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Sportsgirl55​(sub female)
6 months ago • Jul 25, 2022
Sportsgirl55​(sub female) • Jul 25, 2022

I was taking a little break from this site and missed you post when it first went up. But yes, I think it is important for us in the LQBTQIA+ community on here to virtually meet each other and support each other, so this is me saying "hi, I'm here" and feel free to message or reach out any time.
6 months ago • Jul 26, 2022
mjss • Jul 26, 2022
Warning a bit of a rant....

Hi all, you know this topics still bug me, let me explain. I am a straight 50 (yes old b^gger ) Master loving the lifestyle and many years ago when sub and I got into this lifestyle it was very under ground, very whispers in dark corners and it took years before any of it could become mainstream (for want of a better word). you would think all work it took to be excepted would have opened minds to other struggling groups.

We have had friends over the years that cover all of the spectrum and yes I may get some of the terminology wrong but it is never intended to offend anyone. You would think after all the struggle people in the life style would not judge but may be its there short memories or they are just ............

Everyone is different, it is very helpful for everyone to understand that and respect it.
6 months ago • Jul 26, 2022
Miki • Jul 26, 2022
Hello there, welcome to this place. Many varied personalities and preferences here-- just like anywhere else.

I am Bi, but was leaning more towards the "L" side of the equation when I was active, but did both sides of the street as oportunities arose. Also either twisted or straight-arrow fun and games.

The way I see it (for myself), being bisexual and a masochist are mere facets of my overall life's journey. Sexuality does not define me. I define it.

Can't think of a girl verion of the concept, but in men it's "Don't let the little head do the thinking for you."

* * * * *

But that's just me.. Again, O P, welcome aboard and as you will discover over time, there's room for everyone even slightly like-minded in here.

Good Luck!!!