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PrincessLove​(sub female)
1 year ago • May 15, 2021

I like being your prey!

PrincessLove​(sub female) • May 15, 2021
I am Primal Prey!
I like being your prey.
I want to be hunted.
Pursue me.
See if you can catch me.
Many have tried.
No one has been successful
I am not easy to catch,
but I am quite the catch.

I can feel my blood pumping just at the thought of the pursuit.
It arouses me to know how you desire me so.
I can feel the anticipation building.
I want to get away.
At least, I think I do.
Am I ready to be caught?
Only by someone worthy of me.
lifedomhere​(dom male)
1 year ago • May 15, 2021
lifedomhere​(dom male) • May 15, 2021
As someone who is Primal, I can say that the comments here are very interesting. MisterAshmodai​ seems to have a great definition or grasp of Primal.

I do believe that Primal is not something you learn to become--at best, it can be brought out. Sure, you can read a book or blog on Primal and incorporate those behaviors into your sexual or daily lifestyle. That's more like copying.

MisterAshmodai​ wrote this, "I am referring to scenes and dynamics where the inner Primal entity is brought to the surface." In my mind, his statement sums Primal up best.

Primal is already there... lurking, waiting to bubble over onto the surface of our lives. When that dynamic reveals itself, things become interesting. It can get deep. I love it. It's who I am. I own that.

Great post!
PrincessLove​(sub female)
1 year ago • May 17, 2021
PrincessLove​(sub female) • May 17, 2021
Being An Empath And Being Primal - How They Are Entwined!
I hadn't realized till today how connected these two parts of me are.

As an empath, I can feel what others feel. I can (sometimes) feel the energy flowing between us. People have feels to me. I can also feel people's emotions. I like getting in tune with others and getting on the same wavelength. When I am in a crowd, I can feel the energy of the mass group. I have even felt the energy of places like when I was in Sedona, Israel, or Burning Man.

Being primal is more than just being an empath though. It is more than just feeling the energy and connecting with the flow of energy. It is acting instinctually. It is sensing things with all of my senses. It is bringing out the animal in me. It is relishing in the senses. It is also responding to my animalistic urges. It is using a different part of my brain than the logical thinking part.

I also am 100% primal prey because of how much I feel the need to be pursued (and captured). I want to feel owned, possessed, and claimed. This stems from that basic need to mate with my partner. It is what has been driving me.

So, what do I mean about these two parts being connected? Well, I can feel the primal energy of others. I can feel a man desiring me. I love that feeling of a man desiring me. There must be a name for that? Being an empath and being primal are entwined together. By feeling, my body and brain respond in a primal way. It isn't a thinking process. It is on a different level.

Just thinking about this reminds me how we are all are animals. I spend so much time in my head, I crave spending more time in my body. I am glad that I am connecting more with these 2 aspects because I see them both as ways to be more in my body.
PrincessLove​(sub female)
1 year ago • Sep 25, 2021
PrincessLove​(sub female) • Sep 25, 2021
My Need to Feel Pursued
I have a strong need to feel pursued.
I am 100% prey.
I want to feel how you desire me.
I want to feel how you want me.
Chase me. Catch me. Devour me.
I crave the intensity of being sought after.
What will you do with me once you catch me?
CarolinaMalone​(dom female)
1 year ago • Sep 25, 2021
As a person in a established dynamic, there is very little emotion to primal interactions, sure if it is just play add in what you want it to be. For my self and my 2 mates, it only starts with a slight amount of emotion and "human" language and every time ends with bloody scratches, bruises, and teeth marks in skin of various degrees and in very tender places. Faith in Buffy put it the best "See. Want. Take. Repeat."
2 months ago • Sep 9, 2022
RestrainedJane • Sep 9, 2022
This post resonates with me so much, especially most of the comments on this page. lifedomhere hits it when he says primal is about something bubbling up from deep inside. When I have gone full primal, it's cathartic, a ton of emotion comes out packaged up in a big fire ball of lust (for that reason, I have to say I don't relate as much to post above since to me primal is all about emotion). PrincessLove's post about energy flow also strikes a deep chord -- I have felt like my whole body is being entered/consumed by the energy coming out of my partner. It's the predator/prey dynamic that goes straight to deep power exchange. As prey, I am caught, trapped, taken -- giving myself to be devoured from a completely conquered place. Even though the "vibe" of being tied up can be very different than primal stuff, I like bondage for the same reason -- that feeling of total helplessness brings almost existential relief. Highly recommend The Cage magazine article since it gives good advice, including that primal requires a lot of upfront communication/negotiation and I think that's exactly right since It's easy to get carried away during a primal scene and can definitely get rough. Trust is essential when it gets primal, so choose play partners carefully.