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comfort food

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2 weeks ago • 05/29/2021 11:30 am
SageFlame{Domson} • 05/29/2021 11:30 am
I stopped eating gluten and dairy in 2012. So my comfort foods have changed along the way.

When I was a kid I was a terribly picky eater. My main diet for years was peanut butter and honey sandwiches with stick pretzels in the middle. I used to wash it down with cold milk. Oh gosh I miss those!

Today these are my comfort foods:

Steamed fresh artichoke with a dip of homemade mayo with dashes of fresh lemon juice, salt and a drop of Worcestershire sauce. I could eat 2 for a meal!!

Blackened catfish, kicking hot collared greens ( the kind with mustard seeds) and garlic mashed potatoes.

When I need to feel better I often go to my favorite Asian chef. He makes amazing Pho with tofu and fresh herbs. Just closing my eyes and breathing in the aroma is instantly calming and comforting.

Ripe hass avocados. I'll sprinkle them on almost anything!
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WholesomeWhore​(sub female){SwellDaddy}
2 weeks ago • 05/29/2021 11:42 pm
Wow, reading these responses has made my mouth water like crazy! 🤤

Well, my favourite foods are (in most comforty to least comforty order) -

🍛 • Chilli and rice, with sliced avocado (or guacamole) and lots of jalapenos - whenever I visit my mum she will send me home with lots of food, my favourite times are when she sends me home with lots of chilli after having made a huge pot of it.
🥘 • Tomato, paprika sausage, bean and pepper stew (with some fresh crusty bread and real butter).
🌶️ • Spicy indian curry with garlic & coriander naan. I also love indian appetizers such as onion bhajis and lamb samosas (oh, and poppodums with onion salad or lime pickle.... mmmm!)
🧀 • Buttered sourdough toast topped with grilled mature cheddar cheese and fresh ground black pepper.
🍰 • Homemade cake - my favourites to bake are banana cake, Victoria sponge and most recently, Trinidad black cake.
🍓 • Fruit salad - I especially love berries, clementines and watermelon.
🍣 • Sushi - mostly tuna and salmon sashimi or poke bowls.

I could write 100 more things on here because I absolutely LOVE food (especially spicy foods! ❤️)

Nommy nom nom 😋
ChampagneDomme​(dom female){N/A}
5 days ago • 06/10/2021 4:49 am

Comfort Food

ChampagneDomme​(dom female){N/A} • 06/10/2021 4:49 am
Besides Duck A L'Orange with wild rice,and broccoli, accompanied by Veuve Clicquot...?


Soul Food my way: Smothered pork chops, fresh made collard greens, mac and cheese made on top of the stove, and seasoned apple sauce. Hot buttered rolls. No wine! A cold glass of milk.

Italian Food according to Lidia Bastianich, done by me: Pork chops with pears, mashed potatoes from scratch, haricots vert sauteed in butter, and garlic. Balsamic vinegar reduction dripped over the chops, with a light hand. A crisp baguette. A bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Time to chow down!
5 days ago • 06/10/2021 12:49 pm
Bunnie • 06/10/2021 12:49 pm
My sister and I call cheese our “big hug,” because we realised it is both of our’s comfort food. Another one when I’m majorly stressed, is Nutella. An old housemate and myself would live on Nutella during our University exams period lol. Starbucks coffee is another weird comfort “food” I developed when my mum was in hospital… so for some reason, now it’s become something I get when I need comfort.

Lasagna is my ultimate comfort “feels like home” food. Burgers and chips are definitely up there also for being comforting.

Problem is, all of the above foods make me sick, so if I’m needing something soothing to my belly yet also bringing comfort, my go-to these days is more along the lines of kitcheri or roasted vegetables.
4 days ago • 06/10/2021 6:16 pm
Sasa • 06/10/2021 6:16 pm
amongst other things I liked Palak Gosht - Lamb with Spinach from India, made from the scratch of course. All kind a good vegetables from the garden and yes, good meat. Clean food 😊
3 days ago • 06/12/2021 6:10 am
dett • 06/12/2021 6:10 am
Smoked meats, homemade sides (mac, greens) and a good beer!