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cherilynn​(sub female)
2 months ago • Mar 23, 2023
cherilynn​(sub female) • Mar 23, 2023
Weight loss is such a fickle subject matter. It doesn't help that we, as a society have normalized and even encouraged people being over weight or even obese. But I digress.

I feel that the right partner will want you to be happy, healthy and secure and if loosing weight ( in a healthy way with healthy goals) is what you want they will support and even encourage that endeavour.
At the end of the day, you are the one that needs to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

On a side note, as one who is 130 lbs. with 36 DDDs, those fuckers are heavy! I don't know how many times I have told people that if they like my breasts so much, they can carry them around from now on!

I'm out
2 months ago • Mar 23, 2023
I'mME • Mar 23, 2023
tallslenderguy wrote:
I'mME wrote:
Steellover wrote:
tallslenderguy wrote:

This is a topic of particular interest to me as a healthcare professional with specialized certification in reversing disease through diet. As a critical care nurse, i'd say easily 85% of the people i care for in the hospital are there for diet related diseases. Truncal adiposity (i.e., fat around the middle) has long been known in healthcare as a marker for metabolic syndrome (conditions that increase risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke).

Society is kinda missing the point, it's not about appearance, it's about our health. To much fat in our arteries and on our organs causes dementia, heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, type two diabetes, reflux disease... and the list goes on.

Exercise and diet are important for our health, yay you for attending to yourself.

I've highlighted the portions of your post I think are key: Keeping a healthy body weight should be more about maintaining good health and an active lifestyle, than simply "Looking good in a speedo/bikini" or whatever. There are far more potentially serious consequences to being overweight than simply being less attractive to the opposite sex- and I think more people should focus on those consequences when it comes to motivating themselves to lose weight.

And as for "Fat shaming..." Dont. It's just counter-productive. Unless you are a doctor and they are your patient.

[Blank] shaming is not on a doctor to do either, they can get their point across and keep it to the health/unhealthy side.
Some topics are sensitive in nature, but if you keep to the health points of it, then shaming should not be a factor.

As a healthcare provider, i don't use "shaming" as a method. While i'm personally against shaming, as a professional, i am also holistic in my care giving and believe shaming looks to fix one thing while it breaks another. There's all sorts of examples of shaming and using social stigma to try and get a person to change patterns or behavior that may be physically unhealthy. i believe shaming can harm a person on an emotional/psychological level. i don't see that it works on a physical level to shame oneself or be shamed by another. I don't see that it identifies or addresses or 'fixes' the cause, especially long term.



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