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Weird kinks- sadism/masochism.

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emmmllliiininenine​(sub female)
1 month ago • 01/09/2021 5:44 am

Weird kinks- sadism/masochism.

emmmllliiininenine​(sub female) • 01/09/2021 5:44 am
I am a very curious person. I am a submissive but i also like sadism/masochism but i am very new and have almost no experience with them. What are some weird kinks yall have that are sadist or masochistic kinks(pain related)? I do not know if i could handle intense pain but i have found i like light pain. Is it common for a dom to want to be in pain? Or is that only a things subs tend to be into?
1 month ago • 01/09/2021 8:09 am
DrWakko • 01/09/2021 8:09 am
To answer your question its neither. Doms and sub are a relationship type. If you are looking for play and in this case your question of pain you are referring to Tops and bottoms. A Dom in most cases of play is the Top and the submissive is the bottom. A Dom and sub can go their whole lives and never do bdsm play.

As for bottoms it all depends on the person. Some bottoms love heavy play and others enjoy light play. For females depending where they are at in their cycle will also depend on how much play they enjoy. There will be Doms who enjoy bottoming from time to time and there will be subs who enjoying Topping from time to time.

Side note: It is my experience that the biggest sadists are also bottoms since they know exactly where to hit and how hard to do it. I think they view it as some form of payback.

House Talion​(dom male)
1 month ago • 01/09/2021 5:36 pm
House Talion​(dom male) • 01/09/2021 5:36 pm
Though some perspective may vary, nothing is actually seen as weird. What's good for may not be good for all
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Byrdie​(dom female){rl only}
1 month ago • 01/09/2021 7:05 pm
Byrdie​(dom female){rl only} • 01/09/2021 7:05 pm
There are masochistic Dominants who will direct a submissive or service top into exactly how - and for for how long - to administer whatever sensation they want. There are sadistic submissives who enjoy giving pain as much as they relish giving orders. They're not the expected kinky trope, so they're not as well known.

As to weird kinks, well - to expand on what House Talion said earlier - given that kink itself is considered weird, at best I can mention kinks or play that I only saw one-shots for, or have only heard about. Whether they, in and of themselves, are weird is up for debate:

* race play: rare and highly controversial, this falls under "taboo play". It is usually for the best that the racial minority in the situation be the one to bring it up. Approaching a minority with, "I've always wanted to be beaten by / beat a Black / Jewish / Muslim ..." is more likely to get the asker either a strange look, walked away from, yelled at, or - at best - a polite no than anything else. There is the occasional person who might take one up on it, but minorities kink spaces generally complain about being fetishized and / or treated as though they don't belong there. Harping on what makes them a minority is not particularly welcoming, and partially explains why a lot of minorities don't play publicly.

* Calvinball: anyone familiar with the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes" may be aware of the concept of Calvinball, which was a game in which the rules were made up - and argued about - by all players as they went along. Basically, chaos. I tend to think of most kinetic but whimsical BDSM play as inspired by Calvinball after watching a scene that I now I call "Sprinklers and Mallets" while attending a kinky campout. I'm still waiting to hear the "Very Sorry Song" sung during one of these scenes.

* chastity: some people are baffled by why anyone would submit to this. and what's in it for the top / dominant. Then there's the cost, which some might find prohibitive if they're planning to use gear rather than the honor system. It's not so much that all chastity devices are expensive, but the reason that there are so many (and related knockoffs) is that finding the right fit for comfortable, long-term wear, ease of cleaning, and possibly prettiness can involve multiple purchases or - if the maker even offers them - adjustments. For those who've taken the plunge and found an acceptable dynamic and / or device, they seem pretty dedicated to the effects (increased energy, increased intimacy, increased focus on the key holder, etc.)

* raunch: while attraction based on pheromones is a thing, and certainly scent-sensitivity / allergies to perfumes and colognes has been proven to the point where some workplaces will ban them, some people want to go a bit further and have their play partners - ah - ripen for a few days without bathing or showering before play / sex. Given that most housed and employed Americans tend to vary between twice a day showering and every-other day, encountering someone who is into raunch can be a bit alarming.

* rainbow showers: if you've heard of golden showers, well ... there are other types. A nutritionist once told me to "eat a rainbow". This should give you a pretty good idea of what a rainbow shower is, considering it comes out the same orifice it went in. I've seen portrayal of it in Annie Sprinkle's book "Post-porn modernist: my 25 years as a multimedia whore".

* saline inflation: the first time I saw a certain toy vendor, it was at a kinky campout. He was laying nude on a lounge chair, legs apart, near an IV drip. The IV-line's needle was taped to his scrotum. Saline was being injected into the scrotal sac, causing it to ballon to ridiculous proportions. Even for such a tall man, attempting to get up to show it off in all it's glory was a careful business. Trickier to do with labia, but not impossible.

* face farting: yep. There are people who've asked me to sit on their face and fart. That's all they seem to want. Seriously.

* financial domination: so, I've never actually *met* anyone who is into this. There are people online who claim to want this to happen to them, and there are certainly financial dominants out there, but I've actually never met a person in the Seattle kink scene who has claimed it as a kink. There are a few articles on the subject online from respectable sources. Someone local tried to hit me up online about a huge amount of money that he wanted to give away. I discussed it with my best friend, and her advice was, "Anyone who has enough money to give away a huge chunk of it, also has enough resources to get all of that money back." When I asked the guy questions about this "gift", he called me a time-waster and blocked me. My guess is that while there are some respectable nickel-and-dime arrangements going on, any stranger who wants to unload a bunch of cash in one go is probably doing some sort of big financial scam and wants a gullible fall-guy temporarily.

* computer domination: this used to be a big thing on Team Viewer back when folks couldn't reverse engineer the session and take over the dominant's computer. However, people who knew enough Windows commands could use Team Viewer to lock the submissive out of their own machine and go snooping, or change stuff, while the hapless submissive sat there panicking and helpless to do much of anything but shut their machine off if things became too weird. I guess the sense of powerlessness regarding an everyday tool was an adrenaline rush for some folks? It might still be, depending on what new software there is that prevents reverse control.

* angry domme: my best friend tells me that there was a whole genre of porn that involved female dominants Losing Their Shit (tm) on screen: screaming, hopping up and down furious, becoming unhinged. The reason I even asked is that once a submissive guy contacted me on a site and said some truly horrendous things to me. I told him off, blocked him, and moved on with my life. THIS MOTHERFUCKER HAD ANOTHER ACCOUNT ALREADY SET UP JUST IN CASE HE GOT BLOCKED. He then explained that his kink was looking to get yelled at, that I'd done wonderfully, and that he wanted more. Now, keep in mind - this is him totally topping from the bottom, him controlling me to give him the kink he wants. I responded that I didn't enjoy being angry, that I felt that being in a perpetual state of a loss of control wasn't particularly dominant, and that therefore the most dominant thing I could do was not let him get to me, so - no, thank you. However, I'd unwittingly given him a taste and he stalked me for a while - my lack of consent be damned, despite his claims of being submissive. I have _no idea_ what this kink is called, or what that genre of porn was known as. Now when someone on a kink site sends me insulting messages, I ask if they're one of those people who gets off on getting screamed at because, well, no thank you. Sometimes I get a genuinely flustered reply back asking why on earth I would think that and no! of course not, but more often there's complete silence.

Advice: never say, "Now I've seen it all" in a kinky context. The universe takes that as a challenge.