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Terms being used much too loosely lately…

ButterfliesAndCuffs​(sub female){Caught}
5 months ago • 11/24/2021 4:19 pm
I don’t really care what people call themselves as long as they don’t expect me to. I don’t judge if a dominant has Dom, Sir, Master, Daddy, Mistress or some variation of user name either. It’s a BDSM site after all. Likewise for submissives and others, although you see it more with doms/dommes.
As others have said just let people identify how they want. If you don’t think you would like them because of it, either see if they’re open to clarify or keep looking.
DaddyPP​(dom male)
5 months ago • 11/24/2021 6:58 pm
DaddyPP​(dom male) • 11/24/2021 6:58 pm
Dominus eius wrote:
DaddyPP wrote:

No different to me than a Dom/Domme who has to put Master or some such as part of their name though. You either are or you aren't, the need to parade it around seems to speak of issues a sub should steer away from. So yeah, it goes both ways

Now that’s an interesting statement. As personally I look at someone’s name as just that - a reference they have chosen for themselves. For many it’s natural to incorporate an indication as to how they identify into it?

You say that you would make a judgement on someone who includes Master or some such as part of it. However, you have Daddy as part of yours - should people read into that the same way as you suggest the use of Master should be? If not, what is the difference- they are both (commonly) understood roles within the community.

I wonder what (if anything) people chose to read into my handle…..

Lol, daddy in my name has nothing to do with my kinks, and everything to do with being an actual father. That being the best part of my life. It is also expressly noted in my profile because I did not want people to assume I was into daddy play which I am not.
A Cloud​(sub female)
5 months ago • 11/25/2021 7:52 am

Am I party to call-out culture?

A Cloud​(sub female) • 11/25/2021 7:52 am
I think my response in this thread, as well as others I have written on the Forum, qualifies as call-out culture. Can you believe I was unaware of what that was? I am an asshat! 🤣
I admit my tendency to be righteous in my expressed opinions. Put simply, it is me stroking my own ego - I apologise for this. I'll look into better approaches when voicing my view and will pause and think before sending. Forum's got me like 😤; it's a codependent relationship 🤣.
5 months ago • 11/28/2021 5:37 am
Tthomas • 11/28/2021 5:37 am
I have a friend named Bob.

Sometimes when talking about Bob I will say…..
He is a great guy
He is a mans man
He is a stud

These are words I use to describe Bob.
If Bob used the same words to describe himself I would find it odd.
We are in a lifestyle that is not common. Sometimes our language is not common.

We all should have our opinions and be able to talk about them.
Maybe we should take the robes off and put the gavels down and not be so judgmental.
Bella duPuy​(sub female){Not lookin}
4 months ago • 01/11/2022 5:36 am
Hi L/loves,

Might it help if W/we all post resources to O/our profiles for newbies to access if they should venture to read them?

W/we all want everyone to be properly educated, right? Well, let U/us all participate and disseminate solid, true information.

It certainly can't hurt O/our Community.

Just a suggestion.

~@ bella @~
A Cloud​(sub female)
4 months ago • 01/12/2022 2:58 am
A Cloud​(sub female) • 01/12/2022 2:58 am
I have issues with terms - all of them. I have issues with how people interpret terms more so than how people use them.

Loaded terms causing issue:
-IRL/RL (not an issue, just personal distaste - it doesn't make sense)

There's more but those get on my nerves at the moment.
4 months ago • 01/18/2022 6:44 am
I'mME • 01/18/2022 6:44 am

I agree with everything you wrote. This next part is me being what I am, 100% real. What makes me laugh and not with glee, is to open a message on here, Fet, a few other places I go and see 2hat I can see. But open a message up and a 26 yo or a 35 yo Master (I am 52 yo) wants to guide me, teach me, help me become the exceptional person I I'm meant to be.

I have often wanted to write back and say you may want to do some self educating before jumping off to educating others.

I would word my message with a some tact (most likely) but I would expect then for someone interested in learning to ask. .

But I can see pretty much what would probably ensue.

I see a bunch of people entitled flocking towards kink just as I experience that same attitude all over the place these days.


I agree with you also. I am the person who says live and let live.
Those persons who elevate themselves in stature without knowledge of human beings first, then kink, D/s, Bdsm secondly take a chance on waking up a sleeping dragon when they send assumptive messages.

Your thoughts?
4 months ago • 01/19/2022 7:05 am
EssenceAmore • 01/19/2022 7:05 am
People like to be called what ever they feel as them with the right person who they call each other. Not for me to say cause they only know what they are the person they are with that between them their desires. Whatever makes them happy. Just because someone likes to be called something does mean they are lacking everyone has a story it takes someone to understand them. If someone is new then they are learning and growing does mean they are lacking anything the right person guides them shows them they do things on their own but nothing should ever be forced only training with someone respect them. Some people like to feel weak they can be found intelligent they could be person has power life at the end of the day they like to be the bottom does mean they are weak just like someone to take charge at the end of the day.

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