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Male Chastity Devices

3 years ago • Dec 25, 2019
SubAtomic • Dec 25, 2019
MissBonnie wrote:
Just throwing in for good measure on the cheap cages.... with a lot... the nickel content is high. A great deal of people are allergic to nickel. On sensitive areas nickel allergy is more common.

This. My partner is allergic to nickel - and this is exactly how we found that out. I put the cage on him and he went to walk the dog and came running back - he was red everywhere that cage touched. I spent about 800.00 trying all kinds of cages including one made to measure from Texas.
We finally settled on one we found through Amazon.
(I've used the surplus cages on visiting subs and am considering doing an art piece with the rest. )

A shorter cage is better for him - but you will need to experiment.
Twisted_Secrets​(dom female)
3 years ago • Jan 4, 2020
@Draconyx thanks for post ... they have awesome cages! I run a few chastity groups and no one mentioned that site before. Great feedback. I agree with try cheap till you know if it’s a fetish first. This way you’ll also get an idea on what style you may like best.
SubDraco​(sub male){Caged}
3 years ago • Jan 11, 2020
SubDraco​(sub male){Caged} • Jan 11, 2020
my shapeways cage came in and i tried it, I think im going to stick with customchastity. shapeways is cheaper, but its also a lot more flimsy, the gap flexes way to easily.
MegsDandelion{Obviously }
3 years ago • Jan 14, 2020
MegsDandelion{Obviously } • Jan 14, 2020
As an entirely different point of view, you may also want to experiment what exactly you like about a chastity cage. For me, I've found long term wear might not be for me, so I seldom stay in them for over 24 hours. But there are other ways of playing with them that can be enjoyable, I find.

I like it as a game while my girlfriend riles me up, knowing I can't do much about it until she lets me out, and I like them when she makes me hard in one, leading to a painful erection (which can even be buzzed to a ruined orgasm with a vibrator).
YourFLR​(sub male){Uncollared}
2 years ago • Jun 11, 2020
I've purchased a number of cages over the years to try out. I started off with the CB series and the problem with them is there is a seam down the center and they need to be pried apart and glued back with a stronger glue. I've had a few metal devices that were inexpensive that I got from Amazon and many of those were good. I am currently using a device from Shapeways, a Cherry Keeper and I have been enjoying it a great deal. I still hope to eventually find a keyholder but I do enjoy wearing it regardless.
tallslenderguy​(other male)
2 years ago • Jun 11, 2020
Chastity is definitly one of my buttons, with several buttons attached to the button lol.

i own 6 cages of different sizes and material. Half are metal, half plastic (i like the metal better, psychologically, they are more a "cage' for me).
For me, i usually buy 'toys' and other stuff like cages when i am feeling super horny or needy and my wits are not about me. i use or wear them, maybe once, and into my drawer they go. my problem is, for me these items are all a part or extension of a Top or Dom when i imagine them being used. i'm not much for masturbation, especially penetrative, because it feels like i am trying to be a Top/Dom doing myself. i know, that may sound weird, but it is disappointing and feels almost like cheating.

Enter the "male chastity device." i deeply associate chastity with the need/desire of a Top/Dom to own and control my penis and orgasm, so as noted above, i am not able to successfully do that with myself, but it of course doesn't stop me from needing/wanting it, so i have 6 cages lol. sigh.

Sorry for the long intro, but i honestly have a hard time separating the device from the intent.

You've no doubt discovered that you can go from relatively inexpensive (my favorite cage cost $25 on Amazon) to a hundreds of dollars for a custom made cage from places like . i had a Dom (who evolved into a friend when the D/s wasn't right between us), who i went through His process of measuring for a custom cage. That was a wonderfully sweet process, where i measured two times a day and sent Him pics of my penis with a sizing ring and a measuring tape next to it so He could see size and fit and ultimately choose the size and cage He wanted for me.

my favorite device is actually a micro, which cages me on several levels. Practically speaking, it was only $25 from Amazon and (so far) has turned out to be the most long term wearable of any i have worn. Which may surprise some, it did me. That is in large part because wearing it does not so much cage my penis as it internalizes it into my body and contains it there. For me, that would be particularly powerful for a Top/Dom to want that for me. Also, the micro style makes the penis look sort of like a button, nub, clit... which again, adds a big psychological component for me.
i actually got two micros from Amazon, one was a solid cap with a hole for peeing, the other a cage. Either may have the challenge of causing pressure wounds from long term use? idk, i didn't wear them long enough to find out, but i could see the beginnings of one with the cap micro from the pressure of my penis against the pee hole in the cap. Both came with urethral straws, which i dearly love because they have the effect of making the penis a part of the cage. But i question the wisdom of wearing the urethral straw long term because of UTI risk.

The larger cages are very different to me, sort of emphasizing while restricting the penis, almost like putting it in a picture frame. They have a very different Psychological effect... on me anyway.
Calico​(switch female)
2 years ago • Jun 12, 2020
Calico​(switch female) • Jun 12, 2020
I am following this thread as we are currently looking to explore into this as well but I've been hesitant as my partner has issues with most metals (we assume because of nickel).

I love the advice people are giving too. We want to do it right
lil'slut​(sub male){Collared}
2 years ago • Jun 15, 2020
As mentioned stick with metal. I have two of the metal ones from Amazon. Some people take to it better than others. I'm kept in one most of the time without many issues at all. Clean often dry throughly so they don't rust. I wouldn't recommend showering in them either. But be super careful to not sleep in them. I know a lot of people do. But pain responses shut down in your sleep and you could be hurting yourself all night.
KotaRello​(sub male){Shawn Kest}
2 years ago • Jan 2, 2021
I have a CB series. And while the differant ring sizes are nice, they don't offer differant sizes in cage width. Standard cage width is 1 1/8 inch. And it requires cleaning regularly, but that's with any a device. Longest I went before it really needed cleaning was a month. The nice thing about the acrylic, vs normal plastic, is the acrylic doesn't hold smell after it's cleanes. And it can get through metal detectors. If it's feasible, I'd go with a titanium cage. Titanium is lighter and stronger than steel, and it's a non-reactivs metal.