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What makes you ignore messages on here?

MisterAshmodai​(dom male)
7 months ago • Nov 7, 2021
MisterAshmodai​(dom male) • Nov 7, 2021
I generally try to not ignore any messages sent to me.
I am not always the best at answering everything, but I try to do so.

I figure, if someone is going to take the time to express interest, they at least deserve a reply, even if I am not interested in moving forward with them.

Being the type of person who generally makes on odd first impression, then rapidly becomes an eclectic and interesting acquaintance (or more), I try not to always hold someone to their initial interaction. Not to say that there aren’t plenty of folx out there wasting everyone else’s time, but I try not to be immediately judgmental.
7 months ago • Nov 7, 2021
ADIDAS • Nov 7, 2021
I feel the same as the most of the above... *dumbass come ons like you own me already, (puh-leeze!)
*Empty profile (, if everyone else can take time to fill out a profile, so can you. You're NOT special, only to your momma that's true without description)
*One word.... ("hi " really? That's the best you got?)
*obviously not reading my profile before you contact me asking about my availability. ( indicates newness to this site and/or the lifestyle. Either way, it's a pet peeve of mine. Read the profile, blog, forum posts of someone BEFORE contact and save yourself the embarrassment of looking stupid. I've zero interest in repeating myself. Hence, my profile. )

*This one goes with reading a person's profile as well .... age. Sorry for being age discriminatory, however, I list my age, 58, so for me I just can't submit, even online to someone who could be my son's age or younger, or a grandson age , that's just funny to me. AND those few I've talked to about it have assured me that even though they are the tender age of 25, they've been a Master or a Dom for 10 years. OMG! It's so hard for me to ask, over what? Barn animals? The neighborhood girl, in your fantasies!?! What I've learned that translates into is they like rough and tough, just take what you want sex. Um , son, that's not what being a Dominate means but you do you....without me. I need a grown ass MAN. So please, give us ages in your profile.

There's so much more but as a lot has mentioned, don't have enough time to put in everything, lol...

It's a real gauntlet! Just follow your gut. Mine usually leads me in the right direction, when I listen to it that is...

Happy searching everyone!!

Ms. A 💗
MelMell​(dom female)
7 months ago • Nov 7, 2021
MelMell​(dom female) • Nov 7, 2021
Oh boy where do I start...
I ignore messages from people that didn’t take the time to read my profile.
I ignore messages that simply say “hi”
Messages that say “I want to be your sub” “own me” or anything along those lines.
I ignore those with empty profiles that write very small messages.
I recently ignored someone that asked me want I want in a sub. I believe my profile would answer that question fairly well if he took the time to read.
I ignore creepy messages
I ignore people that wrote in caps. That gives me a headache
People that regret to me as a little sister and then as a domme (trust me, I had that happen already)
I will ignore and block anyone that sends me nudes without me having asked for them.
I will ignore people with nudes in their profiles
I ignore people that come off as extremely arrogant and believe they are God’s gift to the world.
I will ignore people that have previously ghosted me

I think that’s about it 🤔 and damn but the list is pretty big.
Defender​(dom male)
7 months ago • Nov 7, 2021

What Makes You Ignore Messages on Here?

Defender​(dom male) • Nov 7, 2021
Almost nothing.

I try to have manners.

Even when provoked.
Rainfive​(sub female){Not lookin}
7 months ago • Nov 7, 2021
I ignore messages that ask very intimate questions in the first messages. Or telling me what to do, being pushy. Dude, you are not my dom. You have no right to tell me anything.

And I am also on the receiving end of being ghosted currently. I honestly thought my dom passed away. Last I heard was him being in the hospital without a charger. It was tough for weeks to face each day. Just to see him online yesterday.

There are a lot of fake doms here. Quite disheartening.
Drac​(sadist male)
7 months ago • Nov 8, 2021
Drac​(sadist male) • Nov 8, 2021
For me it's anytime someone asks me for money. I'm looking for friends not merchants and peddlers. I have 30 plus years in the lifestyle and never have I attended a live munch where someone asked me for money. This is my first and main Red Flag.
happygigi​(dom female)
7 months ago • Nov 8, 2021
happygigi​(dom female) • Nov 8, 2021
It's clearly stated in my own profile that I will not reply to messages if a person's profile is blank or barely filled out.

If they message me anyway, they obviously didn't take the time to read my profile or they didn't care.
In either case, I'm not interested in talking to that person.

I took the time to fill out my profile so I expect someone equally as serious to have done the same.
There is plenty you can say about yourself that won't 'out' you.

That's how I feel about it anyways.
7 months ago • Nov 8, 2021
sineater • Nov 8, 2021
I haven't gotten a ton of messages here, but on FL/other apps, there are two big ones that get deleted/blocked immediately:

Are you a submissive slave? (always a scammer account).
Do you want to buy/subscribe/add/download whatever?

For me, anything (well, maybe, there might be an additional line) goes if you want to message me.
Steellover​(sub male)
7 months ago • Nov 9, 2021
Steellover​(sub male) • Nov 9, 2021
Drac wrote:
For me it's anytime someone asks me for money. I'm looking for friends not merchants and peddlers. I have 30 plus years in the lifestyle and never have I attended a live munch where someone asked me for money. This is my first and main Red Flag.

Basically, this- especially after we have already exchanged messages but have never met in real life (or even spoken by phone.)

However rather than simply ignore, I have been known in at least one instance to respond by basically calling them out as a scammer (then subsequently blocking them.)