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Name 3 of your favorite fetishes and 3 that you would like to try

bbreadycum​(sadist male){Rough s&m}
9 months ago • Oct 16, 2021
Love force fucked hard until everyone else is done.
Tied up and Pounded hard two dp and stopped group stragers had uesd after few days.
Love to get cockold dad's rough loads stretch everytime no hold back.
megancholy​(sub female)
9 months ago • Oct 21, 2021

My faves and my wish list

megancholy​(sub female) • Oct 21, 2021
3 faves:
Receiving piss play
Gagging deep throat/face fucking
Gaping, hard anal

3 wishes:
CNC gang bang
Tit binding/torture (they may be too small to bind)
Fisting- both holes- up to the wrist
Double anal (yes, I know that’s 4)
9 months ago • Oct 21, 2021
dustyhaze • Oct 21, 2021
Love already:
Face sitting
Anal play

Want to try:
Prostate milking (restrained)
Forced bi
LifeChanger​(dom male)
9 months ago • Oct 21, 2021
LifeChanger​(dom male) • Oct 21, 2021
Current favs:
1) Slave Training/Submissive Positions
2) Foot Worship/Foot Licking
3) Rimming

What like to try:
1) 24/7 Slavery
2) Harem Slaves
3) Find my forever Slave
LeaderLovingLife​(dom male)
9 months ago • Oct 21, 2021
Nipple induced orgasms (giving them) / Lactation
Forced Orgasm from sensory overload (giving)
A sub who can breathe through her ears and her jaw is never tired

Specific acts in FMF session

I've checked off a good portion of my bucket list.
9 months ago • Oct 22, 2021
Hygieia • Oct 22, 2021
Oh just 3! Fine I will give out a few that are on my list.

3 Favorites

1. Impact Play
2. Orgasm Denial
3. Oral (giving and receiving)

3 I want to try

1. Rope Play- Working on that right now
2. Wax Play- Ordered different types of candles for when I get to that time
3. Sensory Deprivation-
KeerKeer​(switch female)
9 months ago • Oct 29, 2021
KeerKeer​(switch female) • Oct 29, 2021
1. Impact Play
2. Breath Play
3. Edging

Want to Try
1. Bondage
2. Control another submissive woman while being controlled by my Dom
3. Forced sex