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cherilynn​(sub female)
1 year ago • Aug 13, 2021
cherilynn​(sub female) • Aug 13, 2021
It is extremely possible that someone from my high school days might be here. It was a pretty big school and I'd like to think I would be very surprised and pretty happy to hear from them if they reached out to me provided we are both members here.

I don't have as many real life kinky friendships as I would like and it would be rather awesome to possibly build another especially with a person who remembers me as a teenager. I'm thinking of all the "remember when"! Ha!

If they were some kind of asshat back then I might be a little cautious but still friendly.
1 year ago • Aug 14, 2021
JustGreenie • Aug 14, 2021
Does family count? Lol. It’s alright we are all open and forth coming of our lifestyles. I have recently learned it is freeing when you can openly be yourself.

Of course I would want to know if someone from my past has found me here. It would make for great conversation, educational in a way, sharing experiences, pros and cons, I am always up for a great debate, battle of the minds. Opening up and learning about things I haven’t heard of or even tried. That is one great thing about the lifestyle that I have noticed. Not everyone likes what you like and the same goes with you, but you keep an open mind and respect them for their differences.

Here goes to surprises and fun!
Miki​(masochist female)
1 year ago • Sep 20, 2021
Miki​(masochist female) • Sep 20, 2021

Can't say as there would be many in here from Antarctica, Chris, but if anyone spots an Empire penguin waddling through the place, I'm so out of here!