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May December Age gap

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Cressida Clytie​(masochist female)
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 5:15 pm

May December Age gap

Cressida Clytie​(masochist female) • 05/01/2021 5:15 pm
Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing great!

I would like to know your views about May December age gap dynamic.

What is your minimum/ maximum age difference for your partner/s?

If you have the intimacy and connection to navigate the obstacles thrown at your dynamic, does it really matter how old your partner is?

Does the older one in the dynamic consider their partner just a fling?

I prefer my Dom / partner in His 50's. 50-55 age range. I consider this age range as someone who's nurturing and capable of being a mentor not just in the dynamic but life in general.

Please share your thoughts. πŸ™‚
Dallion​(dom male)
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 5:25 pm
Dallion​(dom male) • 05/01/2021 5:25 pm
Age isn't an issue for me. As long as she is over 18, connection is all that matters. I have met 20 year olds that have the mental maturity of a 40 year old, and 30 year olds that couldn't clean their own room.
CSI​(sub female)
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 5:35 pm
CSI​(sub female) • 05/01/2021 5:35 pm
I have swung 20+ years either way (ages have been 20-64), but I think if I were to start a relationship/dynamic I would want someone not so much younger, so maybe 35-60-ish? Like Dllion said above, it's more about the connection than the numbers. We need to have things in common and there needs to be a maturity level that I haven't yet found in those much younger than that.
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 6:46 pm
dollMaker{SaViDa} • 05/01/2021 6:46 pm
I think as long as someone is physically capable then I don't have an upper age range as such. Regarding lower I do have reservations, as it has to date, for me, not been a good experience with those below 25ish. I have dipped my toe here, after I was approached, as I don't approach myself, and my experiences have made me wary. Of course a few bad experiences are not representative of everyone, so its not a hard limit.
The Other Side​(dom male)
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 7:25 pm
The Other Side​(dom male) • 05/01/2021 7:25 pm
As long as it’s legal then anything goes to be fair.
I really do believe that age is just a number, if it makes two people happy and fulfilled, go for it
Miki​(masochist female)
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 8:50 pm
Miki​(masochist female) • 05/01/2021 8:50 pm
"Relationships" in my case and current wants are of the intellectual variety not physical, where "intellectual" does not necessarily mean high level loft I Q bullshit, just reasonable everyday convo. In that light I prefer older than myself. Not knocking the 20-something set or even those "my age"-- mid-late 30s. It's just that their interests do not mesh with mine, that's all.

Hypothetically, should a friendship become physical, then age is a bit more than "just a number" as not only does the "ability to perform" and more importantly "interest in it" shift downward during the walk of life, there is the added factor of an older partner wanting to please, and the reduced ability to rise to the occasion, so to speak, becoming a cause of frustration and discomfort for him. I don't want to cause such to be the case.

and yes, though many are loath to admit it, looks / attractiveness does play a role, not just at first but also during intimacy.

An extreme example, yes, but what woman can thoroughly complete the experience when they look up and see that they're being boned by Skeletor?

Not P. C. but it is me being completely honest.

It's human nature, some visuals are as much a turn off as having a bucket of ice water thrown on ya.
OraclePollon​(sub female){AlphaWolfe}
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 9:54 pm
I am always thinking about the future, and the unfortunate part of age, is that it only works in one direction. As someone who is looking for 20+ years with someone, starting off too high, just means that complications need to be factored into my decision. That is when the "do you have any medical conditions" and all the not sexy conversations need to happen today. I find a lot of older gentlemen even get offended when you want to know what their plan of virility is for the next 10 years and on.

This tends to have me staying within 10 years on either side of my coin when looking for a partner. Otherwise, mentally, I have dated people 10+ years who act like they are still in high school and do not have collaborative personalities (see them everywhere in blogs too πŸ˜†) and people 10 years younger than me (maybe I am biased in my current relationship) who are capable of planning for their future and know fundamentally what their goals are and where their morals lay.

Same with the ladies, of course.
FirmGentleman​(dom male)
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 10:21 pm
FirmGentleman​(dom male) • 05/01/2021 10:21 pm
I'm early 40's, and try to stick to women 30-40. I find a lot of the younger women are more wishy washy, come and go from the lifestyle, often decide to get a boyfriend their own age and ghost, or just plain like to party to much and become unreliable/unsuitable partners. I don't see women older than me.
1 month ago • 05/01/2021 10:47 pm
SageFlame{Domson} • 05/01/2021 10:47 pm
When younger I preferred older, more than 10 years because of experience. ( with the exception of my first husband)
After becoming single a few years ago at 49, I quickly discovered I clicked with younger men. Part of it is physical vitality but much more is the hunger for life. My zest has not diminished and I prefer someone with a similar vibe.
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