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Whartonberg pinweel

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Blue Kat
7 months ago • 09/05/2019 3:48 am

Whartonberg pinweel

Blue Kat • 09/05/2019 3:48 am
What's it like it look's awsome
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
7 months ago • 09/05/2019 4:10 am
It can give you shivers, it can make you cry out in pain. It's an interesting and fun little tool. It depends greatly on when, where, and how heavily applied. Applied over already hot and reddened skin from impact play can make your muscles spasm and convulse with sensory confusion. Applied lightly, slowly trailing over the planes of your body while you're bound and unable to move away from it's pursuit can make your core tighten as your mind hones in on that one sole sensation and your heart rate quickens wondering where the trail will lead. Applied very heavily to areas without much fat or muscle (like up the spine) can feel like a razor blade going down your back.

If you're intrigued, I would definitely suggest you try it. It can be your friend and your enemy.
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Blue Kat
7 months ago • 09/05/2019 4:13 am
Blue Kat • 09/05/2019 4:13 am
Ya hell ya
7 months ago • 09/05/2019 4:17 am
Bunnie • 09/05/2019 4:17 am
Add the Violet Wand to the mix (using the body contact attachment) and you’re in for some very intense sensations 😛 ... especially on the scalp... looovvve!!!
Shiruba Doragon
7 months ago • 09/05/2019 8:10 am


Shiruba Doragon • 09/05/2019 8:10 am
My partner loves it over her bottom after she's been well spanked. She lives to be spanked and the pinwheel adds to her pleasure. Also use a Violet wand on her.