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Song that describes you or your feelings

2 months ago • Sep 17, 2022
I'mME • Sep 17, 2022

Chalybe​(dom male)
2 months ago • Sep 17, 2022

Re: Song that describes you or your feelings

Chalybe​(dom male) • Sep 17, 2022
Black Sabbath "Paranoid". Not such a good BDSM tune.

tessaract wrote:

(This is my sneaky attempt at collecting more BDSMy music, thanks in advance!)

If you have a streaming service, look up Dana Gillespie's "All cut up on you" and "weren't born a man". That album was produced by Andy Warhol. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I AM old! icon_smile.gif

I've been making a spotify playlist for a session, it is mostly "atmospheric music" , pieces by groups like Sinoia Caves "Elenas sound world" and then builds to more rhythmic "aggressive" pieces like Sinoia Caves' "Forever Dilating Eye" , "Benno" by Howard Shore , "Forging the beast " by Johann Johannsson., then it goes to a cool down mode for a few more pieces.
So basically it is a scene starting off gently with maybe some teasing, some breast play things like that, them moving into rhythm for impact play, then it cools down to the beginnings of aftercare. The idea is that the rhythmic music combined with rhythmic impacts will grease the rails for the ride to subspace.

I'm still getting the sound set up in the playroom and have only played it on my phone which does not do justice to those pieces.