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Less attractive?

Neches1836​(dom male)
2 years ago • Nov 19, 2019
Neches1836​(dom male) • Nov 19, 2019
Having a baby (babies) changes a woman's body. It really pisses me off to hear some men talk about their woman's body after she gave him a child (children).

OP if you have not expressed your feelings about this to your Dom do so. Ask him to help you. Just might be enjoyable solving what you feel is a problem.

I know if my sub ask me to help her I would. I would take her to a gym and we would work out together. Or any other way I could help her.
Neches1836​(dom male)
2 years ago • Nov 19, 2019

I did not mean to post twice

Neches1836​(dom male) • Nov 19, 2019
Having a baby (babies) changes a woman's body. The accident was just that and not intentional. The scars are not your fault but you have to deal with it physically or mentally.

OP if you have not expressed your feelings about this to your Dom do so. Ask him to help you. Just might be enjoyable solving what you feel is a problem.

I know if my sub ask me to help her I would. I would take her to a gym and we would work out together. Or help her resolve her issue any other way I could.

I use to tell people "If you are unhappy about anything in your life you, are the only one that can change it. What you want will not run up and bite you on your ass and say I am here take advantage of me being here to help".
Hope you solve what you perceive as a problem.
courtneyliveslife​(sub female)
2 years ago • Nov 21, 2019
What a positive uplifting feed
I hope some of these great comments comforted you !
It’s true we all struggle to accept who are internally and externally
Self love is a journey
Start by accepting a part of your body you don’t hate but don’t love and move on to the harder stuff.
After being in a relationship that crippled my self confidence I can understand how hard it is. But life’s a journey
Start walking down a path of acceptance
When I’m down I think this
1.Your meat suit can be altered
2.there are always nicer meat suits out there in the wide world
3.this is the only meat suit you get so respect it.
I’m using meat suit in place of body for comic relief purposes icon_smile.gif
2 years ago • Dec 17, 2019
LordofPain56 • Dec 17, 2019
This is just me personally, but stretch marks and scars are always fun to play with (not because it's a fetish, because it's not, but because I like paying affection to my girls little imperfections). Maybe I'll kiss them and take a finger dipped in aloe lotion, slowly and gently rubbing the area while whispering sweet things to them. Never got a complaint from it anyway.
And there's nothing you can do about them now, right?
As far as having a flabby belly, you can do something about that if you wanted to feel better about yourself.
Back in the days when I was in a relationship, one of the house rules was that we both had to take care of ourselves (eat a healthy diet and exercise). I would plan all healthy meals. Pork, catfish, birds of prey and other unclean animals were not allowed as food. Sugar was kept at a minimum and there was no soda-pop (too much sugar) becomes belly fat, very hard to get rid of. I would take her for walks around the block, or I would drive her to the park and we would use the jogging trail. It was something we both participated in together. We did all this daily.
Training of the abdominal muscles would be good also. Push-ups and sit-ups can be done together. Ask your doctor what he recommends. With proper diet and exercise you will look better and feel better physically. Feeling better physically usually translates to feeling better about yourself.
TDO​(dom male)
2 years ago • Dec 17, 2019
TDO​(dom male) • Dec 17, 2019
IMHO (I understand that it may differ from most), but most people WILL judge by looks. And I understand that there has to be some form of physical attraction. However, in my experience if you look at a sub by her heart, you can never go wrong! Because over time, looks change. But the heart never will.

Just my thoughts,

Miki​(masochist female)
2 years ago • Dec 21, 2019
Miki​(masochist female) • Dec 21, 2019
Unfortunately, TDO is right.. That's why so many dating sites (and television commercials still feature the (so-called) perfect people. Men with the 6 pack abs and women shaped like the number 8.

However, as they say, "Eye of the beholder". if someone is only going to look at your shape and move on if it is not "perfect"-- let 'em. Those who over-respond to the superficial-- are superficial. Yes attraction is an hard-wired function of human biology, but the thoughtful and intelligent will go past that and see what lies underneath. The world is coming around, though. On TV for example, we see more people with "less-than-model-grade-bods" than we did 5 or certainly 10 years ago.
SirPain​(dom male)
2 years ago • Apr 8, 2020
SirPain​(dom male) • Apr 8, 2020
After reading your profile I think it fair to say that someone looked past your stretch marks and scars and found something beautiful in you. So stop worrying yourself about what you believe others will think. You must have something that makes you attractive.
No Body​(dom male)
2 years ago • Apr 8, 2020
No Body​(dom male) • Apr 8, 2020
OK this is just me so here it is. There is few things more beautiful to me than a new mother. Your body will recover and the marks may go away but your a woman who gave birth and you are beautiful. There is no part of you that does not need to be touched kissed and loved. You may not know it but you are beautiful and you need to be loved like there is no tomorrow. Every man has an idea about what a beauty is as do women But know that if someone does not think your beautiful then you need to move on as there are so many men who think you are and will treat you as you need.

I have seen women who other have called goddess but when you look inside they are cold and careless. Look at a woman who is what many will call plain and look inside to see more beauty than most will see in their life.

You who are not sure about the beauty you have then look inot the eyes of your child and the man you love. See the woman they see and know how beautiful you are.
JustLeather​(switch male)
2 years ago • Apr 15, 2020
JustLeather​(switch male) • Apr 15, 2020
Broken scull..."repaired"with a slice ofthe bone ofmy rib...appendix....angle 2inch/2inch on my butt...1 knee hole..3th degree burn/plastic surgery thumb and index finger...does such count ?
2 years ago • Apr 15, 2020
DrWakko • Apr 15, 2020
Attractive comes from a person. If you are being "rejected" because you have a kid, I'm willing to bet it has nothing to do with what your body looks like, but the fact you have a kid. There are a lot of guys out there that don't want premade families. Coming from California I've heard some horror stories from break ups. Like if a guy pays for school supplies (books, clothes, etc) and there is a break up the woman can go after the guy for child support.

When you grow up hearing things like that, it really stops you from wanting to be with someone with kids. I suggest if you are looking for a partner find someone who is in there late 30s who already has kids.