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Noire{Owned (NH)}
1 year ago • May 25, 2021
Noire{Owned (NH)} • May 25, 2021
Traditional lingerie that’s considered universally sexy is not my taste. I prefer elegant and feminine lingerie. Baby doll sets or chemise’s (lace or silk.) Girlie, pastel colors with accents of gentle prints like flowers or butterflies. Thigh highs are always a wonderful addition to a set. But yeah that’s my taste because it makes me feel the most feminine. 🥰
Tail Spin{working on}
1 year ago • Sep 23, 2021
Tail Spin{working on} • Sep 23, 2021
Sapio naturally sub​(other female)
1 year ago • Sep 23, 2021
I have this leather and chain chest piece that has a collar and covers my breast in chains, my breasts peaking through them perfectly...

Damn, I feel sexy and powerful, yet grounded with the weight of the chains and substantial leather straps.

It plays nicely with my leather paddles and I can be pulled every which way during play with this piece.

*brb* *goes to put it on* icon_wink.gif
1 year ago • Sep 23, 2021
luvij • Sep 23, 2021
I love making an effort with lingerie, and I love it more when my Dom helps me choose what to wear. My personal favourite are seamed stockings and lacey suspenders with a bra so sheer you can see through with a matching thong.
Worn with stiletto heels and hair and makeup looking perfect, at least for the short time before her gets his hands etc on me 🥰
Zweny​(sub male)
1 year ago • Sep 23, 2021
Zweny​(sub male) • Sep 23, 2021
I think the stockings , really turn me on . Not the normal ones of course . The sexy stuff. I don't know exactly the specific names for them . Maybe a bra , but the ones that not cover to much .
1 year ago • Sep 23, 2021
Bunnie • Sep 23, 2021
I recently wore fishnets for the first time, and couldn’t stop touching my legs all night lol. Feeling the smoothness of the skin interspersed through the soft texture of the stockings just felt like heaven to my tactile senses. Although they took a little getting used to (tangles in the toilet had me both laughing at myself and admiring those women who possess the abilities to making sexy look effortless… a gene I am not blessed with), they will definitely be a prominent piece in my growing collection 😊
Ginger Ottress
1 year ago • Sep 29, 2021
Ginger Ottress • Sep 29, 2021
I'm usually just happy if I can find something that has a good cut & support for someone "top heavy". Nothing is more frustrating than lingerie that either has a built in bra that is too small or absolutely no support at so you might as well be wearing a pillow case. I've found some really nice babydoll style outfits over the years but usually it's pretty hit and miss.
1 year ago • Sep 29, 2021
sineater • Sep 29, 2021
Stockings. Nothing comes close to them.

A pair of panties that say something like "cumslut" or the likes is a good second.

Extra points for wearing them under normal clothes or with a cute outfit.