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How do I know I'm a Little/Middle?

LilMinx​(sub female){MinxTamer'}
1 month ago • Aug 28, 2022

How do I know I'm a Little/Middle?


It has come to my attention that I may be a Little or Middle. I am extremely bratty, but after seeing and reading articles and videos on TikTok and around the internet, I think I may be one. I haven't spoken to my Dom about this yet, I need to actually see if I may be one for sure. Are there any Littles or Middles that would like to help me please? My messages are wide open if you want to talk more privately. I just need to know myself and see everything completely.

I really appreciate everything! icon_smile.gif

- Minx
1 month ago • Aug 28, 2022
holdmethrillme • Aug 28, 2022
Let me know what you find out about this. I think I am a Middle myself!
Miki​(masochist female)
1 month ago • Aug 28, 2022
Miki​(masochist female) • Aug 28, 2022
As one who is outside looking in, as in I am a Brat but definitely neither little nor middle, --- I want to chip in a thought...

Don't give too much weight to what you see on TikTok or similar sites. While there's a lot of good stuff on there (from what i read and hear), there are also numerous truckloads of bullshit --personally I don't use any of those so I cannot speak strictly from experience.

But my point is, only the individual can make that determination. You can learn the hallmarks of littles and middles and decide for yourself, but don't be influenced by the Influencers.

I'm not fond of labels, myself. Too restrictive. You can say you tend to be a little / middle but I'd suggest avoid saying flat out "I am a Little because I read this, heard that" etcetera.

But that is just my thought on this. I list myself as a Masochist Female, but that only describes a facet of how I tick, but does not define me.
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Estaria​(sub female){Not lookin}
3 weeks ago • Sep 2, 2022
I completely agree with Miki, very well said! I am by no means experienced in the world of bdsm....but I agree with not focusing too much on titles. Honestly, just researching what each title means helps immensely. Take what you love about it and leave what you don't.

I had a very itty bitty short lived moment where I thought...I'm a little, that's it! I know what I am! When it got to the point that I put that to the test I discovered NOPE, I'm not a little. I enjoy some things about the little category, so I tend to say I have little tendencies. I'll color, I like my stuffed animals, I act a little....little sometimes in terms of my attitude. I enjoy looking 'cute' with my clothing and such, I'll want extra snuggles and love and can be needy and clingy. I also enjoy some little things like having a caregiver or daddy or dom (whatever you wanna call him) that helps me remember if I need to take medicine, or to go to bed at a decent time, or limit unhealthy things ....but that's about it. I suppose I'd be more of a middle rather than a little.

At the same time I identify with brats also, I can be bratty, mischievous, definitely like to test the patience of my daddy.

I also feel like a plain ol' submissive without the other two titles because I simply enjoy the exchange of power between me and my dom.

I've discovered humans are just too complicated, at least I am. 🤣

Also, it helps you start thinking about what kind of dom you'd want because that seems to be just as complicated as figuring out what kind of sub you are! I know my daddy will be very loving and sweet, firm when needed, but understand I'm a sensitive little sub and might need extra aftercare and lord help him with patience....cause I don't give up easily and I love getting a rise out of people. 😂

That's just my two cents...from a very new to this lifestyle sub. ❤️
House Talion​(dom male)
3 weeks ago • Sep 2, 2022
House Talion​(dom male) • Sep 2, 2022
As I understand it there's no sure fire way to figure it out without having the direct support of an age player group. As an adult you can enjoy everything that other Littles n middles do, but that doesn't make you one of them. Like who doesn't like icream and sweets, playing games and the jungle gym (with or without nerf guns).

It's actually very throputic for adults to act like kids from time to time as a way to unwind, hence how many adults have awesome gaming computers and stay up late on the weekends cursing at their monitors.
Kay J​(sub female)
3 weeks ago • Sep 2, 2022
Kay J​(sub female) • Sep 2, 2022
As a little it took me awhile to figure out what it was.
I found myself feeling more safe in my little space. I lost a lot of my childhood and i realized being with someone and allowing myself to regress to that state in a safe way has helped heal that.

don't get me wrong. there's a way to develop it into the kink, but a lot of times for me it's more of an aftercare or nighttime thing. that's just my personal experience however.
MasterBear​(other butch)
2 weeks ago • Sep 9, 2022
MasterBear​(other butch) • Sep 9, 2022
Identity is only something you can know for yourself.

My suggestion- seek out the little/middle space. Are you enjoying it?

Do you enjoy little/middle activities?

Ask you D type to help you explore this space-

You dont have to know everything before you tell your D type. Invite them into the journey.
Lovedove​(sub female)
2 weeks ago • Sep 10, 2022
Lovedove​(sub female) • Sep 10, 2022
i'm a slave, i'm an ageplayer and i qoute popeye freely " i am whose i am". I just tell my partners what i'm interested in and we go from there. I learned from my almost ten years in the lifestyle that if you don't feel comfortable talking about your interests the relationship won't lasts because it lacks trust.
fuck labels just do what you like and from there.
Sweet Ginger​(sub female){}
6 days ago • Sep 22, 2022
I don't like labels because people in general, especially myself don't fit " nicely " in pre-described boxes. You can read up on littles and middles, with time , getting to know yourself you will realize what resonates best with you!

I have little tendencies but I also have other tendencies that create the layers of the submissive woman I am. It's what makes me uniquely me and as you explore your journey, you will find yours.
One of the ways, I have found to figure out myself is what brings me comfort. If I've had a bad day. Snuggling with my teddy 🧸, watching a Disney movie, coloring and self care brings me comfort. I'm not into diapers, for those who are that's ok..this is a great opportunity for you to discover who you are and what brings you comfort and it's also ok if as you grow in your journey tendencies evolve. Hope that helps some 🍭 best of luck to you !