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Cross Dressing

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Wolfy13​(sub male){DarkFox}
1 year ago • 12/29/2018 12:06 am
Wolfy13​(sub male){DarkFox} • 12/29/2018 12:06 am
Aww thanks so much DM ^_^ yes my avatar is me ^_^

I do want to clarify, i didnt mean to judge anyone on their personaly choices, i was meaning to say that it wasn't what /i/ wanted icon_smile.gif i have no problem with drag queens, but in my personal experience, they have a culture which is too intense for me. Doesn't mean there is anything qrong with how they do things icon_smile.gif

Yeah, it is really sad to see how mean people can be to each other... i personally try to avoid being that.
shahh​(switch female)
1 year ago • 12/29/2018 5:01 am
shahh​(switch female) • 12/29/2018 5:01 am
'Fishy' isnt my word DM...but the slang in drag world indicating one as 'passable'.
Wolfy13​(sub male){DarkFox}
1 year ago • 12/29/2018 10:20 am
Wolfy13​(sub male){DarkFox} • 12/29/2018 10:20 am
FetishPet wrote:
Oh. Is it okay to post a link to a YouTube about how to hide the A apple?

I figure i will just look stuff like that up on my own. Maybe if someone else is reading through this topic, they may find a link helpful though icon_smile.gif