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Dommes: What Kind of Subs Do You Like?

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Max Sterne​(dom male)
1 year ago • 07/08/2019 9:18 pm
Max Sterne​(dom male) • 07/08/2019 9:18 pm
Honestly I like a brat. I get bored easily with most things so I need someone who is going to challenge me and keep me on my toes. It's a fine line though since I do not like being disrespected.
Azzabackam​(other male){PawPawGirl}
1 year ago • 07/08/2019 4:25 pm

Dommes: What Kind of Subs Do You Like?

Azzabackam​(other male){PawPawGirl} • 07/08/2019 4:25 pm
This is something that fascinates me. I don't think any demographic in the community varies so wildly in taste, as a whole, than Dommes.

Some want a man who stands up for himself, and is generally "strong" in the classic sense, but submissive in bed. Some want a doormat that will let them do as they please. Some want a servant. Some want an equal. Some want a sub that'll fight back. Some want a man who melts into puddy in their hands. Some want a man they can go borderline Guantanamo Bay on with pain. Some want a pet they can pamper.

So, I'd like to take a survey. Dommes: what do you look for in a sub? Or rather, what would your ideal sub be?