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Just 4 fun: Sexy word game. Rules: Must be a sexy word.

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1 month ago • 09/04/2021 10:39 pm
robsk • 09/04/2021 10:39 pm
kittytamer​(dom male)
1 month ago • 09/06/2021 7:50 am
kittytamer​(dom male) • 09/06/2021 7:50 am
"Policy" , as a safe word. Which is by use an abuse to benefit the reader of the spoken policy. At no time will the term be used to benefit the listener. It was chosen in safe play, because I don't ever want to hear it spoken.
Yet, I did once, and was quite shocked to learn how much submissives and submission differs. Goes to show you never quit learning.

Sometimes bruised ass is better over bruised ego. Sometimes it's the other way. Then you have using over bruising. I could go on forever with the various individual needs of the individual.
Now... I don't play with anyone anymore. I refuse to be the crash test dummy.
If you know what you want, I can facilitate.
If you feel like I should know what you want.
You are a mental patient not a healthy soul that requires understanding.