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What makes you ignore messages on here?

tallslenderguy​(other male)
7 months ago • Nov 9, 2021
As others have noted, having no profile (or one without substance), or conversely, they obviously have not read my profile first before contacting me. i put some of myself out there, if the person contacting me does not do that, they give me nothing to connect to.

i HATE getting a message that makes no effort whatsoever, for instance: "tell me about your self," or "great profile." In both cases, this person seems either fake or clueless to me. i have taken the time to write a profile and start the process of telling about myself. Only telling me my profile is "great" tells me nothing at all. With each, they are telling me nothing about their self and i tend to think: "scammer," and not respond.
just a toy​(sub female)
7 months ago • Nov 9, 2021
just a toy​(sub female) • Nov 9, 2021
I ignore messages from men if it's clear they either haven't read my profile, or have, but don't take my very few limits seriously. I almost never ignore messages from women.

If I've been talking with a guy, and he starts pressuring me to do what I've clearly stated I won't do, it's ghost time.
IronWorld​(sadist male)
7 months ago • Nov 9, 2021
IronWorld​(sadist male) • Nov 9, 2021
I will ignore a message If uses scammer language. I'm sure everyone has seen it. I wont repeat it because I don't want scammers to learn and be better at wasting other people's time and money.

I will ignore it if its something thoroughly disgusting or from someone who is thoroughly disgusting.
Sweet Ginger​(sub female){}
7 months ago • Nov 10, 2021
What makes you ignore messages on here?

Blank profiles,

One word messages. [Yep, but sides of the slash apparently do it]. It's annoying and those messages get ignored. If you can't complete a sentences, you will be ignored. So don't waste my time or yours

asking personal questions, the first time your messaging me.

Asking me a question but ignoring a question I ask you.

Telling me that your *NOW* my Dom .
SarahRB​(sub female)
7 months ago • Nov 10, 2021
SarahRB​(sub female) • Nov 10, 2021
For me it would be bad grammar, giving excuses as to why they don't have an updated profile, sending multiple messages to get my attention (which does not), and when they don't have a profile picture but expect me to send more of myself. Just to name a few.

This lifestyle requires trust and communication and if you can't communicate effectively, I won't be able to trust effectively and in turn will deny the message request and seek someone who can understand that concept! icon_smile.gif

7 months ago • Nov 16, 2021
Zphearycle • Nov 16, 2021
Single-word responders.
All they want is the kink.
They want me to dominate them in sixty words, or less (that they want to me dominate at all is rather hilarious).
Profile ignorers.
They can't keep up in conversation.
They don't believe in friends outside the box, or a life outside the box.
Actually had someone in another site demand I drop my Mistress, and they would be my dominant (went over like a lead balloon, believe me).

Ah... yeah, I think that about sums it up. I've prolly missed a few, but those are the primaries.
Beautiful eyes​(sub female)
7 months ago • Nov 16, 2021
Plain and simple......rudeness.
Or someone coming in to strong....yes I enjoy the chase but knowing when to back off is important as I am an over thinker, I like to process everything you say to me.
Blondie​(sub female)
7 months ago • Nov 16, 2021
Blondie​(sub female) • Nov 16, 2021
I do not respond the the cut and past emails. The emails that get sent to anyone with a pulse. Please be authentic and treat me as an individual.
Dominus eius​(dom male){LittleLott}
7 months ago • Nov 16, 2021
As a male Dominant I get few unsolicited messages. Out of politeness I respond to all. However, many quickly go nowhere as it’s obvious I’m being contacted with an agenda - which doesn’t match me….
Vampiric Matcha​(sub female)
7 months ago • Nov 17, 2021
Like so many people here — I ignore extremely sexual messages or weirdos. Weirdos as in they ask off putting questions: are you wet? Would you get breast implants for your dom? I’m your dom now. Call me daddy. Blehhhh it’s so odd and uncomfortable.
Oh! And any copy paste emails or questionnaires I tend to ignore too.