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Just 4 fun: Sexy word game. Rules: Must be a sexy word.

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Orgazmo​(dom male){serenity m}
1 month ago • 09/08/2021 1:18 am
Orgazmo​(dom male){serenity m} • 09/08/2021 1:18 am

(reward, punishment): Any activity in which one person trains another person to act or behave in a specified way, often by enforcing rigid codes of conduct or by inflicting punishment for failure to behave in a prescribed way.
1 month ago • 09/08/2021 7:22 am
shellanna • 09/08/2021 7:22 am
1 month ago • 09/08/2021 4:19 pm
weirdscience • 09/08/2021 4:19 pm
Orgazmo​(dom male){serenity m}
1 month ago • 09/15/2021 3:09 am
Orgazmo​(dom male){serenity m} • 09/15/2021 3:09 am

A sub being brought to the edge of orgasm, then denying them release, often done over and over again. It may be done by their dominant, or they may be allowed to self-manipulation. If eventually allowed to cum, it tends to be more intense, but their top may put them directly into chastity and sexual frustration, driving them further into submission.