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8 months ago • 11/16/2019 6:40 pm
ADIDAS • 11/16/2019 6:40 pm
I have the Lovense Lush and Hush.... excellent toys for long distance play or solo. icon_wink.gif you can stream music through them. Device your own personal patterns and store them. Add and remove people easily. As far as what the others have been saying about Hush being a bit bigger than average, that's true but don't let that stop you.... just work up to it... the reward is so worth it! Holds a charge for a long while. Well worth the money!!!
11 months ago • 08/14/2019 7:51 am
LoverofRope • 08/14/2019 7:51 am
I have the Lush and the Hush by Lovense. The Hush is a bit larger than I expected, but we worked up to it. I found them to be easy to clean, no connectivity issues, and the options are great. I wish it had a video interface, but it looks like they are working on that. I can't compare them to anything, as they are the only bluetooth/app control vibes I have tried, but I can say these work very well.
Orgazmo​(dom male)
1 year ago • 07/27/2019 2:17 pm


Orgazmo​(dom male) • 07/27/2019 2:17 pm
djinni wrote:
I can tell you that i have a Vibease and after using it about 6 times i can no longer get it to connect to my Bluetooth. I had lots of issues with the app and logging in too. When it worked it was fun, but i have now a $150 self use vibrator that isn't worth that at all. I have a customer that runs an adult toy shop and she recommends Lovesense.

I've had similar experiences using vibease on a sub remotely.
Ant and kitty
1 year ago • 07/27/2019 1:32 am
Ant and kitty • 07/27/2019 1:32 am
(I just posted this exact reply to another person asking about remote vibes lol)
The Lovense Lush 2 is great! My Daddy and I have that one, we are over 3000 miles apart and he can control it just fine from his end. It would work great for discrete public play, nice and quiet once its inside and still has great power. If you don’t have the strongest kegel muscles I would definitely recommend wearing panties as the slickness would allow it to slip a bit. I love it though, it doesn’t get hot like some motorized toys do after prolonged use and it holds its charge for a LONG time. Definitely a fun toy and one I recommend to everyone looking for something like it.
Now if you like anal play they have the Hush, it’s an anal plug. But it’s absolutely HUGE. Far bigger than my Daddy and I both thought it would be. Just like the Lush 2 it’s got great power, quiet when inserted, long battery life, and can be operated over long distances via the LovenseRemote app. Also if you want it could be doubled as another vaginal vibe. Both are worth their prices and are really fun.
Hope that helps icon_smile.gif
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FlipSide1481​(dom male)
1 year ago • 07/27/2019 1:23 am
FlipSide1481​(dom male) • 07/27/2019 1:23 am
Another vote for the Lovesense Lush... The Hush as described is also quite big just take that into account.
DaddyAnt​(dom male)
1 year ago • 07/17/2019 6:15 am
DaddyAnt​(dom male) • 07/17/2019 6:15 am
Kitty talks about our experience with bith the Lush2 and the Hush. We love the Lush2. It does not always allow me too remote turn it off when I want to. Once I turn it on, it likes to stay at least in the minimum vibration mode.
The Hush, OMG, read Kitty's blog. Its freaking huge. Its longer and wider and some asses might be able to take it, hers not so much.
SoaringFree​(sub female){MrRobbbee}
1 year ago • 07/17/2019 5:52 am
SoaringFree​(sub female){MrRobbbee} • 07/17/2019 5:52 am
I'm definitely interested in this since my Sir and I are 3000 miles apart. He gave me the task of finding one we can use. I can't wait to see feedback. I did find this one that looks perfect.
Constellation​(sub female){Taken}
1 year ago • 07/17/2019 4:29 am
Constellation​(sub female){Taken} • 07/17/2019 4:29 am
I was about to open such topic myself haha!

I'm also curious about others' experiences, if anyone would be so kind to share!

I've been meaning to get a lush 2 by lovense, although they are expensive I figured they are good for it since they are on the market for so long. Also, I've seen a sub blogger here mention the use of her lush 2 now and then in her online relationship.