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Open to all: What's your "hook"?

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5 months ago • 02/03/2020 9:37 pm
RnKitten • 02/03/2020 9:37 pm
My hook: 1) intelligence. Please know the difference between you’re and your 2) His dominance - be able to put me in my place - with your words, not your brute force 3) someone who is confident but not cocky 4) looks - not looking for a model but not looking for a slob either.
Alpha Lexi​(dom female)
5 months ago • 02/03/2020 9:49 pm
Alpha Lexi​(dom female) • 02/03/2020 9:49 pm
Natural blessings?
Looking either Bedoin / Palestinian / or in any way similar to Dev Patel
Roman noses ❤

Something men can do to stand out?
#1 Wearing a shemagh / keffiyeh
#2 hip-hop style clothing
#3 Wearing hats
Lulu Ray​(sub female)
5 months ago • 02/04/2020 3:49 am
Lulu Ray​(sub female) • 02/04/2020 3:49 am
By the looks; A well tailored Italian suit. And an intellectual conversation
Skaaldi​(sub female)
5 months ago • 02/04/2020 5:59 am
Skaaldi​(sub female) • 02/04/2020 5:59 am
I'm drawn to insightfulness and reserve. The quiet, contemplating man who is keenly observing his surroundings. He has a cool confidence, and even his sharp words are soft, eloquent, and disarming.

For women, I'm attracted to the same, but she conducts herself in a mysterious manner almost reminiscent of an icey blonde à la Hitchcock.

I guess I'm attached to intrigue, and complex personalities.
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female){DamnitJim}
1 week ago • 06/28/2020 3:05 pm
Online: as someone else said, the ability to string words together in an intelligent manner BUT also being able to project their personality in it as well. If I can "hear" your voice through your words, if you can make me laugh and think at the same time....

In person: Forearms. I love to see the muscles ripple. I also like my men with LESS it close cropped or shaved bald doesn't really matter. While I prefer the texture of hair, I am tactile so the image of running my hands over the forearms, feeling those same muscles, over the cropped hair, or even just the smoothness of the head....

But stubble on the head...if you are a lazy head shaver...nah...either shave or style it close cropped.
tallslenderguy​(sub male)
1 week ago • 06/28/2020 4:03 pm
tallslenderguy​(sub male) • 06/28/2020 4:03 pm
Interest with openness, a little vulnerability. The combination. Some people just wear their heart on their sleeve and are mindlessly open to the world, or even needy. But someone who simultaneously can identify something about me they are interested in, make an observation while opening up some their self, has me instantly interested.

Maybe to sum: confident (vs needy) vulnerability.
Mr E​(dom male)
1 week ago • 06/28/2020 4:21 pm
Mr E​(dom male) • 06/28/2020 4:21 pm
Over the years, my visual hook has become lost. It used to be more physical based, but over time it became what I could sense from a person rather than what they look like. I accept and recognise attractive features, but they aren't guaranteed to win me over.

I'd say, what remains is good style, without being overly stylish.
rottenbrat​(sub female){Skyrich}
1 week ago • 06/28/2020 4:29 pm
rottenbrat​(sub female){Skyrich} • 06/28/2020 4:29 pm
A man who knows his own mind, observant of others and what is going on around them, unwilling to compromise his values and beliefs, enough strength to be vulnerable even in a public forum, honest and forthcoming with himself and others, a man who has deep and abiding wisdom to share and doesn't water or "dumb it down" just to make others feel better about it, willing to talk about how he feels when he is able without jumping to conclusions before having the facts.
Thinking Naughty​(dom male)
1 week ago • 06/28/2020 5:50 pm
Thinking Naughty​(dom male) • 06/28/2020 5:50 pm
I'm a man. I notice tits and ass because I'm wired to; however, that doesn't draw me in, it only allows me to enjoy the view as it passes by (keep walking).

There are a few things which will lure me and one of those is, curiously, a woman who doesn't carry herself or behave like the rest. She doesn't have to be overt or look or even dress differently. Simply exhibiting the courage to go against the grain always makes me want to know more. She's the reason I stay when the pretty-but-nothing-of-value-to-say women have drifted away from my attention and go off to do whatever it is they do (I don't care).

In retrospect, sometimes it isn't courage to do their own thing, but simply an inability to compromise or conform. While that isn't strength of will that still speaks to a strength of character even if she is a 'victim' of it.

She is interesting.

My imagination is vast and my interests are broad and I know a little about many, many things, so when I can find a perspective or an intellect that can show me things beyond what I can think of, then she is my muse.