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any red flags

SubtleHush​(sub female)
6 months ago • Dec 7, 2021
SubtleHush​(sub female) • Dec 7, 2021
Master Fyre‚Äč(dom male)

"Ahh the good old days of IRC, MIRC, and the evolution to MSN and AOL. I remember those and the BBs fondly. Not quite as fondly as dos and pong. But I agree, 50SoG and some of the others have presented an altered reality and given a false representation to many."
I started on AOL around 95 and found kink rooms in 96. The big thing then was role plying rooms for anything you could imagine. (I got tossed from the Star Trek rooms which had elaborate dialogue and roles.) I just wanted to talk to others. At that time many were coming over from IRC and if I remember correctly Crystal Palace.

It was great to be talking to local people and when that amazing invention of munches came our way we couldn't wait to meet at a restaurant and see each other.


I discovered a few things.
Some people DO role play rather than trust who they really are to be enough.
Some role play as an extension of the usual list of lies they tell.
Some show up with a well-practiced swagger and puffy chest and declare their dominance based on nothing else.
And their counterparts show up all gossamer and delicate and whispy and sell everyone on the uber sub thing.
Some are who they appear to be and others well, cray-cray is real and we should all be afraid.

All are very brave online and one who threatened everyone, me included got a face-to-face chance to prove his balls really were that big. They weren't. As we all discovered when I sat down at his table at a big kink party and said, "OK I"m here. So do your worst. 911 is already set to pre-dial."

Doncha know he just sat there frozen.

And there are even those who lie about everything out of a desperate need for attention. I saw this in the Cancer support chat room where people would come in with a nebulous form of cancer and claim tests and drugs but couldn't tell you the name of anything. When I knew firsthand was that even kids with Cancer can tell you the medical name for their disease.

So this joker is not new nor is the wasting everyone's time and saying dumb stuff and then turning into Pouty McPouts a lot whining that this is a discussion forum and they are supposed to be allowed to (I don't even know what nonsense they call their posts) and we're all supposed to applaud it.

Add global interests and you just have bigger issues and more rubbish and foolish people winging it through life.

So it is hard to take them seriously once they should you that doing so is waste of time.

6 months ago • Dec 7, 2021
Alfasun • Dec 7, 2021
happy holidays to much going on out has been highlighted ...
things in here will always remain fun, light, engaging and informative ...whatever and however things are stated
thanks for taking the time to share....stay well wishing you and all your loved ones well...and keep it coming...