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Why is there a segregated personals catagory just for transpeople?

IowaDom​(dom male)
2 months ago • Sep 13, 2022
IowaDom​(dom male) • Sep 13, 2022
Personally, I find it ironic that the very group that asked for that area, (and I am being kind considering how it was originally "asked for") and yes .. I recall it very clearly. And now here we sit, members of the same group are waiving the EXACT same flag to get it deleted? This community is comprised of VERY accommodating people, we do the very best we can to accept damn near anybody, at face value. And for 99.9% of the time, we do it DAMN WELL.

You cannot please everybody, though I haver no doubt we'll try as a group again and again (just one of the things I love about this Cage community), but on this issue, I say the battle has been over for some time, the requested change was made for that group, as desired. So if it's presence is a reason to leave the Cage, that's just the way it is. That or 6 months from now we'll be back in this divided group once again trying to accommodate that which will not be accommodated apparently.

Just my 2 cents
tallslenderguy​(other male)
2 months ago • Sep 24, 2022

Re: Why is there a segregated personals catagory just for tr

kinkykelsi wrote:
There's a personals category for subs seeking, doms seeking, etc. Yet they put all trans-related personals in one group as if transpeople don't fit any other category. Surprising as it may sound, transfolk aren't all the same. We have a variety of kinks too! It feels very discriminatory and obtuse.

i'm sorry you feel this way. As you can no doubt see by the responses, perception is not universally the same.

Growing up gay in a culture, and at a time when being gay was considered both "sinful" and "sick," i built the proverbial closet. i know what it means to feel alone and isolated, i know it's a rotten way to feel. i've experienced being arrested because i am gay, it was very scary and demeaning for me. At the time, the 'authorities' were using a 100 year old 'sodomy' law to arrest and charge gay people with a felony.

As others have noted, the trans section of the personal ads was created at the request of some trans people here. Were they being "discriminatory and obtuse " to request that category? idk, i doubt they perceived themselves as such. i know i've felt discriminated against by other gays. It's possible for anyone to be discriminatory and obtuse. It still surprises me when i encounter a gay bigot, but they exist.

i believe discriminating and obtuse people are everywhere, but i do not think this sites structure or intent is. i think it's quite the opposite. i've been on and off this site over time because i have not encountered many guys who like guys here, so when i am needing personal interaction with guys who want guys, i go to sites that have more of those types of guys. But i've had lots of great interaction with many of the people on this site. Even though most of the folk i encounter and discuss with are not gay men, many of us here have kinks in common and we connect through those common kinks. i don't think most of the core group, or those who run this site, would be the least bit surprised that all transfelk are not the same. Ego/ethnocentriciy is not unique to heterosexuality, we all have that capacity in common lol. i think we see it most in straight culture because straight culture makes up the majority of people. i find a LOT more accpetance and understanding from straight people now than i did even 20 years ago.

i find the site set up accommodating, even if those who populate the different categories are not an exact match. Given how you identify: "kinkykelsi
sub trans woman," it seems there are several places in the personals you could post or look seeking people. Just going by what you post as your identifier i count several places that include the identifiers: "transgender, sub[missive], woman." There isn't a "gay" category for me or gay guys, but there are several men seeking men categories. i would not be surprised though, if enough gay people asked, the site might put a "gay" category too. If The Cage did have a "gay" personals category, i personally would not consider it discriminatory or obtuse, i'd consider it an effort on their part to be inclusive.
2 months ago • Sep 27, 2022
LordofPain56 • Sep 27, 2022
There's no intentional segregation going on here. Trans folks can post their ads in any category that suits them, or they can post in the trans section so that people who are seeking other trans folks can easily find them there.
Some trans folks who are specifically seeking a Dom or sub, male or female may post directly into those categories.
Nobody ever said all trans folks had to post solely in the trans category.
DivineFemininity​(dom trans woman)
2 months ago • Sep 28, 2022
As a Transsexual myself, I personally don't feel there is anything wrong with having a separate category. As many other's have said, one can choose which section they feel like posting in. It's not like we're being expected to segregate ourselves. This website is one of the few places, I can be myself without the harassment or exclusion unlike many other social networking sites I've been on. I'm very glad to be apart of The Cage community.
FetishPet​(sub trans woman)
2 months ago • Oct 3, 2022
I would say, post an ad in some of the other categories. For example; if you are submissive and ID as female post in that category see if you get jumped on, which is exactly what happens to many of us over the years so, we tend to self-segregate from mainstream kink.

Good luck!