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Just need to talk and not be alone rn

Keres​(sub female)
1 year ago • Jan 18, 2021

Just need to talk and not be alone rn

Keres​(sub female) • Jan 18, 2021
I am starting this out by saying I am not suicidal or in anyway a danger to myself or others. I am just soul crushingly sad ands need to talk it out. I would normal for to my absolute best friend and soulmate but it’s her wedding week so I don’t want to unload on her right now. After next weekend I will. Now on to the reason I am a sad lump of emotions.

My family, myself included, have agreed to place our house up on the market. This is a family home and has been in the family for decades but due to personal and financial difficulties it’s been decided this is the time.

I thought I would have more time to process this but within two weeks my parents are meeting with a realtor.

So a little more detail so you can visualize this scenario, I am 33 and live with my parents. We will be selling our beautiful 2 bedroom home, in the heart of a Philly popular neighborhood, to temporarily move in with my sister and her child and our brother -who may or may not be moving out when we move in.

4 maybe 5 adults and 1 child with 3 cats and 2 dogs in a three bedroom home. 😒😒

Sorry for the word vomit but I was just getting to sad and needed to talk so to the internet I came.
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1 year ago • Jan 18, 2021
LemonSpice • Jan 18, 2021
Oh no I’m so sorry that must be very hard. I’m assuming you grew up in the house but even if you didn’t that’s so many memories you are “leaving behind”. I understand that feeling when I had to leave my family home it was crushing but you got this and will get through this. Sending all of the love and support your way ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Keres​(sub female)
1 year ago • Jan 18, 2021
Keres​(sub female) • Jan 18, 2021
Lemonspice, thanks so much doll. And we moved in here to live when I was a freshman. It’s funny when my parents, sister and I were talking we figured out that we lived in this house just as long as we lived in my childhood home 😂

It just sucks hardcore and really sets my depression off. I’ve been trying to keep it together but we slip sometimes. Just gotta get back up 🤷🏼‍♀️
House Talion​(dom male)
1 year ago • Jan 18, 2021
House Talion​(dom male) • Jan 18, 2021
It happens to even the best of us. If I knew of your problems sooner I might've had some possible options, but as that's not an option- all you need are good listeners. I'd expect many will have to face the same situation as covid gets worse and no expected change for the millions that still have yet to receive any unemployment as recompensated checks cant bring back a lost home.

My apologies, I sometimes get caught up when chatting. Either way you have plenty of ppl here to listen and I'm sure you'll find some you'll want to chat with, but not too many as I've found can give cheap ideas of reorganizing a home for more residents like I can.

Sensualgent​(dom male)
1 year ago • Jan 18, 2021
Sensualgent​(dom male) • Jan 18, 2021
Dear Keres,
It takes a special courage, trust and love of others to reach out in the way you have and you should congratulate yourself on doing so.

Moving from your family home in the circumstances is a terribly traumatic experience so please accept your feelings as valid and not weakness or something to dismiss, especially as you write of having had depression.
Comming to terms with life changes can be desperately hard but you've shown you have the strength to win out.
Don't stop trying, never give up, and remember, sometimes we all need a shoe up so please continue reaching out if you need. Together we are stronger.
Much love and strength to you Keres.
1 year ago • Jan 18, 2021
Longtongue • Jan 18, 2021
Man, I agree. That is tough to swallow. As I read your post, tears slipped down my cheeks. I feel for you. I dont even know you but i hurt for your problems. Life can be so fucked up. I think the reason i can relate to you is the title, I just need to talk, not be alone. I know the feeling all too well, as i start crying again. I wish there were some words of instant relief i could offer. Something i could say that could "fix" the woes of life. But there isnt. And normally, if I dont think i can offer instant relief, I wont respond. But in this case i did because I hate being left alone when i really just need to talk. It happens too often for me. People misread me. They think when im upset or hurt I just want to be left alone when really I just need someone who can connect with me on a different level. But, I dont think you want to hear of my problems. Just try and see the positive side, which sounds odd to me, since everyone tells me i only see the negitave side of things. Just try and be grateful that you will still have your family and wont be out in the street. I live in Michigan, But was born and raised in Alabama and Georgia. Went to prison the same month I turned 19. Got out just before I turned 26 and came straight to Michigan with an uncle by marriage I had never met with the hopes of breaking the cycle and staying out of jail. And it worked thus far. I have held a job and made a family here. My aunt and uncle have now moved to Alabama, my wife has left me and took our two boys, and im left here alone with my thoughts. I just need someone to talk to too. I could keep going but who the hell wants to read a damn book? Just try and focus on the positive my friend, And if you believe in God, trust Him. For everything happens for a reason, it just takes time for it to all play out. Im not much of a good talker, and hardly ever say the right things, but i can listen. Sometimes thats better than nothing.
Sasa​(dom female)
1 year ago • Jan 19, 2021
Sasa​(dom female) • Jan 19, 2021
Hard, that's so hard. Is it due to the virus that you all are losing your home? I'm so sorry and In send you a load of good wishes.
Sensualgent​(dom male)
1 year ago • Jan 21, 2021
Sensualgent​(dom male) • Jan 21, 2021
Keres wrote:
Thanks everyone 😊 you guys are great

Keres I hope you are feeling a little better, able to get on top of things.
Reading between the lines it sounds like you have good family; I hope thats true. We can't control our lives, only influence them but at 33 the world is your oyster. Even if it doesn't seem so now. I hope you are able to stay positive.
Love and strength x