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Name 3 of your favorite fetishes and 3 that you would like to try

Antoniii​(switch male)
8 months ago • Dec 7, 2021
Antoniii​(switch male) • Dec 7, 2021
Cross dressing
I would incorporate these things into my Everyday Life and what I would like to try let's see
Double penetration
Reverse Gangbang With Strap Ons
Mommy And Granny Fetish
Buck Breaking
Female Led Relationships
tallslenderguy​(other male)
8 months ago • Dec 7, 2021
All receiving (total gay bottom )

Core stuff:
1. anal penetration, insemination, impregnation
2. affectionate degradation
3. mind fuck/control

Wants (really these seem connected to and are variations on the "core stuff")
1. anal stretching, opening, molding
2. continence control
3. orgasm control in ltr