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Male Chastity Devices

MissBonnie​(dom female){oz}
2 years ago • Jan 4, 2021
@KotaRello‚Äč(sub male){08281985} you might know this already but a squeeze bottle with a nozzle (think sauce bottle) is great to add to your cleaning routine. You can "squirt" water easily into the air slots while showering. Also a small amount (under a teaspoon per bottle) of Apple cider Vinegar added to the water will act as a deodorizer, disinfectant/sanitizer and help to dry the skin (to much will sting you. While for some its there thing, to much will alter your skins natural PH level).. Just don't use to much or it will discolor the acrylic, it is an acid after all <DO NOT USE WITH METAL CBS>
KotaRello​(sub male){Shawn Kest}
2 years ago • Jan 4, 2021
I know about the water and vinegar part, but when you're just big enough to totally fill the cage, it doesn't work. For me the holes are stopped up from my flesh since I'm just a hair bigger than the 1 1/8 wide cage. Actually about 1/32 or so bigger. It's still comfortable, but I have to take it off at least every 30 days for cleaning. But, 30 days at a time is the max I've worn it. No trusted keyholder and I'm not in a relationship.
2 years ago • Jan 5, 2021
Miki • Jan 5, 2021
Not that I'm in a position to know a hell of a lot about this sort of thing, but I think your best experiences with a junk-jail is the involuntary sort administered by a master/mistress, because while you'll get the feel (or lack thereof) for the thing, you always have the option of unlocking it and beating your boner, whereas another who locks it all up and keeps the key-- that's when you probably gradually go more and more nuts as the need builds to blast your voluminous wad into or onto someone or something. That and of course once the need gets too far, you'll get wet dreams and end up having to de-cage and wash off all that bleu cheese man-made "dressing" for hygiene and sanitation purposes.

My 2 cents, probably not worth even that much but I couldn't resist weighing in on a thread discussing detained dicks, restrained rods, boxed balls-- you all get the idea.

Have fun!
YourFLR​(sub male){Uncollared}
1 year ago • Feb 11, 2021

I think you are 100% correct. It is an entirely different experience when someone other than yourself holds the key. However, I have found for some odd reason it is difficult to find a keyholder. I do know that once someone else holds the key the dynamic changes - immediately.