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3somes 4somes

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TXDomPolyhouse​(dom male)
2 years ago • 09/25/2018 5:36 pm

3somes 4somes

TXDomPolyhouse​(dom male) • 09/25/2018 5:36 pm
I am wondering how many other 3some 4somes are there.
How's is e daily routine, how long have they lasted. So any stories will help to gain knowledge.

We are a 3some for about 5 years now. Settle down and on going, became a family of 3 men. Friends outside the world think of him as a roommate and friend, since 2 of us have been together for a long time now.
We are a Dom (me) then more vanilla Dom and a sub ex slave.
I'm not into the abuse, not into the dark sides of the lifestyle. My sub was abused since childhood and got him into deep issues of selfsteam and PTSD. From father killing his pet in front of him to past owners who only used and abused but didn't really care.
So he is a sub by nature but I slowly brought him out of the hole of being a slave for the wrong reasons.
Don't get me wrong some people are slaves by nature and I am fine with it. Others are pushed into that and stop being able to be part of society.
So, some of u might think I'm too soft or too vanilla, and I don't care what u think. I am who am. I am the Master of the house and I don't believe to be a Dom u have to be an ass.... The submitting and devotion of a Sub for who u are and not for how badly u abused him is much more gratifying and acceptable to me.

So back to polyhouse. Any stories? And any sub or slaves ready to join one?
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Anything for u
2 years ago • 10/02/2018 7:03 am

Luv to be ur obedient submissive

Anything for u • 10/02/2018 7:03 am
I’m so need to be there with u 3 I’ll be thinking bout wanting to serve u all totally to the tee I’m married n 45 years old but I want to do this so much I will leave my wife n move to America that’s how much I want to be there to serve ur every need no matter what I’m asked luv the thought of giving u every part of me to control punish as u see fit the more u as of me the more I’ll enjoy serving u because proving how much I would do for u is how show my luv of being allowed to serve u sexually I’m urs totally in every possible way it would be a total pleasure sucking ur hard cocks for hours till I get to swallow all ur cum the thought of being lucky enough to enjoy u all fuck me as hard n deep as u need as often n as long as u want me just in the hope to feel u throbbing ur luvly load deep inside me I’m usually I but I awant to be totally ur so I beg u to let me prove I’d be a loyal living serve to pissinside me in lick u clean after the toilet go gang band or have any kind of sex with anyone u wish bash me tie me up punish me belittle me
TXDomPolyhouse​(dom male)
2 years ago • 11/05/2018 4:12 pm
TXDomPolyhouse​(dom male) • 11/05/2018 4:12 pm
I thought they woul dbe more Polyhouses out here, I cna't believe we are the only one.

Nobody care to share their experiences or thoughts?
MasterBear​(other butch)
2 years ago • 11/06/2018 6:55 pm
MasterBear​(other butch) • 11/06/2018 6:55 pm
We are a Triad. I'm the Master of the House my love is my slave and our third is a submissive. We have been together for 8 years. I'm not sure what kind of stories you're looking for here. We have separate living arrangements. My love and I live together in Edgewood and our third lives in Albuquerque.
This is best for all of us.

We have had our absolute tough times and are absolute amazing times. My love and I have a different set of leather politics then are submissive does. But we all seem to work it out.

We are in contact every day. And at least once a week all of us spend the day together. Or sometimes it's just me and our submissive, sometimes it's just my love and our submissive.

Our relationship as a Triad is very organic. And although there is a definite hierarchy we all work to make sure that everyone's needs are met.
TXDomPolyhouse​(dom male)
2 years ago • 11/06/2018 7:21 pm
TXDomPolyhouse​(dom male) • 11/06/2018 7:21 pm
I guess stories is not the right word, more like the history or how all works for each.

We live together, and we are My partner of 18 years and I are Dom's me being the Master of the house, and our sub is an Alpha sub and has been with us 5 years now, we are family oriented, meaning we are more leniant but it developed that way because of how our sub was treated previously, he was forced into the life deeper than he really likes it, and that affected his PTSD, and made it worst. We all work and care for one another, the hierarchy is there.

But we are looking for a 4th, and the 4th has to be a sub or slave, and with this last member hierarchy will be more defined.

Thanks for sharing. your post is exactly what I was wanting to exchange, how each triad works in real life. and exchange experiences.
MasterBear​(other butch)
2 years ago • 11/06/2018 7:34 pm
MasterBear​(other butch) • 11/06/2018 7:34 pm

Like I said ours is organic.
We dont let the rules get in the way of us.
So to speak.

We all know our roles and are appropriate to them.

What works for us as well is separate spaces.
My love and I share a bedroom but she has her own room to retreat to.

Our third "b" has their own place in town.

It helps to have space.

When we focus on each other it is about quality not quantity.

There is a lot of support for each person being successful as individuals.
We all have separate interests.

The triad doesn't have a lot of rules.
Some that we do have are around how to argue.
Such as absolutely no name calling.

And the basics- no lying.
Dont ask the question if you dont want the answer.

Emotional support is key.
Urobject​(sub male){Not yet...}
2 years ago • 02/12/2019 8:59 am
Urobject​(sub male){Not yet...} • 02/12/2019 8:59 am
Good evening,
I'm new to this site, so please excuse and call out any thing out of line, thanks.

I've been in two polygamous relationship, each with a lot of drama. I'm a very submissive bottom, but I found that the two alphas had problems from the beginning. There were issues of jealousy, control, respect, responsibility and of course, sex.

In both situations, the alphas refused to have sex with each other and would have sex with me because one didnt want it to get back to the other.

I'd love to kind a polykink family that works. I want to be the lowest in the caste, perhaps pet or lower. Object would be great.

I really want something like that to work, and submit everything to insure its success.
2 months ago • 05/25/2021 12:45 am
DynamicDuo • 05/25/2021 12:45 am
Hello. My Boy and I are Poly. Unfortunately, our quad didn't last long. I came into an already broken mix - the two subs were at odds, my Boy and a female who was quite horrible to him, and the Dom was only in it for the fun, I think. When I arrived I was trying to mend bridges between the subs, and it seemed to be working for a time, but my Boy and I lived separately, and eventually the other two cut communications with us. The Dom wanted all of my attention all the time, so whenever he came over he tried to make sure my Boy wasn't here, which really hurt him, and then would get irritable if I as much as made sure my Boy was fed and had everything he needed, or got up after the Dom went to sleep to spend time with my Boy. Eventually, he just quit coming over, and by then we were both pretty fed up. So now we're solo, but we're still open to bringing the right person or people in, and are actively seeking people for a bit of occasional fun at the least. I am not incredibly dominant as a sub leaning Switch, but my Boy is almost slave level, so I do my best to provide the dominance he needs. I get into the nurturing part of it most, so it can be a bit interesting trying to swing the other side of dominance. We manage, and we're happy, but I know we'd both enjoy having a good Dom(me) to at least tangle with sometimes.
worldoflight​(masochist male)
2 months ago • 05/25/2021 5:32 am
worldoflight​(masochist male) • 05/25/2021 5:32 am
With five years on the books you all are doing something very very right! Congratulations! I think this kind of success must be rare.

I've mainly been involved in a couple of fleeting half-improvised/turn-into-a-pumpkin at midnight kind of things.

The closest call lasted all of about three months. The quick hit: I was submissive/pet to a dominant woman. The dominant woman was married to a man. The man had formerly been her top, but midway through the marriage, as their interests started to shift, they switched roles. The woman brought in a pet (me) for her, but also for her husband. The husband still had some leftover dominant urges, also some unexplored bi stuff. So four three months or so they co-topped me, which was dizzy and great. But something was going on behind the scenes (something I still don't, to this day, think I understand completely) and their relationship blew up. I got thrown from the wreckage but landed safely.