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PAIN ( for the subs)

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Wolf​(dom male)
4 years ago • 02/11/2017 7:55 pm

PAIN ( for the subs)

Wolf​(dom male) • 02/11/2017 7:55 pm
I read a lot of profiles and it is mixed on wither you do or don't like pain. Know is it because you are new to the lifestyle and have never had a true Master apply it to you and are just afraid. Do you love the pain through self exploration, but afraid to let a Master take you beyond what you like and have experienced.Are you willing to let your threshold be increased at the hands of a patient Master?
Doms do like feed back because it helps us understand and serve you better. We are both here for knowledge and exploration, teaching and learning.
DMAngel​(sub female)
4 years ago • 02/12/2017 9:09 am
DMAngel​(sub female) • 02/12/2017 9:09 am
I am all for testing limits but first you have to know where it is for yourself as a sub. Those limits can be different for each sub because of backgrounds and experience. The sub has to be sure enough of herself to trust the Dom enough to be able to express herself or the Dom can not trust the sub.

Communication, communication, communication Alway.
4 years ago • 02/12/2017 1:33 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 02/12/2017 1:33 pm
Feedback is integral to the D/s experience. I need to get in my sub's head in order to dominate them fully. It's not enough to inflict pain or impose orders. It's much more delicate than that (although I like those things too).

It's worth noting that not everyone in to D/s is in to pain. I've met a number of subs who are interested in the mental power exchange only, or who enjoy service, or perhaps enjoy the tightness of bondage or the prolonged eroticism of chastity play and orgasm denial. But pain sluts are good fun, without a doubt.

Thank you so much for posting the topic!
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Cybreena​(dom female)
4 years ago • 02/14/2017 6:10 am
Cybreena​(dom female) • 02/14/2017 6:10 am
I'm a complete Masochist as far as I know. I love pain. Sexual or not (Mostly sexual though). But there are limits to how I am and they must be respected. It's all about communication for me and for my Master. Whoever it could be.
4 years ago • 02/14/2017 7:19 am
DrWakko • 02/14/2017 7:19 am
I think there is two kind of inflicting pain. For someone people like thuddy pain and some like stingy pain and there are other types of pain. If I want to inflict a good pain I'll use toys I know they like. This doesn't mean that I won't throw something in that they don't really like. Its all about how someone processes it and how worked up they are.
4 years ago • 02/14/2017 11:43 am
Villanelle​(staff) • 02/14/2017 11:43 am
Sometimes the anticipation of pain is the most thrilling bit and the pain seems to be an afterthought.
susan 146
4 years ago • 02/15/2017 10:04 pm
susan 146 • 02/15/2017 10:04 pm
love controlled slow pain that builds to a climax. nothing better than a climax filled with pain. mmmmmm
Sportsgirl55​(switch female)
4 years ago • 02/16/2017 8:08 pm
Sportsgirl55​(switch female) • 02/16/2017 8:08 pm
I have been experimenting mostly solo to this point. There are pains I have realized I love, they build me sexually, but I am only willing to put myself in a certain level of pain. I definitely want more, but am fearful to try more, as I am alone, with no one to make sure I am ok after.
4 years ago • 02/17/2017 12:45 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 02/17/2017 12:45 pm
@Sportsgirl55 glad you are being sensible about safety. No one wants to win a Darwin award while having a bit of fun! Please be careful and take good care of yourself.

AND - I just tweeted this from our CAGE Twitter account (you can follow us by clicking the link on the bottom of this page) - how about dominant masochists? I know a few of them.
tom joseph kozi
4 years ago • 02/18/2017 12:44 am

Pain Slut

tom joseph kozi • 02/18/2017 12:44 am
i am in it for the pain, but subtle.......pour a big gob of wax is painful, but applied drop by drop makes it more painful because it lasts so much longer........ The needle inserted over and over in the nipple is more painful than the safety pin inserted and closed. i always try to bring a new toy to my Dom---one i have crafted myself and let the Dom use it to punish me.........i am curse ( blest ??) with male breasts.......i have designed a bondage device that when clamped on will allow me to feel 100s of pins and allow myself to be lifted off the floor with it........Hopefully this spring.