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Give me Ideas to play with my slave

Noire{Owned (NH)}
3 months ago • Oct 14, 2022

Re: That ickey feeling rocks!

Noire{Owned (NH)} • Oct 14, 2022
Noire wrote:

Very obvious how this pair evolved; He has put years into driving her exactly where her ickey feelings most squish her libido, satisfying both of their ickey feelings. her being a VERY subservient slave from the start launched this, as she discovered those actions He submitted her to that set her servitude genes in motion. It goes both ways; witness the fiucking machine in their bio image.

Personally, I get the feeling that she never did utter the "N" word, since she is using His humiliation skills to fuel her ickey feeling/insanity of internal paradigm of personal worthlessness. To them it does NOT qualify as insanity but the rest of the Judeo-Christian world does.

<<Since Sadism AND Masochism are certifiable tickmarks on the shrink's list, allowing said shrink the interview to make that mark can lead to whole worlds crashing. The military and police systems generally write out the medical discharge within minutes of the box being ticked off. I digress, having ranted over a dear friend's nightmare.>>

So you with the ickey feelings about this post have it right. The dynamic here is one of filth, ichor, and dread, all of which thrill and excite them both.

Not that anyone not bearing that sort of insanity will ever understand it.

As I stated before, I do not presume to know the intricacies of this dynamic.
I do not know how it feels to be a subservient slave so I cannot comment on that.
However as I stated before..
I have an icky feeling merely because of the way this dominant chooses to write about his submissive.
In my opinion he sounds as if he doesn’t care for their well being.
This post has the air of an arrogant dominant, who’s over used his submissive, and he’s run out of ideas on how to continue to break her.
He mentions that he continues a certain action in his blog even though his submissive begs him to stop.
REGARDLESS if insanity is the main judge here.

At the end of the day if a submissive begs they’re dominant to stop out of discomfort.
If the word STOP is said and heard.
Stop is a safe word.
Stop means “cause (an action, process, or event) to come to an end.”

Even if you presume to believe the “No” word was or was not used.
None of us knows that for sure. I know I don’t. XD
I wasnt there to witness these scenarios this dominant boasts about.
But I do know based off of what I read “stop” was used.

Instead of ceasing his actions, he admits to punishing his submissive for voicing their discomfort.
To me that screams a breach of boundaries.
Unless their dynamic had some sort of agreement/ terms where that behavior is okay, then that’s different.
But we as the readers don’t know that piece to the puzzle.

There are plenty of thrill seekers!
Danger gives their play and edge!
Some people like that!
Then on the opposite side of the coin, there are people who wouldn’t like that and the cycle continues.
Either way even the most degrading/dehumanizing driven dominant would talk about their slaves/ submissive’s in a more caring way.

Or at least mention the kind of after care they administer after such a rough play time.
However non of that was mentioned here.
Which leads me again the reader to believe...
That this dominant doesn’t care about his submissive’s well being or mental health.
Until he addresses that himself, we will be left in the dark.

However I digress..

It was interesting reading your response.
LongerJohnny​(dom male){Catcher}
3 months ago • Oct 14, 2022
Sasa wrote:
Has anyone here perhaps ever thought of the possibility that some forum posts are just wank material, lol. Reading profiles is helpful, that includes the date 😉 anyway, reading the answers was interesting

Yes, I have. In fact that was my very first thought.
Maybe not in this case 😆 but...

Every now and then you stumble across a silly little post that seems like it was written by a first year (or first week) wannadom who just strung together as many bad bdsm porn cliches as he could think of in an attempt to make himself, or his life, more fun and interesting and pretend badass than it actually is.

Though laughable, posts like those can be very thought provoking. The ensuing comments and conversation can be very interesting and lively, heated at times, and are often informative. These are some of the reasons why we have forum posts.

Even the ridiculous ones that are clearly pretentious, grabass, wannadom nonsense.
3 months ago • Oct 14, 2022
I'mME • Oct 14, 2022
Sasa wrote:
Has anyone here perhaps ever thought of the possibility that some forum posts are just wank material, lol. Reading profiles is helpful, that includes the date 😉 anyway, reading the answers was interesting

I did, I had given thought into several things. One being something similar to yours.

Yes, some who may stuff things down inside will often let things slide out on forum questions.

I'm me all the time, hence my moniker, ImME..

I hope you are well.

3 weeks ago • Jan 11, 2023
rectallywrecked • Jan 11, 2023
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Shaynna​(switch female)
3 weeks ago • Jan 11, 2023
Shaynna​(switch female) • Jan 11, 2023
There are indeed some posts on the forum that look more like they are written porn and leave me wondering if it's real.

Like several people mentioned before, I don't notice any type of care towards the slave, which makes me worry if it's indeed consensual.

To not go off-topic (much) I first leave here my suggestion: Ask your slave if she has ideas and when posting here asking for ideas, many would appreciate if you don't leave us wondering if you are abusing your slave for real. Without her consent. Without making sure you aren't destroying her mind and causing her physical and psychological damage.

Now I'm going to give my opinion about what this situation looks like to me.

As a fantasy, sometimes being treated like that can be really exciting (humiliation/degradation is a turn-on to me, well except enemas, scat-related stuff is not my thing lol), but either in fantasy or even if it's taken to real life, it would be during a scene. Within the slave limits. (slaves do have the right to have limits, and in my opinion, they should have them because they are human and just because they like to please and be owned doesn't mean that what they don't like at all should be ignored. I see giving submission to another, especially that much submission ,as a gift and a sign of deep trust).

I understand how it is feeling some need to be broken to be reconstructed. I don't understand the deep need to serve that some subs have, to the point that they are willing to do things they don't like just to please their Dom because I only do what pleases me to do or let be done to me, but I think that if someone is constantly having to do things or be done things that they don't enjoy at all, on long term, it would strain the relationship. Unless if it's a person who has a kink for being made to do what they don't like. It's totally possible. But even in that situation, the sub/slave would require care. Because subs/slaves are human. Not real toys, not something to be used and discarded in a corner when not being used (except if enjoyed by both the Dom and sub/slave but that doesn't mean that the sub/slave doesn't need aftercare).

Care, comfort, and safety, which includes having a safe word so they can stop if they want. And aftercare. Personally, the more I'm mistreated during a scene, the less human i'm made feel during it, the more I need aftercare. For example, when doing slave roleplay, when it ends, I feel guilty because there are people who are forced to be it, even nowadays and I feel awful for being turned on by the fantasy of what is cruel to happen for real.

I'm not even going to mention affection or love since receiving it might ruin the experience for some (but I don't see how can someone enjoy be a slave on long term without receiving at least some of it).

I could still write more, but I don't want to go too much off-topic because the original post is about suggestions to do and not a debate about slavery. Which might be an interesting topic to discuss. I wouldn't like to be a slave outside of scenes but I would enjoy chatting with those who are so I could understand what they feel and what drives them. I'm a curious woman lol

On a final note, everything I say in this post is my own opinion. You are entitled to your own, which may be different from mine. Different opinions are always welcome because I enjoy knowing the point of view of others but I don't like heated arguments when both sides fight to prove they are right (which I often see happening on this website). I don't like to try to convince someone to think like me and I don't like someone trying to convince me to think like he/she.