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Finding dominant men

GagFan​(sub male)
1 year ago • 11/13/2020 7:09 am

Finding dominant men

GagFan​(sub male) • 11/13/2020 7:09 am
Hey everybody I would like to know if anyone has any tips on how to find, attract, and keep a dominant man?
Miki​(masochist female)
1 year ago • 11/13/2020 4:53 pm
Miki​(masochist female) • 11/13/2020 4:53 pm
Well you're off to a good start. By posting that you're looking, well, any doms interested in a sub male will look you up to see if you are a good fit. If not here, I'm sure there are sites more geared towards what you're looking for.

Since men-seeking-men is way out of my zone, unfortunately I don't have any suggestions.

Best of Luck!
MalakaiY​(dom male)
11 months ago • 12/02/2020 6:18 am
MalakaiY​(dom male) • 12/02/2020 6:18 am
I'm not gay myself, so I can only give my advice based on what I know about relationships.
Some of this may or may not apply to male & male relationships. You would probably know better than I.

In terms of finding someone, the odds are against you a bit, because of the number of potential partners available.
However, you can overcome this by doing some work. For example:
> Going to clubs, bars, parties, or special events held for gay people
> Join chatrooms or groups. Posting that you're seeking(like @virtualmalesubslut​ mentioned)
> Ask friends/colleagues(someone you know might have gay friends that are single)

In terms of attraction, I would say it has a lot to do with luck.
Sometimes people are attracted to one another, and sometimes not.
My only advice here is that you should present the best version of yourself to others to increase your chances.

In terms of keeping a partner, I would say communication and understanding is key.
Me and my girl wasn't perfectly compatible when we first met, but we both made some compromise and changes for the relationship to work.
It's the understanding that the relationship should benefit both people(although not always equally), and make both people's lives easier/happier.
Personally, I don't see a problem compromising/making a few changes for a partner, as long as they're not toxic in nature.

Wish you the best of luck mate.
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subfourALPHADOM{not yet - }
3 months ago • 08/19/2021 6:51 am

Re: Finding dominant men

subfourALPHADOM{not yet - } • 08/19/2021 6:51 am
[quote="GagFan"]Hey everybody I would like to know if anyone has any tips on how to find, attract, and keep a dominant man?[/quote ]MONEY DARLING!
3 months ago • 08/19/2021 8:05 am
DrWakko • 08/19/2021 8:05 am
Most major cities have leather bars. Look for names like "The Eagle" or "HellFire". I know in the US there are pride parades going on in some city almost every weekend.

And if that doesn't work join your local BDSM community.

Miki​(masochist female)
3 months ago • 08/23/2021 2:36 am
Miki​(masochist female) • 08/23/2021 2:36 am
Another site has come to light of late... May or may not feature a BDSM component but "Grindr" is another place to look, see, and be seen.

... all those Catholic priests can't be wrong...

(That's the gist of why Grindr was "in the news" a few days ago.)

It's pissing off a lot of bishops to find out the Fathers in their jurisdictions are getting busy between masses.