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Responsibilities of a Submissive

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Dromus​(sub male)
3 months ago • 01/20/2021 5:07 am

Responsibilities of a Submissive

Dromus​(sub male) • 01/20/2021 5:07 am
I was recently in a conversation about some of the coming of age experiences had by experienced lifestyle and professional bdsmers. I had to leave early due to unforeseen issues; but one thing that caught my attention was hearing a few of the responsibilities of those with a D-type role. What do you all surmise are the responsibilities of s-types to their respective D-type? (This is applicable in both the lifestyle and professional sense)
House Talion​(dom male)
3 months ago • 01/20/2021 5:14 am
House Talion​(dom male) • 01/20/2021 5:14 am
This is a conpletelynopen ended question which its answer is solely based on the relationship dynamics between the D and s.
MisterAshmodai​(dom male)
3 months ago • 01/20/2021 6:00 am
MisterAshmodai​(dom male) • 01/20/2021 6:00 am
One of the few common responsibilities of the s-type in any dynamic would be to communicate their needs to the D-type. Regardless of the type of dynamic or how it is manifest, the needs of both sides should be shared and met.
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TalentedOptimist​(dom male){open}
3 months ago • 01/20/2021 11:12 pm
TalentedOptimist​(dom male){open} • 01/20/2021 11:12 pm
Responsibilities in any relationship will be shaped to the couples needs, life circumstances and living costs. Submissive women will require different sets of rules/boundaries/responsibilities (and considerations for time + energy) based on factors like their career, medical conditions, motherhood, etc etc and vice versus.

For my house:

Sub responsibilities in lifestyle:

Communicate her needs, desires and fantasies. Obey and submit to the dom, agreed upon commitments, house rules. Actively seek to know about, satisfy and serve the dom and household. Explore new and creative ways to engage in BDSM.

Sub responsibilities in professional life:

Have or start working toward a solid set of short and long term goals. Plan how to hold each other accountable. Then reinforce that commitment with aspects of our kink and romantic relationship.
My submissives will be committed to the dynamic and house more so than themselves. They have a responsibility to respect and take care of their business matters. With my full support if they ever in a bad situation.

Bills - I cover rent, utilities and we split grocery costs. Personal bills are my subs responsibility.