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ShyDawn​(sub female){Taken}
8 months ago • 10/21/2019 4:43 am
ShyDawn​(sub female){Taken} • 10/21/2019 4:43 am
Thanks everyone for recommendations.

I've been reading BDSM and other romance books since I was 15. Which is how I became interested in BDSM at all.
LittleRabbit​(sub female){Owned}
7 months ago • 11/19/2019 4:43 pm
LittleRabbit​(sub female){Owned} • 11/19/2019 4:43 pm
I love reading and I am a huge sci-fi nerd. So I really enjoy the combination of sci-fy with Dominance or psychological thrillers combined with Dominance and submission. These are my guilty pleasure . There are tons of great series out there. I would recommend the following authors to perhaps start you off:

- Tracy St John
- Marata Eros
- Anne Rice
- Scarlett Haven
- G Bailey
- K F Breene
- G C Whitewood

And many more. Feel free to message me too.

Have fun
sapphireblu​(sub female)
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 1:12 am
sapphireblu​(sub female) • 11/20/2019 1:12 am
What your kink in books, I have them all. Im sitting on about 900 books. Do you like the bdsm books? Some dont ( no one in this group)
Jigsaw​(dom male){DebRa}
7 months ago • 11/21/2019 4:23 pm
Jigsaw​(dom male){DebRa} • 11/21/2019 4:23 pm
Have you checked the infidelity category on just about any place that sells books about lying cheating women?