who is having a challenging time training me as i am also 100% brat, formerly an Alpha Female. I am in my late 60s, very sexually active and bi. I am not new to bdsm as such but i am new to Master/slave relationships and at first rejected it outright as i had been in several abusive relationships when younger and did not understand how M/s relationships were so very different. Now i get it as my Master is very patient and caring as he tries to train me. I actually enjoy his punishment and find it very sexually arousing. I would love to meet another bi woman for casual or more permanent fun times, with my Master's permission of course. You will need to be in regional NSW, Australia though. Cheers....
Greeneyedreamer​(sub female){Yes I am }
2 years ago • 05/23/2018 9:25 am
Hi, we are a D/s couple looking for our triad to love and spoil. Please read the profile to learn more, but we are educated, loving and fun! We like to travel, go to parks, lunches, dinner and other outings. It's not about the sex, it's about the connection. Looking to have someone we both can fall in love with and who loves us as well. We are height and weight proportional, but not youngsters. Please be real and serious.
Nailey​(dom male)
2 years ago • 05/23/2018 1:00 am


Nailey​(dom male) • 05/23/2018 1:00 am
Hi all,new to bdsm and looking forward to my journey,and see where it takes me
VioletSy521​(sub female)
2 years ago • 05/22/2018 2:09 am

New here too

VioletSy521​(sub female) • 05/22/2018 2:09 am
As my profile indicates, I would love to meet other Doms and subs as FRIENDS only. I’m open to mentors, but only if they are the real deal. I’m fairly new to being “out” as a submissive, but not naive in any way. I’m pretty dominant in my professional life, but I chose to submit to my partner sexually because I want to. Open to constructive criticism, but only if you are truly trying to be helpful icon_smile.gif
Nailey​(dom male)
2 years ago • 05/21/2018 9:22 pm


Nailey​(dom male) • 05/21/2018 9:22 pm
New to bdsm and want to explore my Dom side,would it better to have a sub with experience or one without so can learn together??,all advice appreciated