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Strictly Online D/s Relationship 1:1 Pros and Cons

Avonlea​(other female)
11 months ago • Sep 27, 2022
Avonlea​(other female) • Sep 27, 2022
The only way online truly if it's long distance and a known place nearby any D/s club is a virtual place to grow the connection and keep it growing till you can meet in first life. It's not for everyone.
But still stay here why your looking wait to take someone.

I have tried many virtual places, only one that connects with me has updated things. If you meet someone on cage you take them their also.
Second life is close to real experiences they have their . You can cuddle , go to romantic places , go dancing , D/s places , Have your own home , Make a family , Get married , Some meet in real I done this but took 6 months getting to know each other but still growing over time meeting in first life to want make sure the feeling as did online. Not everyone does go their for sex more then that. If you just want to keep it online that up to you and the person.
11 months ago • Sep 27, 2022
Bunnie • Sep 27, 2022
Pro: online allows for an opportunity to get to know each other from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in. I love this.

Con: as quite an instinctually driven and tactile person, it never quite fully feels real for me until I’ve touched/smelled the scent of someone.
Curiousmind​(sub female){Principe}
11 months ago • Sep 28, 2022
Pro: With online because you are lacking the physical touch you compensate the absence of such with strong emotional and mental connection, you learn each other on the inside, and so deeply that you are almost in awe of knowing someone on such intimate soul level. When a relationship combines both the physical and emotional connection, sometimes the physical-fun part takes over the emotional stuff and it’s when dissatisfaction can start to grow.

Con: obvious - the lack of physical touch
11 months ago • Oct 22, 2022
primerose • Oct 22, 2022
Online is a fantasy. The feelings, support, friendship is real. Even when you don't mean it to be, until you are face to face - your chemistry is hypothetical as lovers.

I have met online friends after months of DEEP connection - but its always different in person. Not technically bad- but always different.

Pro: Deep connection, support, and often unique levels of vulnerability.

Cons: Can be hard to attempt monogamy even if you would absolutely want monogamy with that person.
niceguywithaplan​(dom male)
10 months ago • Nov 4, 2022
So, when my journey began many years ago into the world of BDSM, it started as strictly an online relationship, it then bloomed into r/l as I'm sure many people have had similar experiences.
Online: Pros: In my experience, the online, digital aspect, allowed for far more detail, for more concentration. Words could be chosen carefully. Writing assignments were easier to do. There was deeper mental aspects involved which bonded us closer. It was much easier to explain what was expected and scenes were much more creative. Cons: Sometimes felt very lonely. Looking into your subs eyes can say more than a million words can. Of course, the touch aspect was also missing in an online scene. After completing a scene, nothing equals being able to hold your partner in your arms and feel them breathe.

Real Life: Pros: Much more intense as you can feel every movement. Touch, so very important. Looking deeply into your partners eyes as the scene plays out can tell you more about when they are slipping deeper into submission or getting close to their limits, than words can. Being physical with a partner takes every fantasy and makes it real.
Cons: Scenes end quicker. Things are done more spontaneously without as much planning or detail. Interruptions are much more frustrating. It is far easier to be distracted (especially when arousal is building). Details can be missed.
Onlinedomguy​(dom male)
10 months ago • Nov 6, 2022
Onlinedomguy​(dom male) • Nov 6, 2022
The cons I think are obvious.

The Pros I think really reflect your situation and what you need. If you are in a situation, for any reason, that play in person is not possible, but you still feel the need and desire to have some kind of BDSM in your life, it may be the only option. One of the things I like is that you have to use words and thoughts to capture someone's attention, learn how to tease and be playful when physical contact is not possible. I have met some really interesting people online and have had some fun. I think it is hard to maintain the intesity felt at the beginning - but anything that hellps you improve your craft and your communications ability are good.
10 months ago • Nov 7, 2022
ropefish • Nov 7, 2022
The biggest pro for me is the ability to more easily find partners who value emotional and intellectual connection as much or more than physicality. So many of my deeply connected online-only relationships have been far more intimate and meaningful than some of my in-person ones. The specific effort to stay in contact and stay emotionally connected helps to not take your partner for granted and to keep the relationship strong (when this effort is being put forward). It also promotes creativity and exploration. Online also has given me a space to resume having intimate relationships at my own pace while recovering from ptsd.

Also it can open up the dating pool for queer folks and minorities, or even just those with uncommon fetishes and desires.

Maybe it's just because online relationships are a relatively new phenomenon, but I feel like people spend *a lot* of time discounting them and dwelling on the cons instead of seeking solutions or exploring it as a legitimate way to engage in human connection. There are plenty of cons to in-person relationships as well of course, and I rarely hear that in person isn't real or worth trying.

...and yes, I wrote this because I'm salty about others talking down to me about online relationships in the past, I know not everyone does that. xD
I just think it's exciting to have new options! I've been burned online and in person, I know others have too, but I don't personally think that's worth writing off every potential online experience.
darlingdiana​(sub female){busyliving}
10 months ago • Nov 10, 2022
Pro's- EVERYBODY should try it once with the one good one, trying it once if fabulous, where it ends is not enough to hold or keep it. Very intense, extremely happy (You don't ever see their patience slip or bark away) There everyday in real time means you only get the fantasy and best parts, true or not.
Cons: Trying it once is fabulous AND enough, where it ends is not. fabulous especially LDR's, they have a 50% chance regularly of divorce and do not usually work once meeting, unfortunately. The dream is just that and once it bursts, there goes all You have worked, hoped in, fought through, and devoted yourself to a Full future life.
In essence, there is nothing better or worse.... they are equal polar sides. Not one i would do again.
It can also decrease trust rates in the future with gf's or bf's. Dynamics...quite awhile.