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Halloween Horror Challenge

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Zerospace​(dom male){Amalthea}
4 weeks ago • 10/29/2020 3:05 pm
Zerospace​(dom male){Amalthea} • 10/29/2020 3:05 pm
So, again I meant to watch Donnie Darko, but one bad cheese steak and too much time just de-escalating from work meant I was reduced to a shorter film. Fortunately, Carrie was there to take me to the Prom. It all went well until some freak accidents killed everyone. But you never forget that first dance at your prom...

Tonight: Hexes and Curses!

The most obvious choices:
Jason Goes To Hell
The Curse of Michael Myers
Drag Me To Hell
Evil Dead Trilogy
The Mummy (any version/sequel except the Tom Cruise one bc that doesn't exist so why did I even bring it up?)
The Craft (and its newly minted sequel which I hear is mediocre)
Curse of The Fly
The Grudge (or any J-horror film since they are always about curses)
Night of Dark Shadows
any riff on Beauty and the Beast
Darkness Falls
Just about any werewolf movie, though we have that coming up as a separate category real soon

Or go really nutty and watch a movie people think is cursed!
Rosemary's Baby
Twilight Zone The Movie
The Exorcist
The Omen
The Crow
Ravenous Kore​(switch female){♡SELF♡}
4 weeks ago • 10/29/2020 3:58 pm
Okay, so I ended up sticking with my original choice, "Carrie". As always, I wasn't disappointed!

😱 Hexes & Curses 😱

Oooh, a little witch craft moment! With so many to pick from! I only hope power stays on here as we go further into the day & approaching night. Damn Zeta!😩

If all goes well, my pick for tonight is "The Craft". Original!! Grew up watching that, always will be a fav.

I also wouldn't mind trying out
"Curse of the Fly" or "Twilight Zone the Movie"
I've not seen either of those!

Aries Chris​(sub female)
4 weeks ago • 10/29/2020 5:07 pm
Aries Chris​(sub female) • 10/29/2020 5:07 pm

I'll pick Annabelle 2014. This is more of satanism hope it still counts. The scene when the real "Annabelle" hexed and transfer her soul to the doll is just quite scary.
tallslenderguy​(sub male)
4 weeks ago • 10/29/2020 8:35 pm
tallslenderguy​(sub male) • 10/29/2020 8:35 pm
Back at you Z.

i have every Earnest movie ever made. my favorite is "Earnest Saves Christmas." Jim Varney was actually an accomplished Shakesperian stage actor, but he made his fame and fortune as Earnest,