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Fake bdsm

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Nillaw​(sadist male){Mal ♡}
8 months ago • 01/11/2020 10:30 pm
Nillaw​(sadist male){Mal ♡} • 01/11/2020 10:30 pm
I've myself felt that some submissives are just fake, especially in regards to identity pretending to be someone they are not. But I think that's the wrong mindset to have ultimately, because who could possibly judge if someone belongs or not in a community of people thats available to anyone. Some ghost. Some lie about their identity. But generally speaking who's to say someone is fake,
You might find yourself in a situations where someone agrees to something but doesn't live up to the agreement. Or you might find yourself in a situation where someone simply is overwhelmed and run away. In the end it doesnt have to mean that neither you, nor them. May have a problem. It can simply just be a unfortunate matchup with communication going the wrong way. It's easy to misunderstand one another online. And it can be even harder to convey a mindset.

But. Calling someone out publicly isn't the solution to this problem. I'm guessing the situation you found yourself in is something along the line of someone making arrangements with you to later disappear without a word. Out of nowhere. That's not a reportable offence. Neither is it wrong per say. People have their rights.

Does it suck ? Yes. Does it hurt? Yeah absolutely.
Someone doing this might be an asshole. But they dont have to be bad people because of it.
You can try to get into contact with them. But ultimately if someone doesnt answer you its within their right. And as frustrating as it is and hurtful. It's simply something we have to accept.
That doesnt make someone fake however. Just no longer interested and a not very respectable about it. Ofc. This might not be the scenario you've found yourself in. I'm simply giving a example.