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Rules for my sub.

4 years ago • Dec 25, 2018
Miki • Dec 25, 2018
Easy! I'm a brat sub (actually just a masochist) .

No Rules: Just Rope.
Cruel2bkind​(dom male)
4 years ago • Dec 26, 2018
Cruel2bkind​(dom male) • Dec 26, 2018
I would change 9 to . going commando whenever a dress , skirt is worn.
Of course unless aunt flow is visiting?
But those punishments?
I would just say that
"" all punishments will be explained, and never given in anger.""
1 year ago • Jul 25, 2021
Coltic • Jul 25, 2021
I am not sure I like the phone one. That indicates no trust. I kinda get it and at least it's not one sided. Just not sure how I feel about that.
1 year ago • Jul 25, 2021
Miki • Jul 25, 2021

Keep it simple!

Take your time!

There are too many fuck-sticks in the world who would make it seem like a major project to "grab the fucking paper and just wipe your ass !~


Don't make mountains out of mole hills, People,!!
Just Do It!
1 year ago • Jul 26, 2021
LordofPain56 • Jul 26, 2021
Long, long ago, I had these rules listed in my profile on a different BDSM website. Haha. It's no wonder it never got any hits!
Relationship Rules:
Thou shalt not lie, omit the truth, keep secrets nor attempt to deceive thy Master. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors spouse nor their goods and shall accept thy Master's provisions for thee. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt always obey thy Master. Thou shalt be under the protection of thy Master, thus thou shalt not thwart his efforts in keeping thou safe and free from harm. Thou shall accept all the rules of traditional chivalry (wait for Master to open door, walk furthest from curbside while taking Master's hand, seating her at the table, allow Master to carry heavy goods, etc). Thou shalt not be unkind to neighbors, relatives nor strangers. Thou shalt be subject to consuming a healthy diet prepared by Master and thou shalt not cheat on this diet. Thou shalt be subject to keeping thyself clean and pretty. Thou shalt immediately inform Master of any health issues. The use of illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden. Thou shalt not drink alcoholic beverages to excess. Thou shalt not perpetrate drama in thy Master's household.
I will listen to all her complaints and concerns with patience and understanding. I will offer solutions for any problem she may have. If she offers an alternative, I will consider it from the same standpoint from which my own solution is derived; it must be moral, ethical and socially acceptable and economically feasable. If it does not meet one of those standards it will be rejected and she will be informed as to why. If she still doesn't like the solution that will work and meets all the standards, an attitude adjustment may be in order for her. She can get used to it. There will be no arguements. We may discuss alternatives, but Master shall have the final authority in the decision. Master will never try to force her to do something that she is uncomfortable with, or that he believes she is incapable of doing, mentally or physically. In some cases she may want to do something, but is unsure of herself. If I detect this, I will be here to help her to achieve the goal and help build her confidence in herself.
House Rules:
Master worships the Lord Jesus Christ and abides in his ways. Girl shall use Master's example for spiritual guidance. Both Master and his girl will observe God's Holy Sabbath together. In spiritual and moral matters, Master expects his girl to participate with him in learning more about God and his perfect Law of freedom from sin.
Master's household is clean and well-organized. You must pick up after yourself. Domestic chores (laundry, washing dishes, sweeping, grocery shopping) shall all be done together. It is not Master's design to use his girl as a slave, a maid, a short-order cook nor a doormat. She shall be his partner.
Master is responsible for household repairs, lawncare, car repairs/maintenance, financial matters and vegetable gardening without his Girl's assistance. If girl has interest, she may watch and learn.
Master's girl is forbidden to enter the workshop while Master is welding or doing any type of dangerous work that could be harmful to girl.
Master expects girl to speak her mind, but should never be disrespectful of her Master. If girl disagrees with Master, she must still abide by his wishes as Master is the final authority in the household. It is forbidden to curse and use foul language. Gluttony and sloth are forbidden. It shall not be permitted for girl to be wasteful of food, clothing, etc.
If girl has employment, she must maintain her own bank account and pay her own taxes. Master will oversee her personal responsibilities such as these. If girl wants to have handheld communication device or cable/satellite services, she must be responsible for paying the bill for those. Overdrawing on bank funds and late payment of bills are forbidden. Girl shalt not take out loans nor purchase any large items without Master's prior approval.
If girl has or wants a pet (dog, cat, fish, etc), she shall be responsible for caring for the pet properly (flea bath, feeding, walking the dog and cleaning up after the pet). However, Master is an animal lover and will help her with their care if she asks him.
Everything that happens at Master's household is scheduled in a weekly timetable (laundry, lawncare, house-cleaning, grocery shopping, mail, other errands). Daily activities (eating, working, sleeping) are not bound to a strict schedule, however, girl shall eat and sleep with Master whenever possible (unless doctors orders preclude doing so).
Whenever girl has need for any feminine items from a pharmacy or department store, she must make a list and submit it to Master at least one day in advance of the scheduled errand run. Once we are there, she shall pick out the item(s) and place them in our basket. Same goes for clothing or shoes. If girl makes a mistake and misses something that should have been on the list, the responsibility will be taken away from her for one month and handed over to me.
If girl has taken an illness of a type that has no outward noticability, she must immediately tell Master that something is wrong so he can take her to urgent care or doctor as needed.
Girl may address her Master as Sir or Master whenever we are in the house. Outside the house, she may call me Sir, Daddy or my first name. Never call me "Master" outside of the house nor in the presence of strangers.
If she wants to participate in a "girls-night-out", she must inform Master ahead of time and schedule the date weekly if applicable. If girl is having problems with one of her friends or relatives, she should truthfully explain the situation and inform Master what she wants to do to fix the problem. Master may give advice, but he will not pick her friends for her. If she continues to have problems with her friends, she shall be forbidden to converse with that person for a time period to be determined.
Edited to add: Nope, you don't wanna see what I had listed for punishments.
Sasa​(dom female)
1 year ago • Jul 26, 2021
Sasa​(dom female) • Jul 26, 2021
Oh I'd like to see that. It's always interesting how others handle things