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Misterasmodai​(dom male)
7 months ago • 11/19/2019 11:55 pm


Misterasmodai​(dom male) • 11/19/2019 11:55 pm
Out of curiosity, how many of you subs, switches, or applicable bottoms would immediately turn away a potential Dom who approaches you politely, as an equal?
sapphireblu​(sub female)
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 12:23 am
sapphireblu​(sub female) • 11/20/2019 12:23 am
I prefer politeness. I have trust you, I can’t do that with out chatting with you and getting to know you.
Duke Montefort​(dom male)
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 12:30 am
Duke Montefort​(dom male) • 11/20/2019 12:30 am
I always found it like anything else hit and miss. Sometimes it really works, sometimes they think I"m weak, Sometimes we just have different goals. The general average is 1/10 mostly.
MasterBear​(other butch)
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 12:49 am
MasterBear​(other butch) • 11/20/2019 12:49 am
We are equal until it is negotiated otherwise.

I would happilt turn away anyone who came to me forgetting that.
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 2:27 am
Politeness is a must. I think any sub with experience or who is looking for something real (and not just an online fantasy played out over chat for a few days/weeks) will want and expect a polite introduction from a potential Dominant.

A sub who assumes that politeness equates weakness is inexperienced and naive.
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almostpeachy​(sub female)
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 3:21 am
almostpeachy​(sub female) • 11/20/2019 3:21 am
If you're not polite to me you won't get anywhere with me. I'll respect you as a Dom if you are MY Dom. Until you are my Dom you are my equal.
TheLittlePrincess​(sub female){Taken}
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 5:57 am
No, they have to be polite. In my opinion, I will respect them as a Dom, but we are equal otherwise until discussed. I have to be able to get to know that person as another person and not as someone who is in charge. I have to be able to speak freely. I have to know who they are and what they want and if it matches my own interest then we can get into talking about a dynamic.
RopeBunnie​(sub female){Not Lookin}
7 months ago • 11/20/2019 8:33 am
RopeBunnie​(sub female){Not Lookin} • 11/20/2019 8:33 am
If one was polite, then there is no need to turn them away... I'm not looking for a Dom, but getting to know people on here to gain knowledge, viewpoints /opinions, and insights won't be easy if I just dismiss someone out of hand... I am trying to be up front and letting people know I'm not looking, but am open to conversations for making friends and meeting like minded people!
7 months ago • 11/21/2019 1:48 am
Bunnie • 11/21/2019 1:48 am
For me there is a huge difference between politeness, and being approached as an equal.