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SadistDaddyDom​(dom male)
2 weeks ago • Jul 1, 2024
SadistDaddyDom​(dom male) • Jul 1, 2024
Hi everyone,

I've been around blogging but tI thought I'd finally get around to an introduction. I'm 45, single and recently moved to California from Oregon. I'm a photographer, a poet, a geek...too much really to put here. I have more interests than I have time.

If you care to know me further feel free to reach out.

Feio​(sub male)
2 weeks ago • Jul 2, 2024
Feio​(sub male) • Jul 2, 2024
Heyy I’m new to this and would be cool to make friends or maybe something else. About me, I’m a shy person and down for anything lol.
Thanks for reading:).
1 week ago • Jul 8, 2024
Harpie • Jul 8, 2024
Helloo! 24yo trans masc from holland here icon_biggrin.gif
I'm new to kink in general and interested in pet play but have no idea how to go about it and i'm really nervous,
i'll be lurking and trying to learn from the elders.
Feel free to shoot me a dm if you're a safe person! I'd love to be able to ask some questions about how to get started, and how to find my people
1 week ago • Jul 12, 2024
Villanelle​(staff) • Jul 12, 2024
Thank you for the hellos! We hope you enjoy your time here icon_smile.gif
ABob​(dom male)
1 week ago • Jul 14, 2024
ABob​(dom male) • Jul 14, 2024
I've been lurking here for a while, on and off. Using power exchange purely sexually atm with my wife of 23 years. We are very, very keen to go further and meet others, learn more about this community. We're close to a proper collaring ceremony but it would be just the two of us - we don't have friends openly pro- kink. We have have a friend we suspect we could tell, but that seems fraught.

So we'd love to connect with folks here - not necessarily (but possibly) for active BDSM relationships, but to feel some sense of belonging. And to learn.

Also. A lot of you seem to be in the US. We're in Europe.
5 days ago • Jul 17, 2024
Villanelle​(staff) • Jul 17, 2024
Welcome ABob! Thanks for the intro. We hope you enjoy your time here.
CruelPuppetMaster​(dom male)
4 days ago • Jul 18, 2024

I'm a 60+ straight male dom who's been playing these games for over 40 years. The meaning of the first part of CruelPuppetMaster is obvious, and the PuppetMaster part refers to my very wonderful slave, CruelsSexPuppet: she earned her name by dancing on my strings, lol. Sometimes literally: I have a nice single tale named "puppet string."

Although I'm happy to do intense pain, I generally prefer slow torment: predicament bondage is a favorite. I also very much enjoy role play, forced orgasms, forced deep throat, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and BDSM porn (huge collection). Because we are a long distance relationship (with visits whenever we can manage) we've also developed a number of ways to play by video chat.